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  1. The Smiths dilemma

    Now if you're a proper music lover, then The Smiths are quite frankly, one of the greatest bands IN THE WORLD. However, Morrissey has turned (always was?) a massive purple bell-end and I have avoided listening to them because of this huge purple bell-ended ness. So my question to you (well the...
  2. RHB

    Shame on you Amber Rudd

    The NHS is up to it's neck in Ransomware chaos along with GP surgeries and another 1oo countries also affected and Angela Rudd weighs in with this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-39906019 I have no doubt that the NHS IT systems are in need of investment and in an ideal world this would have...
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    Midi blog

    I see the blog section appears just to deal with football, so I've stuck mine here. Don't know whether it will interest anyone but it was good therapy, unwinding after an exhausting weekend. MIDI BLOG Today is one of the few days I can sit in front of the computer with absolutely no guilt...
  4. Just an opinion but

    These threads voting for the worst player's who have worn our beloved blue leave a bad taste. Those very same player's or even their children or grandchildren could well be reading people's views. I have avoided them like the plague,might be fun for some. Sorry if this offends anyone.
  5. steveo


    What a horrible individual this bloke is, but all this hoo haa could easily be avoided if Referees applied the laws of the game. I know you get your Garth Crookses and other pundits saying its the refs job to keep 11 players on the pitch but that's not the case. Its the refs job to apply the...
  6. manor15

    Pre-Match Thread Stevenage vs Southend United- Away Leg

    Thoughts? Would rather have avoided them, wonder if PB will change things after today.
  7. Mad Cyril

    Tax self assessment.

    Is anyone else about to get F'd in the A by the government? I registered for self assessment a month ago and still haven't received my unique taxpayer reference (UTR) required to submit my assessment online. I just called the *******s and they have sent the UTR to my old address despite...
  8. Our usual Christmas/New Year slump avoided this Season-Ideas why ?

    Usually around this time of the Season we plummet into a downard spiral.Is it Phil Brown or is it just co-incidence ?
  9. What would administation give us

    We have again avoided going into Administration again but by the way some talk on hear it seems they would rather have that than Ron keep paying up all be late . So is Ron didn't pay and we did go down the road of Administration what would we gain a ten point deduction and maybe even more...
  10. Jedi Shrimper

    Care Providers in Essex

    Hi folks, not sure if anyone else on here is a carer and has a parent that has care provided for them by ECC. Had a run-in with my mum's care providers, Carewatch, today over her medication. Basically her meds are provided by the pharmacy in blister packs, ready sorted into doses but last time...
  11. Who Wants Our Club Dead?

    There is a concerted campaign going on to drive Ron Martin out of business and deny him the chance to build Martin's Mall at Fosset's Farm. So what? Martin has a reputation for making enemies and saying what people want to hear while doing things they'd rather he didn't. Not many people would...
  12. southchurch

    There but for the grace of God go us

    We all know how fantastic Swansea have done and it does not seem too long ago when we were playing them on a regular basis in the same league. We can but dream of following that path to the promise land. However a quick scan through the conference reveals many a team who have hit rock bottom...
  13. Plymouth Argyle fan in peace

    Hello everybody, just thought I would come on here and give some opinions. I notice on the match thread people have asked what sort of reception Luggy got, well it wasn't a boo or a clapp really, he worked magic at home park the first time round with 2 promotions in 2 seasons, lifting us into...
  14. The Guardian, Tax Avoidance and Hypocrisy

    Giving that The Guardian is an oft referenced publication on this forum, I thought it would be worth highlighting some hypocrisy in their editorial stance. We know that they are very much against tax avoidance, especially the use of offshore trusts and entities. Surely they would never use...
  15. Rayleigh Weir

    Question Was this a carefully laid man-trap?

    Had a bit of a strange moment over the Christmas period, that I'm hoping you folks can help me with. The wife had decided that she wanted to watch Sex and the City 2 which I'm sure I don't need to tell you was not really my bag (being neither female or gay). Rather than disappear off to another...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Dave Smith (2nd ballot)

    Up for election to the SZ Southend United Hall of Fame is manager Dave Smith. Smith came incredibly close last time, missing out by just 0.26%. Will he fare better at his second attempt? Here's what I wrote last time: ---------------------------------------------------- This poll is really a...
  17. Yorkshire Blue

    The County Championship crap batting thread (formerly Derbyshire 9/6)

    Derbyshire were 9/6 and I am talking score rather than odds. Not a Pakistani in sight either. Have now recovered to 31/8 and have avoided the ignomy of Statski's SorrySurrey, who were once bowled out for 14 by the mighty Essex.
  18. Napster

    message from Adrian Clarke

    On twitter Delighted #Southend have avoided administration. Not a Ron Martin fan at all but wish my old club well this season. Great fans.
  19. Lord Football

    Breaking News Southend United. Who Cares?

    A report from tonight's meeting. Whilst we were not swamped with people, sufficient people turned out to voice their opinions. The overwhelming view of those attending was a. We want to see a sustainable League football side playing in Southend b. We do not trust anything officially that...
  20. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part Two

    Ok, here's the second part to my review of the League One season. Apologies for the delay, have been busy this past week. Brighton Quite how Brighton finished as high as 13th should pay great testament to the work of Gus Poyet since his arrival. Having narrowly avoided the drop last time out...