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Eastbourne Views


The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Got my first pre-season for a few years under my belt today. Eastbourne is only 45 mins or so from home so I made the trip along with my daughter.

My first thoughts were I was amazed by big the squad were in terms of height. There are some decent sized players out there which I am guessing must be a plan from Sturrock to combat the kick and rush of league two.

I can only give a limited report of the game as I spent most it retreving my daughters lost shoes, trying to keep her entertained and generally making sure she was ok.

First half was pretty flat. Granty started well and looked the class act he always does, The defence looked solid enough. Evans worried me a bit when he spilled a fiarly routine shot and then made a slight mess of the rebound (He did however make a great save) later on.

Easton was neat, Soares looked good and put a few good balls in, Simpson (Who I am lead to believe has joined on loan until Jan) was tidy but ineffective. He is a quite small so I assume he is going to be creative as he wont be winning many tackles

Spencer looked decent and willing to shooy but his end product lacked. Howe looks like High Tower from the Police Accademy series and played like him too...totally useless.

5 mins before half time my daughter decided to have a pony in her nappy so I had to find the baby change facilites.As I walked round Barry Corr was warming up - Decided now was the time to introduce myself.

Corr was a really good guy and very chatty. He has missed a career as a politician as he sewerved every question that required a remotely controversial answer. He did however confirm that Bilal whatever he is called has real potential and the feeling around the club is that he could be the find of the season. He said there is a great spirit in the club and everyone there wants to be here. Corr said he had a choice of a lot of clubs but once sturrock called that was it.

He said Sturrock is very fair and the players love him. I asked if he had seen any of the outgoing players play. He said he had he felt Francis was excellent but he got a good mvoe and he felt Moussa "could pay a bit". He said Moussa was with the club for the first week but he told Corr himself he wanted out so I think the story about him wanting to stay was bollocks.

Finally we spoke about kids. Mrs Corr is in southend hospital today as the baby is due in a few weeks and Barry was a looking forward to that.

Second half I missed most of as my daughter decided to go for a stroll and I had to keep my eye on her. Patterson missed a good chance and Simpson tried to pass when a shot seemed on late on. Granty for a change had a fight and Corr hit a shot well over.

O Keefe I am told has left the club, Christophe will still train with us for a few weeks. Sturrock told someone near me more signings this week and embargo is being lifted this week.

At the end I hung around with a few of the lads. Had photos with my daughter and Sturrock, Bilal, Granty, Soares, Clohessy etc. All very likeable. Bit disapointed with Cloughlan as he walked down the tunnel pretending not to hear me ask for a photo I think.

Anyway all in cant judge much but we looked solid if unspectacualr.