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  1. The Flying Scotsman

    SZFC "Sunrise to Sunset Charity Match"

    ‘Sunrise to Sunset Charity Football Match’ We at ShrimperZone FC are currently in the process of organising a charity football event, to raise money and awareness for the Angelina Our Star Appeal. The main event will be a continuous 11-a-side “Sunrise to Sunset” football match. The Angelina...
  2. The Flying Scotsman

    SZFC "Sunrise to Sunset Charity Match"

    ‘Sunrise to Sunset Charity Football Match’ We at ShrimperZone FC are currently in the process of organising a charity football event, to raise money and awareness for the Angelina Our Star Appeal. The main event will be a continuous 11-a-side “Sunrise to Sunset” football match. The Angelina...
  3. All the Chelsea Positives

    OK, a bit disappointing we lost after such a brave couple of performances, but what do we expect playing one of the richest clubs in the world? Let's list all of the positives on this thread, because I think there are so many. To start us off: 1 Tilly & Brush have proved that they can play...
  4. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 9 - Pubey

    This week, Jon (Pubey), from Sheffield takes part in the exile interview. Below is Jon with Stevie Hammell and Mr Alan McCormack: 1) How long have you been an exile? A) I moved to Sheffield in November 2007, and was exiled up in Leicester from 2003-2006 2) Why did you leave Essex? A) I...
  5. Ron Manager

    My Roar blog - part 2

    At the start of the A-League season I posted a blog about my experiences as a newly emigrated ‘Pom’ supporting the Queensland Roar. General commitments relating to settling into the country (getting a new job, buying a car, finding somewhere to live) has meant I haven’t made it a regular thing...
  6. steveo

    Who is he/she?

    Following the success of the who are you thread, how about a who is he/she thread? Basically you answer on behalf of someone else, then nominate another regular poster and someone answers on behalf of them and nominates someone else and so on. Might be quite entertaining or might develop into a...
  7. Shrimperstrust

    Young Shrimpers In German Exchange

    Southend United have paired up with German Bundesliga 2 outfit St. Pauli as the club’s Youth Department continue to develop their overseas links. For further details click here.
  8. Ricey

    Men's Health Magazine Men!!

    I don't want to sound gay but I have been noticing things like I added Anthony Grant on facebook and he is showing off his body. Now I always walk past the Men's health magazines see the blokes on the front and wish that I could make my body look like that. Now I am a pretty fit bloke I go...
  9. Sherif H

    A Southend statistic of note!

    For any fellow geeks who are interested, I was browsing Wikipedia earlier (as you do), and found out that population wise, Southend is now the 8th largest town in England, and the 30th biggest when counted amongst all other cities, with a population of 160,257. That is significantly higher...
  10. Pale Blue Dot

    Brazilian ‘wonderkid’ to return to The Blues

    You may remember a few months ago we reported on the potential link-up between Brazilian Club Ferroviaro and Southend United FC to allow the Club’s finest youth prospects the opportunity to develop their skills at the Blues. This report also mentioned how one especially talented 13 year old...
  11. yogi bear up the cagire

    Grégory Coupet

    Look, the last thing I ever dreamt of doing, was to come on here with any kind of transfer rumour that originated from south-west France. However, whilst I was at the market this morning I was signalled out by Flavlo Balotti, a Corsican neighbour of mine. Having seen the Southend United...
  12. Why Al Gore is bad for the planet

    Did you know that the Live Earth concert to "save the planet" released more Co2 into the atmosphere than every 4x4 in America? Or that estrogen from birth control and "morning after" pills is causing male fish across the world to develop female sex organs - and that environmentalists, who are...
  13. The Flying Scotsman

    ShrimperZone FC 1 - Meet the Players

    Ahead of this weekends final taking place on Sunday (2.30 ko) at Burroughs Park (home of Great Wakering FC), it's time to take a look at the squad which helped the Zone achieve promotion in record time, and which now have their sights set on lifting the famous Andy Ward Section G Trophy. It...
  14. Excellent news regarding NB

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_3407038,00.html just what we want to hear... he really is the future of SUFC in my opinion, could definitely be captain material and i hope we develop as a club alongside Bailey
  15. CC51DAS

    9 points clear of Crewe - should we worry?

    Assuming Millwall and Cheltenham pick up a few points for their games in hand - Crewe are effectively 4th bottom . The other 3 , Port Vale, Luton and Bournemouth seem to be selecting League 2 as their preferred option for next season ( if they are still around ). But a real scrap could...
  16. Keegan classics

    if only so we can hear more pearlers like these: 'It's like a toaster, the ref's shirt pocket. Every time there's a tackle, up pops a yellow card.' 'The ref was vertically 15 yards away.' 'There are two schools of thought on the way the rest of this half is going to develop; everybody's got...
  17. Yorkshire Blue

    Building for the future

    I'm really encouraged by this transfer window. Our tactics are spot on. Tilly is looking at the bigger picture and trying to develop for the future. The likes of Masters, Liptak, Scannell and Harrold have all been purchased over the last 18 months or so with an eye to the future. If you add...
  18. Tilly V Uncle Ron

    Well, let's hope their big row following the game against Rovers will clear the air and not develop into anything worse, forcing one of them to go?! All started when Ron went into the dressing room at the end of the game to register his disgust. Tilly didn't like it and needless to say, a...
  19. Flinty

    5 strikers that constantly score 20+ goals at Championship / League 1 level

    Right bear with me on this one.... the majority are calling for a striker 20+ goals per season striker, i personally believe we should sort the defence out 1st but never mind.... Your starter for 10, ....and this will develop as it goes along.....please name any 20+ goal scorers in the...
  20. Napster

    Best obituary ever?

    http://news.independent.co.uk/people/obituaries/article3075649.ece Sammy Duddy Belfast paramilitary and drag artist Published: 19 October 2007 Sammy Duddy, political activist, drag artist and poet: born Belfast 1945; twice married; died Belfast 17 October 2007. Sammy Duddy was a colourful...