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barry corr

  1. Yorkshire Blue

    A little quiz

    1. How many play-off clean sheets have Southend kept? 2. Name every Southend player (i.e. were playing for us at the time) to have scored a play-off goal during normal time? 3. Barry Corr is the first player to score double figures in consecutive seasons since who? 4. Whilst Dan Bentley was a...
  2. Pak Power

    Barry Corr's value

    Not just to the team, but his recent scoring run. I was reading on Fleetwood forum that their striker Jamille Matt cost them £300k here; http://www.independentftff.proboards.com/thread/5399/town-1-sarfend so that said do you think Barry Corr would command a fee? and If so would we sell him?
  3. Ref Watch ....... Accrington H

    For tomorrow's match when we look for our first win in 5 attempts against Accrington, we have referee Steve Rushton from Stoke. He is one of two current referees whose father was also a Football League referee in years gone by; the other one is rather better. In his fifth season, he has...
  4. Early thoughts on Player-of-the-Year(season!)

    It's a bit early,I know but I've seen every home game and quite a few away(inc. Newport and Torquay) and trust that most will agree with my realistic assessment. 1st place:Only four players have consistently played at a high standard and because three of them(Kiernan,Egan,Sokolic)as loanees...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Next season's squad

    GK: Paul Smith - 2014 Dan Bentley - 2016 Luke Chambers - 2014 (currently out on loan) Ted Smith - 2015 DEF: Mark Phillips – 2014 Luke Prosser - 2015 (+ option until 2016) Ryan Auger - 2014 John White - 2015 Ben Coker - 2015 Adam Thompson - 2015 Julian Bennett - 2014 (+ option until 2015)...
  6. Cricko

    Barry Corr

    He should be hanging his head in shame after today..You are brought on to help the team maybe beat Bury and what do you do ...act like a child and get yourself sent off within 15 mins to leave your side down to 10 men... Out for three games now because of you ineptitude and stupid...

    Why do we revert to 5 in the miiddle and 1 up front.

    Should of left Lee Barnard on up front with Barry Corr.This cost us the game today especially bringing on Gomas when it should of been Mark Laird for a midfielder.I dont see the point playing one up front at home and 5 in the middle to hold out to win the game. Laird must start soon i think.
  8. Westcliff Shrimper

    Interesting Stat...

    From the Telegraph today: Stat #4: Norwich v Hull: No Premier League team has conceded more headed goals than Hull this term (seven) Although Norwich’s headed goal - scored by came from a corner, it typified the problems Hull have had in defending long balls into the box. In open play...
  9. Breaking News Barry Corr on the Chesterfield game.

  10. Ricey

    Barry Corr sends a message to a member of ShrimperZone

    Coincidence? :winking: Photo courtesy of @SUFCRootshall.
  11. Barry Corr message

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/311213-barry-corr-portsmouth-1266398.aspx My New Years message to Barry Corr is get around the six yard box more. That's where most of his goals have come from. He is taking one for the team at the moment by helping out in midfield and defence...
  12. Magnum PI

    Views from Chesterfield Forum

    Some interesting thoughts and allegations... (Talking about wanting Hurst back) - "personally i'd sooner have their number 11 think his name was straker.....he ran us ragged!" (About Hurst's antics while at Chesterfield) - "my mate once went up to him and said your kevan hurst aren't you? Do...
  13. danburyshrimper

    footy last night

    Last night went with some Southend fans to Braintree v Luton , partly to see how the Hatters' 4 ex shrimpers are getting on. It was a great match, with loads of passion + very tough tackling on a bobbly pitch. We witnessed a master class of leading the front line from Paul Benson who won every...
  14. Eastwood Injury?

    We seem to be doing well without him very recently (last 2 game) especially now the tactic has changed to 4-5-1 and the midfield are coming to form but does anyone know how long Freddy will be out for? Seems to have gone very quiet on this. Other than Barry Corr its a slight worry that we lack...
  15. spoons

    Come off it Brown that was drross

    Just back from watching Southend wasting the ball for the whole match. Can Mr Brown explain on here what his instructions were to Barry Corr. Corr was stuck in the middle of the pitch, too slow or uninterested to get forward leaving Cauley Woodrow to run his socks off to pose the only threat to...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    BBBC - the legend

    Great to see Corr:Worthy: restored as the focal point of our attack. It's no coincidence that him being belatedly restored to the line-up has seen us improve. Some stats for you: Games the legend that is Barry Corr:Worthy: starts W 6 D 2 L 2* Games the legend that is Barry Corr:Worthy: is...
  17. Ricey

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 2-0 Fleetwood Town

    Post your ratings and match reports here. Super Barry Corr a 10?
  18. Report From The Training Gound

    Just got back. Nice to see and chat with Onion Bag Dave's Dad again. Barry Corr was moving a lot better than the other Day. He did some good keepy uppy skills at the end. He is very skillful, with a good touch. Surprised me. It was chucking it down at the end. Timlin looks nearly there now...
  19. Question Could Barry Corr be the answer?

    I remember back last season when Cresswell got sent off and Barry Corr was moved to Centre Back, so many people on here saying how well he played and how he won everything in the air.I was thinking could he be the answer to our obvious weakness in the central defensive positions.It seems clear...
  20. shrimperjon

    Time to grow up?

    I am 40 years old and have supported the Shrimpers for 34 years. I am as passionate now as I was as a 7 year old. Although sitting in the East Yellows with my son, now in his third year as a ST holder we love getting behind the team and trying to get the atmosphere at the hall going. We are...