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  1. RHB

    Muhammad Ali: Boxing legend dies aged 74

    Absolutely tragic news, but no real surprise as Parkinson's Disease was bound to complicate any illnesses he got eventually. A legend for me and he will be truly missed. Rest in peace Muhammad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16011175
  2. IloveShrimp

    Half Time Snack Shop South Stand

    What a joke at the snack shop at the South Stand today. Queue a mile long, ran out of hot chocolate, ran out of hot water and I saw one of the women chuck a bowl of what I can only assume was Luke warm tap water into the water heater and then continue to make drinks with it! Would not be...
  3. RHB

    Bacon, Sausages and burgers are bad for you!!

    I'm not a great lover of burgers but the latest WHO report on health risks puts two of my favourites right up there on the 'no no' list. I shall not be refraining from sausages and bacon, but is nothing sacred in the dietary world these days? Obviously this could have a serious impact on South...
  4. Well done to the Shrimper's Trust

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-33650543 Joking aside, this is massive news and a huge credit must go to the WHO and others. A couple of years ago, 9 polio vaccinators were shot dead in Nigeria - so this outcome is brilliant, given Nigeria is a difficult place to operate. I did a study...
  5. "3" person babies

    As this is up for a free vote today at the House of Commons, the fact that the bloody chuches are sticking their awl in has irritated me no end - this procedure will help stop the early death of children with Mitochondrial disease that is inherited from their mothers and surely is a VERY GOOD...
  6. Petition on Huntington's Disease - Bit Long-Winded but Please Read

    As some of you will already know, my wife suffers from Huntington's Disease. This is an inherited genetic condition with symptoms generally appearing in early middle age, though a proportion of sufferers get Juvenile Huntington's. It is one of the worst genetic conditions to get, and has been...
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Fooled by Randomness

    If a test for some disease is 95% accurate,and the disease affects one person in a thousand,and you go for a test and it comes back positive,what's the probability that you have the disease? Answers and your reasoning please.
  8. Sturrock Article in the Daily Record

  9. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  10. canveyshrimper

    The Greatest....

    Today marks the 70th bithday of Muhammad Ali, it's such a shame to see him so ravaged by Pakinsons Disease, I remember the brilliant young athlete he was in the 60's & 70's. The words legend and great are overused, but not in the case of Ali.
  11. Mucho respect

    Greetings! AFC Wimbledon fan here who also suffers from Parkinsons Disease. Just wanted to register how brilliant it is you've given Sturrock the opportunity to manage your club despite his condition. Pleased to see that faith is being repaid and am genuinely thrilled to see you top the league...
  12. Ricketts signs!

    Nasty disease it is too.
  13. Southend United 2010/2011 Review

    More attention (understandably) seemingly on Lincoln's result today than our own, so I thought I'd bring the focus back to the mighty Blues. Hope you enjoy the article: Against my better judgement I’m beginning to feel sorry for the Lib Dems. No, wait, hear me out. Obviously they’re a...
  14. southend4ever

    Cheap Gifts to Keep the Doris Happy

    Dear all, I was thinking when I received 2 PMs in the space of a week and had to turn down a beer before a Southend game due to prior commitments with the bird that I should start sorting my priorities. She is a good lass. However, not comparable to football. I hate that she does not like...
  15. Shrimperstrust

    Help The Trust End Polio Now !!!

    Southend United, Insure and Go, and The Rotary Club of Southend on Sea have joined forces in the fight to help all children in the world and end polio for good. And the Shrimpers Trust is joining this battle as no child is safe while polio exists. Polio is a crippling, and sometimes fatal...
  16. Macca says to Roy Keane

    ''Hey Keano, why do scuba divers go backwards into the water'' ? ''Don't be silly Macca, if they went forward they would still be in the boat''. ''What's the difference between BSE and PMT'' ? ''That's easy Macca, one is a mad cow disease and the other has something to do with beef''.
  17. Rusty Shackleford

    X-Files Special: Prince of Wales really is a Charlie

    From Mark Steyn writing on NRO: According to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we only have 96 months left to save the planet. I’m impressed. 96 months. Not 95. Not 97. July 2017. Put it in your diary. Usually the warm-mongers stick to the same old drone that we only have ten years left...
  18. OldBlueLady

    Top 10 things we lie about

    Apparently this is the top 10 things we, collectively, lie about. Thought it would be fun to see which on here has been lied about most - anonymously, of course! 1. Age - funny one this, at Eggheads, young Hutton turned round to me and said I thought you'd lie about that! Never occurred to...
  19. The Watermill Wino

    The Robin Duncan SoL Draw results.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all that helped us raise money in Robin Duncan's memory and for his chosen charity for Crohns Disease. Also thanks to Mark from the Club Shop and Beaver, Clare Brooks and Trevor Bashers for their great efforts as well as those who bought a ticket or 5. Results from the draw...
  20. Folding@home - Charitable Help Without Spending a Penny!

    Your PC/Laptop is using on average less than 20% of its computing power - this spare processing capacity can be put to very good use by Stanford University. If you visit their website, you can download a small program that then runs in the background (not affecting your computer's performance)...