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  1. brentford goals

    since the game on sat, ive watched the goals on blues world at least 3 time a day, and i think they are SOOO GOOD!!! 1. it was great to see sodje score a good header, he will get 5-6 this season im sure, and its also good to see some rediculous goal celebrations!! 2. Gowers goal is superb...
  2. Southendsleeper

    On the rampage - match report

    A game of two halves. Dodgy first half, too much hoofing it out of defence and hoping that Gray or Goater would get on the end of it. Nathan Jones got a nice reception, his constant back chat to the ref earned him the crowds ire. A dodgy reffing decision lead to a free kick, which unfortunately...
  3. wiggy

    Wiggy's ratings!

    Flavs 6 nothing too much to do but kicking went unusually wayward. Che 6 o.k. but looking a bit vulnerable at times. Eagle 8 put in another solid performance, good to now the 2 oldies are fit and dependable. Hunt 6 His control worries me at times but adequate most of the time, slightly prefer...
  4. palexander

    Goater so far...

    Well impressed with Goater. His link play is excellent, dropping off the front and trying to be a platform to build from. Not quite working against the spritely youngsters of Southampton, but I can see this being very sucessful in League 2. Lovely bit of play towards the end where he came...
  5. palexander

    Back from Bradford

    Wow! One word that seemed to sum up the night - from arriving in Bradford at 645pm to be greeted by the fantastic Valley Parade stadium, to the final whistle, realising we had pulled off a great result. I have read the guy from Bradford's report and I dont feel that is accurate (why...
  6. * ORM *

    Same old doom and gloom merchants

    * RANT MODE ON * After two successful seasons with clear progress demonstrated both on the field and off the field there are still numerous people on here that seem to spend their whole lives looking for opportunities to criticise. Squad size, striker shortage, tickets, club shop blah blah blah...
  7. Xàbia Shrimper

    Southend 2 Norwich 1

    Southend 2 (Eastwood, Bentley) Norwich City 1 (Charlton) Norwich went 1-0 up early doors but Southend battled back and controlled the game ... WS
  8. wiggy

    Wiggy's ratings!

    Flavs 7 little to do, smart stop early. Super Cheese Wilson 3 woeful, didn't find a teamate all night. Barrett 8 usual dominence. Prior 9 top drawer m.o.m Hunt 6 not as good as recent weeks. Maher 8.5 controlled midfield, looked quality. Gower 7.5 good to see his skill and movement back in...
  9. wiggy

    Wiggys ratings,

    Flavs 9 quality as always Che 4 poor display Prior 8 nearly as good as the player of the year below Barrett 10 Southend legend to be! Hunt 6 O.K Maher 7 controlled things midfield adequately Bents 6 bit of a headless chicken but got involved Petts 4 Still can't see what he adds Nicalou 6...
  10. One night in Leyton

    Well well well he we go people another night with a difference brought to you by MC Cocky Cockles as Young Run Master Barry the Dog.................................... It all started on dark dark night in stratford myself and my trusty side kick Barry the Dog , met our old mate from Australia...
  11. DTS

    Police last night.

    Was drinking in the coach and horses last night from about 5.30 onwards. It was no hassles at all - Generally a really good atmosphre as it was full of Southend. Go the leave the whole that is C&H about 7.25pm as did a number of others fans and found our way blocked by police/ We were then...
  12. sufcintheprem

    A bit of perspective

    I was gutted after last night but still managed to pick myself to go to Hinckly's tattered old ground to see Torquay travel to Hinckly with my £19 backing them. If you thought we were bad, you should have seen Torquay struggling against non-league opposition. At least we controlled our game for...
  13. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    Bloody rubbish, these non-league players. They're maybe players... maybe good, maybe not. No guarantee they'll do anything at all... Well, that's the quickest goal I've ever seen. Difficult to describe really... it all happened so quick. I was just aware that we went...
  14. palexander

    Notts County thoughts

    Just got back from a weekend away and I also went to the County game. Terrible first half from both sides and County looked shocking to be honest. Not many chances, but amazingly Barrett nodded home again! Second half we pretty much controlled except a 5-10 min spell and towards the end we...
  15. Groyne Strain

    David Icke:  "The Queen Is A Lizard"

    A truly wonderful interview is being conducted by This Morning with David Icke right now. Apparently, the world is being controlled by shape-changing super reptiles known as the "illuminati."  The Queen, presidents, prime ministers are in on it all - and Burt Bacharach!     Also, tables don't...