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  1. enfieldblue

    league 1 tables

    minor grumble - what is it this season, no one is publishing (well I couldn't find one) home and away split, just all lumped together. :stunned: how can I achieve world dominance of canvey island's prediction league if I can't get the statistics, apart from being clevererer, I mean?:smile:
  2. C C Csiders

    Praise Be the BBC

    Thank the Lord, with all the sport the BBC has lost due to the funding squeeze and the dominance of pay TV we can all truly be thankful the BBC has managed to secure these rights to terrestrial TV until 2020: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/equestrian/36211995
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Fuentes trial

    I reckon this is the biggest sporting story of the year I'm sure the likes of Nadal, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Contador will be watching with interest. Apparently 7 professional footballers have died of heart problems in Spain in the last decade - almost twice as many as had died in the...
  4. Rusty Shackleford

    The dominance of the NFC East

    Following on from the MLB trivia thread, where we discussed the fact that no NFL division has four teams that have all won a super bowl, I thought it was interesting to analyze which of the eight divisions has been most successful in terms of Super Bowl wins and appearances. With forty five...
  5. Slipperduke

    Greek Tragedy For King Otto

    South Korea 2-0 Greece EURO 2004 SEEMS AN AWFULLY LONG TIME AGO It’s hard to believe that Greece ever caused the European superpowers such headaches. Granted, they were never blessed with a generation of superstars, but they always had their composure, their organisation and their ability to...
  6. southend4ever


    Which name do you feel has increased public/media interest in their sport the most throughout the 90s relative to the sport they play and the interest prior to their perceived 'dominance'?
  7. Shrimper

    Spanish Football is in trouble..

    The death knell of Spanish Football as we know it is sounding. The rampaging bulls of Barcelona are over-taking the now wounded lion of Madrid in an attempt to show dominance not just in Spain, but in Europe as well. With the capture of David Villa for around £34.2million the sands of power are...
  8. Proud Parent

    There I was last night, getting, like everyone else, very frustrated that our dominance during the second half was not reaping the reward it deserved. As the 2nd half went on, from behind me in the South Upper, came the same voice shouting out the F word and calling the ref a w**ker (which he...
  9. Pac Man Pummels Clottey, Provokes Mayweather

    Manny Pacquiao sent out a warning shot to Floyd Mayweather Junior by drubbing Joshua Clottey, taking the African apart in twelve long, gruelling rounds. The only reason this fight was scheduled was because of the row over drug testing between Pacquiao and Mayweather, with Mayweather facing...
  10. southend4ever

    Cheap Gifts to Keep the Doris Happy

    Dear all, I was thinking when I received 2 PMs in the space of a week and had to turn down a beer before a Southend game due to prior commitments with the bird that I should start sorting my priorities. She is a good lass. However, not comparable to football. I hate that she does not like...
  11. Slipperduke

    Sullivan Can Save Hammers

    The arrival of David Gold and David Sullivan at Upton Park is the best news that West Ham United fans could have asked for this year. Their team may be locked into a relegation battle, their money long since squandered on shoddy goods, but finally they have people in the boardroom who know what...
  12. Mildy's quiet way of doing things

    Mildy had a great game against Hartlepool. He couldn't do anything about the two freak goals. Some people say he had little else to do. Well that's because he played so well in taking the sting out of the action. How many times did he come for high crosses and there was little point in...
  13. Slipperduke

    City Must Be Patient

    There's no doubt about the identity of this weekend's biggest fixture, is there? It is, as we have said many times already this campaign, 'a big weekend for Rafa Benitez'. Mind you, it's an even bigger one for Mark Hughes. After splashing more money than Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney...
  14. Slipperduke

    Who Should Replace Rafa?

    It's 6pm on Sunday evening in Merseyside. The last supporter trudges out of the Anfield turnstiles, his head hung low. Red scarves are left strewn amongst the litter in the aisles of the Kop. Somewhere outside you can hear the gleeful chorus of 'Glory, Glory Man United'. Liverpool have been...
  15. Haye Prays For A Giant Killing

    When I was at School, there was a bully who was a freak of nature to everybody else... Primarily because he stood at least a foot taller than everybody else with arms bigger than most peoples legs. One day, he took offence to my football hitting him and pushed me to the ground, So I know a...
  16. Slipperduke

    Flakey Brazil Squeeze Through

    Brazil 1-0 South Africa Alves 88 If Brazil are to hold out any hope of victory in South Africa next summer, under-pressure boss Dunga needs to get to the bottom of the mystifying split-personality syndrome that haunts his team. Emphatic, energetic and effervescent against Italy and the USA...
  17. Slipperduke

    Lippi Should Have Stayed On The Beach

    Brazil 3-0 Italy Fabiano 37,43 Dossena 45 (og) There are certain times in life when it's actually ok to quit. Howard Wilkinson discovered this in 1992 after winning the title with Leeds United. In an uncharacteristically honest interview, the man who turned a struggling second flight side into...
  18. Slipperduke

    Lampard Leads The Way To Glory

    Chelsea 2-1 Everton Drogba, 21 Saha, 1 Lampard, 71 An FA Cup Final that began with the quickest goal of its history was secured with one of its best and could have been long remembered for one that wasn't even given. In the kind of sweltering heat that would have made Saturday afternoon on...
  19. Slipperduke

    United Blow Their Chance

    Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United Eto'o 10 Messi 70 He may have mellowed with age, enough at least to allow the dignitaries to slip a runners-up medal over his head while still smiling warmly, but Sir Alex Ferguson must be furious with the way that this Champions League final was allowed to...
  20. Slipperduke

    Return Of The Old Guard

    How very retro. There was a time when any game between Arsenal and Manchester United was epoch-shaking. They were the two giants of the domestic game, battling out their own private war while the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and, this'll make you laugh, Newcastle could only look on from the...