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  1. Design an SUFC advert

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/think-youve-got-the-design-skills-3648121.aspx SUFC are after some free labour fan input into the design of the large gable wall advert on Victoria Avenue. I'm pretty sure some of the SZ creatives could come up with a good design. :winking:
  2. BedfordShrimper

    Question Whats the best Southend performance youve seen ?

    Hi All Hope you dont mind me starting a new topic as im a newbie !! Just wondering what the best performance people have ever seen Southend produce ? I was thinking more in the sense of actually being at the game so for me personally i was at the Home Game against Brentford back in 05/06...
  3. Tommy2holes

    Urgent p.c help required.

    my pc froze up earlier and now just has a blue screen and displays the following: A problem has bn detected and windows has bn shut down to prevent damage to yiur computer. If this is the first time youve seen this screen the restart. If the screen appears again follow the steps. Dsable or...
  4. funny videos!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P842Tmi6lrc Ali G interviewing posh and becks.. If youve not seen it, its class! Anyone got any good links to funny videos?
  5. chadded

    Dave the Shrimper

    Anyone else on here think he's going a bit, well, soft? The friday polls used to be great source of humour with topics along the lines of the worst thing youve ever done whilst doing the deed, or the ugliest munter you've ever had the priviledge of taking to bed and having a bit of nookie with...
  6. chadded


    Who's going to organise the shuttle bus from the Spread to Fossetts Farm? Any volunteers, youve got 2 years to organise it.... ;)
  7. BaileytheQuitter

    Gary Hooper.

    Another goal for Gary yesterday for Hereford, think he also made a goal. Some comments from Hereford fans- "GT you are a bloody GENIOUS!!!!! What signings those two lads are, brilliant! It been a long time since i can remember a better looking Hereford side than today. Hooper is awesome, he...

    100 Legendary Southend Away Trips.

    I Could Talk About Loads,derby Last Season One That Sticks In My Mind A Little ,if You Was On Our Coach Youll Know Whot I Mean,whot A Day Out That Was.we Had 10 Derby Police On The Coach after the match Trying To Cause A Melay Which They Did,superb It Was.some One Else Might Give You Insight To...
  9. Random question about exams....

    I have a geography exam tommoz afternoon :( and for it I have to remember some latin terms and some references. What my question is, is that can you get away with writing (sic) after a word/name that you think youve spelt wrong, but need to put in anyway? Dont know if you can get away with...
  10. Well done guys!

    Glad to hear youve been promoted, thoroughly desered by the sounds of it, lets hope you in the league next week. cant wait to come down next week and watch the goat and your promotion party! glad to hear the goater is playin well still, and glad to hear bradbury aint coz sorry to say hes...

    Mr n Mrs prittlewellshrimper are very proud to announce the arrival of the latest little Shrimp , born 11.17 pm 28/9/05 , ( the night after Yeovil !!!) little boy 8 lb 14 oz) born just a drop kick from The Hall at Southend Hospital , got him down to be the first to Captain England...
  12. Jokes

    Heres mine : baby balloon climbs into bed with mummy and daddy baloon cos he cant sleep, lay still then says mummy, i will he says but starts fidgeting. ive had enough back to your own bed. annoyed he pulls the bottom of mummy balloon. sssssst went mummy balloon and went crying back to bed...