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  1. * ORM *

    Time for a few of us to stick our hands up?

    Quoted from Rob 1920 in the match ratings thread. Sorry I'm not good at the quote copy into new thread thing "Its not just financial backing, he backs his managers & gives them time to sort things out when it appears to all be going wrong. I know the Tilly thing will divide people but he also...
  2. UEFA Considering Cross Border League's.

    What with all the recent changes lately in our own EFL Trophy, I found this article from yesterdays Times newspaper. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/uefa-warms-to-idea-of-cross-border-leagues-to-close-europes-wealth-divide-dxjjh635g Long and short of it being that following a UEFA meeting...
  3. David Mooney

    Mooney seems to divide opinion since he joined from what ive read, i think he had a good game saturday and is starting to click with Hunt, just needs to get the confidence with scoring ... what do you think people ?
  4. southend4ever

    Signing up to a Service

    Is anyone signed up to a service to receive tips? I have been on board with this for a week and a half and I have been making 2-3 bets per day in leagues all over the World at all different times of day. This is currently proving to be very profitable. It is the first time I have been betting...
  5. fbm

    The Great Divide

    Blimey, what a week! We've got people who used to hate Ron now not hating him as much and maybe even liking him as well as people who gave him the benefit of the doubt before who think he is now the spawn of the Devil. We've got what maybe was a well intended gesture and an injection of a...
  6. so how much money did we make last night then?

    according to the FA website we made £27,000 from qualifying add that to gate receipts (3000 x £5approx divide by 2 = £7,500) £34,000 plus bits of food - maybe a £1000? totals £35,000 - its not a lot is it? then they have to pay the players out of this, i can see why we are struggling financially...
  7. North Wales Shrimper

    What can we do to help OUR club?

    First of all, may I remind us of our name: "The Southend United Football Club". Within those five words is a huge amount of meaning, however, the two key words are "UNITED" and "CLUB". I was rewatching "The Team We Call United" the other day and it reminded me of what it is to be a Southend...
  8. Evening Echo

    Teamwork pays big dividends for Southend United

    THREE goals in the space of eight minutes either side of half time handed Southend United a hard-fought 3-1 win at Cheltenham Town on Saturday. More...
  9. Watching and Listening

    A wee birdie with a heavy heart asked me to answer this negative post. Yes the three teams promoted mabye did full fill your stats southchurch.But they also have another interesting stat they were the three highest budgets in league,one team having a 3.2 million budget, a blethering chimp should...
  10. Ayrshire Blue

    Freddy's strike partner

    It's been briefly discussed in another thread but I thought this deserved a discussion of it's own. So, who is best suited to play alongside Freddy? I see Harris and Benyon too similar to Freddy as the 'fox in the box' style forward. In my opinion there are 2 options. 1. Bilel Mohsni -...
  11. Kevin Hogg

    Home Form...no real suprise?

    Having posed a question on the forum today as well as poking my nose into other interesting threads - I have to say that the huge gulf in opinions on here (no bad thing) does lead to verbal jousting. Myself being easily sucked into that too..having entered with the express aim of not doing so...
  12. steveo

    Is this woman a racist?

    Should be forced to resign.
  13. i really want to know does anyone actually trust Ron Martin

    I can only see that ron now is at this club for the sake of a new stadiam. over the past few years he has let down the fans, players, managers, taxman, etc... and in my opinion has lost the trust of everyone at the club and now with his request for financial help from the fans i wonder should we...
  14. Fly on the Wall in Pompey's Court Hearing

    For this afternoon at least, I'd recommend following or reading http://twitter.com/danroan's tweets from the high court today. Some very interesting excerpts regarding Pompey's plight and case. Some quotes from Pompey's defence... Sheldon QC: "the other clubs wanted Portsmouth to go the wall...
  15. CC51DAS

    Breaking News BBC to resurrect High Altitude programme next winter

    BBC Two Programme Policy 2009/2010 Television: Select television statement policy BBC One BBC One Scotland BBC One Wales BBC One NI BBC Two BBC Two Scotland BBC Two Wales BBC Two NI BBC Three BBC Four CBeebies CBBC BBC HD Service remit BBC Two's remit is to be a mixed-genre channel...
  16. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part Two

    Ok, here's the second part to my review of the League One season. Apologies for the delay, have been busy this past week. Brighton Quite how Brighton finished as high as 13th should pay great testament to the work of Gus Poyet since his arrival. Having narrowly avoided the drop last time out...
  17. number11

    Kick about this sunday

    All, We have a pitch booked this Sunday at 1pm for a kickabout / friendly match. All are welcome, both current SZFC players or anyone else from the board that fancies a game. Just looking to get a minimum of 22 players over and can then divide the teams up. If you fancy a kickabout then pm me...
  18. Uncle Leo

    What do you think of Phil Brown?

    He seems to divide opinion. So let's put it to a vote. By the way, rep to the first person who can tell me from where I got the 'hate him like poison' option
  19. Smiffy

    United for Southend - A message to ALL

    Ok, so we are ****ing deep, deep in the brown stuff at the moment. Morale amongst players and fans alike is probably akin to the Little/Chipmunk era's at the moment. But we still have our club to support... Our support is clearly dividing at an alarming rate with regard to our Chairman. That...
  20. Richard_Cadette

    Tilly the Tactician

    Right, so in recent season, actually, since Tilly took charge, he has labelled against him his ability to employ the right tactics during a game, and has often been described as reactive as opposed to proactive. Well, I'd just like to maybe redress the balance a little bit here - Now the dust...