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  1. Players feeling.

    I wonder how the players are feeling now that the axe has fallen? Mixed bag perhaps, Timlin seemed really determined and was a bit of a PB favourite, but others seemed to like him less?
  2. Tommy2holes

    By Saturday the 16th

    Huge week coming up. My gut feeling is that we are not strong enough to finish top 6. We were always chasing after a poor start to the season. Having got into that top 6 we have put in two poor performances against mediocre teams have seen us drop away. We then face 3 tricky games. This...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Charity Fundraiser

    Hi, anyone interested in raising some money for a pensioner who has fallen on hard times? I heard a really moving story today about a 90-something year old who's married to an immigrant and was struggling to raise the necessary cash to do up her 8th home. If each family gives about £300 that...
  4. Tommy2holes

    Where is our marquee signing...

    No cox again last night. This is the player that Phil Brown said was our marquee signing and player that was a coup for the club . Undoubtedly one of if not the highest earner at the club. Nowhere to be seen again. Is this another mismanagement of a talented player or his he simply injured...
  5. Question Fallen blues

    Hi, I am wondering if someone could help please... I'm off to the euros next week and am planning on visiting my great uncle whom is buried in Belgium... I remember seeing in the past a piece of work that shows where ex players who fell in the first and Second World War are buried.. As I am...
  6. RHB

    Dave has the hump with his local council!

    This made me smile on the BBC news this morning. PM leaning on local Tories?, naughty boy! David Cameron is involved in a row with the Conservative leader of his local county council over cuts to services. The PM has written to Oxfordshire council leader Ian Hudspeth saying he is "disappointed"...
  7. Anyone lost a wallet?

    This was posted on facebook yesterday by Lisa Bellett. There's no update, so it might not be back with it's owner yet. Hope this helps someone. Today at the Southend United game, we found this wallet. It had fallen down the back of a seat in the family stand. It has some letters handwritten in...
  8. Crawliano


    Hi all, I had a BBQ yesterday and I've got about 5 days to get shot of a load of meat (burgers, sausages the usual). What I don't want to do is just lob it all down the tip, I don't have any room in the freezer and I don't particularly want to attempt a new take on the Atkins diet. So what I...
  9. David Mooney

    First of all, I thought we played half-decent today and were a tad unlucky. However, am surprised to see the headline "we need a striker..." on the club's website when David Mooney - a PROVEN goalscorer at this level - was left on the bench today. When PB made his last throw of the dice, he...
  10. duncan bulgaria

    Late night antics

    Albeit a fantastic day yesterday , one of our very own ended up having a bit too much and has fallen foul of the law , hope it all got sorted and no future implications on their career as what should of been a great day may end up being a really bad day No doubt the echo will print it on...
  11. Slight concern.......

    Given the form we have been on , I was quietly confident we would be the team to go up via the play offs. I know anything can happen in these games , but felt our form and team spirit would see us through. Not many of us expected to be third going into the final game , certainly not after Burton...
  12. steveo

    Rendering a wall

    Have an external wall that half the render has fallen off. Have chipped off all the loose stuff ultimately be covered in plants. Never done this before so want to have a go. What mix? Any tips?
  13. Prospects Sale Drops Off

    I have heard that the sale of Prospects to Lidl has fallen through owing to the CPO still hanging over the plot. Sainsburys back on ?
  14. Danny Hylton

    For weeks now we have been banging on about the lack of a natural goalscorer. Today we face one in Master Hylton, someone who scores for fun, has a few under his belt already this season and quite often finds the net against the Blues. I have posted on here before about us signing him but, alas...
  15. LouBlue

    Hello peeps

    Hi Peeps I'm new, this is my 1st ever forum so not really sure what I am meant to do or say, will need some advise on using the forum lol. I'm Lou soon to be Mrs (TrueBlue) Peters. I'm new to watching Southend United. I love football, always have just never went to watch it until I met...
  16. Is timing against sufc again regarding the new ground?

    This morning I have just been listening to the Radio 4 News Programme. The head of Northern Foods said that the time of the very large supermarkets has gone. This is after Morrison stated it had lost a great deal of money during the previous year. It was going to reduce it's prices to complete...
  17. Odd places you've fallen asleep

    So Uncle Leo fell asleep on the North Bank. I've fallen asleep at: The play "Art" - helped by lots of alcohol and the fact it's ****. Made funnier as the theatre was virtually empty. A lot of musicals I've taken Mrs MK to. For some reason they send me to sleep. A night club (I kid you not)...
  18. Prem loanees are killing us.

    Woodrow came here and played in virtually every game zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Barnard returns and yes you guessed it he plays in every game and he under any circumstances does not deserve the pitch time he is getting. Either Phil is bloody stupid or the loan deal is another play at any costs...
  19. Our home record on Tuesdays

    Do not want to be a prophet of doom, but we have lost our last NINE home league games that have fallen on a Tuesday. Before that run we beat Gillingham 1-0 in September 2011. Given how we seem to end other team's poor records ie Mansfield and Exeter, it would be nice to end this abysmal one...
  20. Kevin Hogg

    The word - GROUP???

    After many years of following news of football squads...it is all changing. "I have faith in this group", "as a group we stick together", "this group is just not good enough". Anyone know why the word squad has fallen out of football parlez fashion? Is all about the ...group!