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  1. Shrimpersfan

    Buying Posh tickets

    Has anyone else attempted to buy away tickets on the sufc site? The link to buy online takes you straight back to the main tickets page
  2. iFollow streaming service for next season

    I've been having a quick look at the iFollow service, so this may be of interest to overseas fans, especially those based in Ireland. When the new service offering, for overseas supporters, live streaming of all league games next season was announced, I then went from ecstasy to agony within a...
  3. RHB

    Finsbury Park Mosque: Man dies as van hits pedestrians

    This is the BBC headline this morning. A man has died and eight people have been injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians near a north London mosque. Far too early to confirm a reason but hate crime looks a possibility. We are living in a very sad world at the moment. RIP to the deceased...
  4. The Big Dady


    What an unusual statement Mark Warburton says he has not stood down as Rangers manager, despite a club statement that they have accepted the resignation of him and his staff. Rangers announced on Twitter that Warburton, assistant David Weir and head of recruitment, Frank McParland were leaving...
  5. Chilcot Enquiry

    Report due (finally) on Wednesday. Rumours suggest it won't look good for Blair. Will Corbyn call for impeachment? Does that potentially explain the Blairites attempted coup? Alex Salmond seems to think so...
  6. yogi bear up the cagire

    Political censorship and control on facebook?

    Looks as though a post I attempted to put up concerning my right to a voice in the forthcoming referendum has been prevented from being viewed. I got a notice this morning, stating that it had been submitted for approval by an admin; since then, nothing at all. It apears you can swear as...
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Nouhties album covers quiz

    http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/quiz/2014/jun/03/how-many-of-these-00s-noughties-album-covers-do-you-recognise-sleeves-artwork-albums Only got two right.Then again only attempted two questions.All I knew for sure I'm afraid.:dim:
  8. Shrimper2thecore

    Old Games Console with New TV

    Has anyone attempted to play an old console on a new TV and had problems? Decided to fire up the old N64 (greatest console of all time), but I can't get it to pick up. :sad: I've got a Toshiba TV (about 2-2.5 years ago). I have bought an AV conector for the N64 (the yellow, red, white wire...
  9. C C Csiders

    Odd Random Things You Discover

    I was driving on the M11 and saw a Norbert Dentrassangle lorry so decided to attempt the "Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry" tongue-twister. As ever it proved beyond me. Then, for some reason unbenown to me, I attempted it in a Jamaican/Caribbean accent; and lo-and-behold it was...
  10. Hotman

    attempted assassination of ethnic turk political party leader in bulgaria

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdjNV9nv3QQ crazy. twice the story that you'll see on bbc / channel 4
  11. Shrimper2thecore

    xBox Live

    I have recently got an xBox 360 (mainly for the new Fifa to be honest), and attempted to connect it to my wireless internet over the weekend, and it suggested I needed to plug something in to be able to do this. Can't get onto xBox websties at work (as classed as gaming!), so was hoping someone...
  12. South Bank Hank

    Southend's goal

    Should Michael Timlin have attempted to play his way through the box or wellied it into the top corner?
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    Dagenham's goal

    Should Michael Timlin have attempted to play his way out of trouble or hoofed it clear?
  14. Sherif H

    2 tickets available for Saturday's match v Morecambe

    Afternoon all, Having gone mad and purchased 5 tickets for family and friends for this Saturday's mouthwatering tie against the Shrimps, unfortunately, 2 of the party have had to pull out at the 11th hour. I therefore have 2 tickets in the West stand (Block U, Row N) - attempted to get the gap...
  15. Cricko

    The World Cup Bribes

    Triesman claims four Fifa members attempted 2018 bribes. Well I never that comes as a surprise to most of us,as if we ever thought bribes were involved.:whistling: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9481461.stm
  16. Ref Watch Just for the record ...

    ..... the refwatch I attempted to post yesterday! Unusually, the match official is not the one who called off the original game (Carl Boyeson). The man in charge is David Webb (no, not that David Webb) from County Durham. In his third season, he is quite highly rated as one of the more...
  17. A Barnet View

    Well, if you're at all interested, here's a Barnet account of how Southend played last night, and how we attempted to play... http://www.downhillsecondhalf.co.uk/Articles/ViewArticle.aspx?ArticleID=133
  18. The spider thread

    So how are you with our eight-legged friends? There was a HUGE house spider in the sink this morning that would have given Mrs MK a coronary, but I let the lil' bugger crawl over my hands and arms as I attempted to get a blurry photo before I plonked it outside in the fresh air. So are you...
  19. Cricko

    Originals and Remakes of Films

    Prompted by Naps and the discussion in The Karate Kid Thread......What films are better or worse than the original or should never have been attempted to re-make or ruin. To start: The Karate Kid...The Original is timeless ..hands off.
  20. Napster

    danny webb

    Bath City 0 Exeter City 4 (Logan 8, Dunne 68, Watson 81, 87) Bath City were well beaten by an impressive Exeter City outfit at Twerton Park tonight. Adie Britton's men struggled to impose themselves against Football League opposition, who looked more comfortable on the ball and a more cohesive...