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  1. Ref Watch ..... Bristol Rovers A

    As we look to maintain our marginal advantage over one of our more regular opponents over the years (40 League wins to 37 with 25 draws), there is little to say about the referee. It is to be first year referee, Tom Nield previously from Cromer but more recently from the West Riding of...
  2. RIP to two legends.

    Iconic actors Christopher Lee and Ron Moody have shuffled of to the great beyond....though I wonder if come midnight, Lee will rise as Dracula! RIP fellas.
  3. Napster

    The Best Chris/Christopher to play for Southend United

    Same as before. I'm expecting a huge win here. But it would be interested to hear views on 2nd/3rd
  4. Rattus Norvegicus

    Christopher Barker

    Despite rumours that our captain needs at least one walking stick to get around and couldn't keep up with a tortoise in a sprint final, he some how manages to haul himself out of his wheelchair and put in a decent effort. A good captain, he has played well at left back and is a key part of the...
  5. The passing of a legend - Christopher Hitchens

  6. Mr Dudus

    Check out the fantastic disguise Mr 'Dudus' Coke was wearing when he was arrested: Maybe Ron Martin should take note...;)...
  7. Monster Raving Loony Party

    Points to consider... Iraq. Polcy on Iraq: Since Iraq needs to have a proper infrastructure before they can run their own country, I propose we send our traffic wardens out to Iraq to give tickets to American Jeeps and Tanks illegally parked thereby raising much needed revenue for the Iraq...
  8. Restaurant recommendation

    Had one of the best meals I've ever had out yesterday at Christopher's American Grill and Martini Bar, near Drury Lane. http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Restaurant/Christophers_American_Grill/90a7/ Take the missus next time you're in London, superb food and very reasonably...
  9. Medway Blue

    Why don't I feel Christmassy yet?.....

    .....because I've realise what a ******* Santa is, that's why. I mean, aside from the dubious idea of an elderly man entering the bedrooms of sleeping children and emptying his sacks, what else does he do? Think about it: 1) Parking offences - how many parking tickets must he pick up with his...
  10. * ORM *

    Rambling musings when you wake up slightly hungover with not enough sleep.

    Damn, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed (2.30am) and how much I've had to drink the night before (plenty). I still wake up at 6.30 even on a Sunday and well before the alarm clock which is set for 8.30 to wake up a girl I was out with last night as she is going sailing all day today and...
  11. Second round: Tie 5

    First up today brings us Christopher Nolan (Seany T) against Ridley Scott (GHG). Evidence please people!
  12. Round 14

    Round 14 brings us Christopher Nolan (Seany T) taking on Wes Craven (Napster). Evidence please people!
  13. seany t

    District 9 - anyone been to see it?

    I have. I bloody loved it. Without giving anything away story wise for the uninitiated, discuss it in here. The trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6PDlMggROA - really didn't tell you ANYTHING about what the central storyline of the film would be, merely the background setup, so after...
  14. Vange Shrimper

    Another crap bit of UK Justice

    A woman who ran over and killed her fiance after a day drinking has been jailed for three years for causing death by dangerous driving. Caroline Broad, 41, of Padfield Terrace, Twerton, Bath, drove into Christopher Phillips, 40, outside the city's Full Moon pub in August 2008. Bristol Crown...
  15. ldnfatso

    Michael Jackson Ticket dilema

    07/01/2009 Will your Michael Jackson tickets be worth more than the refund? Guest post by Dr Christopher Paley In offering Michael Jackson ticket holders the choice to take a refund or receive their unusable tickets as souvenirs, AEG have introduced music fans to one of the most intractable...
  16. OD - Match 13

    Victory today will seal promotion to Level III for the 1st time, and also the treble of FC, OD and BT20. We're at home to the side in 6th place, and as we're at full-strength on a GFI, it's not going to take long. BATTY SHRIMPERS v The Monkey's Nuts We can tell you that The Monkey's Nuts won...
  17. Stadium Costs and Debt (General)

    Article on Tottenham (& Liverpool) saying construction costs have fallen as much as 30% but ability to raise debt is practically zero. If Spurs & Liverpool are struggling then I just can't see how Ron is going to do it. Tottenham Says Credit Crunch Will Cut Stadium Cost (Update1) 2009-03-20...
  18. Benfleet A1

    The world is black

    Quality stuff on Dave at the moment. Nut Nuts in New York claiming the following. Mozart, Black, Cleopatra, Black, Henry the 8th, Black, Jesus was Black but Christopher Columbus wasn't. This is life changing stuff people. Tune in.
  19. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Man Rules!

    At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally, the guys' side of the story. We always hear'the rules' From the female side ...Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered '1 ' ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind...
  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Best Manager and Best Player - to prove Napster wrong.....

    In the Worst Manager/Player thread, Napster reckons there would only be a handful if it was Best Manager and Player being discussed. It's been done before, but I don't think together, and I like proving Napster to be wrong, so..... Graysblue has already nominated Tilly and Billy Best. For...