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  1. Napster

    Chico Hamilton

    Nice article here. He retired last year to move to Florida after a stint coaching in Ohio http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/worthington/sports/2012/05/16/boys-soccer-praise-comes-with-jabs-for-retiring-hamilton.html
  2. Napster

    Memory Lane Ex-Shrimpers Challenge H v P

    Squad H ... Manager: Cricko GK: Harry Threadgold RB: Lewis Hunt CB: Barry Hunter CB: Tony Hadley LB: Dan Harding RM: lan 'Chico' Hamilton CM: Jonathan Hunt LM: Derek Hall F: Roy Hollis F: Harold Halse F: Harry Lane Squad P ... Manager: Pubey GK...
  3. Napster

    Ex-Shrimpers - I/U/V/X/Y/Z

    Well, I dont have much to choose from. Uprichard or McKechnie in goal Steve Yates Doug Young Dave Young Yemi Abiodun Ian Chico Hamilton Ian Selley Iain O'Connell Ian Benjamin Ian McKennie Richard Young Dominic Iorfa Can anyone think of anyone else???
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Billy Best v Chico Hamilton QF4

    The last of the quarter-finals.
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Peter Watson v Trevor Roberts, QF1

    I'll kick off the quarter-finals now with Peter Watson up against Trevor Roberts, even though we still have one tie outstanding (Halse v Hamilton). As players should by now need no introduction, I'll include a poll straight away.
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Harold Halse v Chico Hamilton 2:8

    Last tie of the round sees one of Southend's first ever players, Harold Halse up against Jazz drummer1960s midfielder Chico Hamilton.
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane SUFC's greatest players (pre 1980s) Results and Discussion thread

    McAlinden v McCrory Anderson v Watson Beesley v Roberts Sibley v Threadgold - after a tie Firmani v Clayton Smillie v Hollis McKinven v Garner Bentley v Ford Bellotti v Morris Woodley v Crossan Slack v Evans Taylor v Chisnall Best v Kurila Couslon v Moore Halse v Parker Guthrie v Hamilton 2nd...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Chris Guthrie v Chico Hamilton 1:16

    Last tie of the first round, Guthrie v Hamilton.
  9. canveyshrimper

    Harry's Nostalgia - North Bank Memories

    With the imminent return to the North Bank, albeit for two games I thought I'd share a few memories with you, while I still have them that is. Firstly though a big well done to Smiffy, TrueBlue and all the others who have worked hard to achieve this. :clap: From the first day I stepped into...
  10. Uncle Leo

    Southend/Chelsea connections

    Ok, so can we come up with an XI who have played for both clubs? Kicking things off with a few from the very top of my head... 1) 2) 3) Keith Dublin (apologies) 4) Anthony Grant 5) 6) 7) Chico Hamilton 8) 9) Harold Halse 10) Bill Garner 11) Manager - David Webb Reckon we can fill in the gaps?
  11. Davros

    Things I hate about DJ'ing...

    While Friday and Saturday night were awesome fun... it also re-itterated to me the things i dislike about the job.. If any of you have ever done these things to a DJ... shame on you! Punter - Can you play this tune my mate made Me - hmmm, usually i wouldnt, but as its early doors and theres...
  12. Chuckles And Giggles

    Over the last few weeks, due to international duty, I only have observed the comings and goings on this site, and it never fails to lift my spirits. 1.I cannot believe for one moment, anyone on here thought the stadium developement would not be called in, a 22 acre developement of any shape or...
  13. DTS


    First off I must say that I cant knock the club for making an effort to get in more fans. The kids are the life blood of the club and if we can get them in young we can keep them for life. I think we are tremendos at this and long may it continue. However - I have got to say whoever booked...
  14. say NO to chico time !

    I say we kidnapp chico just as he is about to go on stage and we substitute him with DAGGENHAM KEV !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Chico time

    Personally i find it quite sad that the club have chico in to perform. The bloke is a bit of a joke. Im sure its for the Mums and kids, because i wont be getting there early to watch that.
  16. back from swansea

    any body here on the coach coming back from swansea when it crashed 68ish ,ended up in bridge end .chico:s first match?