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Sussex Shrimper

Apr 19, 2004
I'm as disappointed as the next person at what happened on Saturday, and the reactions of the inbreds can hardly come as a surprise. I think that what we need to bear in mind is exactly what is driving their desperation to milk every last drop out of their moment of glory:

Col******r have never won Football League honours in their entire existence. Can you imagine that? We all know that supporting a lower league club can be a trying experience at times but we persist for the magic moments that make it all worthwhile. I'm sure that none of us will ever forget the experience of becoming champions last year, for example. But take that away and imagine that your entire football supporting life contained not one such day, and that your greatest moment was watching your club actually finish close enough to their rivals to be considered in their shadow, at a mere one place behind while they dance around like loons celebrating real, permanent honours that are now in the books and you can do nothing about.

Col******r, by just about any measure bar their current, transient, anomolous league position are a League 2 club. They've punched well above their weight due to a particular set of players and management staff who, as much as it pains me, have done a great job. The manager, however has already left, as has one of the star players. More will follow, just as Freddy will eventually want to try his hand at the highest level he can. Good luck to him. Even players who prove themselves to be of average Chapionship standard will surely not turn down pay rises of 200-300% to play for other Championship clubs, any more than you or I would hesitate to leave our employers in the same situation. If we, a club operating at a modest profit, are having trouble meeting the wage demands of potential signings then what chance Col******r?

What hope do Col Ewe have of generating the revenue needed to compete in this division in the long term? They have a new stadium on the way - one that has a smaller capacity than Roots Hall! If a picture says a thousand words then  
just about sums up what I think about their claims that they are building it with a view to permanent Championship status. We, on the other hand have plans to build a stadium which gives Southend United possibilites that I for one never dared to dream of. If Col Ewe are League 2 in all but current league position, then our new stadium would put us comfortably in the top half of League 1, and with every reason to be optimistic of pushing on from there.

I personally think that we will probably go down this season, and that Col Ewe will probably stay up. Does that make them the number one club in Essex? About as much so as Chelsea are now the number one club in England, having overtaken Liverpool - i.e. if you possess total ignorance and a complete lack of class you might succeed in convincing yourself so. Anyone who respects the total achievements of those who plays the game, and who go out and earn the honours that define just who a football club are will know that Col Ewe have as much right to claim overall supremacy over us as we have to claim it over Nottingham Forest. Which of us would do that?

Look ahead ten years. We're playing in a state of the art stadium in front of crowds of 12-15,000, either as contenders in League 1 or maybe, just maybe in the Championship. It turns out that there is no magical aura around Col******r that allows a club of that size to survive in the Championship where others twice the size have failed, and the bottom has well and truly fallen out. They have either slipped back down the divisions without a fight or they have attempted to compete at Championship level and have landed themselves in the same sort of quagmire that we did in the nineties, but with approximately half of the income. The players and staff who propelled them to that level in the first place are long gone and they've replaced them with others better suited to playing in front of 4,000 against Shrewsbury in League 2. We've been there - now imagine that there was no Uncle Ron, Tilly or Brush performing absolute miracles and that the dross showed every sign of being permanent. Eurgh. It'd be the least we could do to fax Col Ewe with the contact details for Drewe Broughton's agent.

Col Ewe - it's my experience that the Football League always eventually rights itself with bigger clubs above smaller ones. You'd better hope that I'm wrong, because if I'm not something tells me that after sewing the wind, our fans aren't going to hesitate in making sure that you reap the whirlwind for the rest of your lives.

Good luck.