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  1. manor15


    With Fortune in talks over a new deal and his set to expire at the end of January, it seems to not be looking good for Jakob Sokolik given that his deal expires on New Year's Eve. Wonder if Brown is planning to get rid but with Inniss out and Barrett seemingly all but gone, that would leave us...
  2. Napster


    Phillips: Blues are in talks to extend the contract of Marc-Antoine Fortune
  3. shrimperjon

    A goal poacher in January

    Just a thought, but again last night highlighted our lack of a goal scoring threat or more like a poacher. We again played some decent football and again Cox and Ranger linked up well as did Wordsworth and the midfield. But at the moment very much like Walsall and Swindon, both games could have...
  4. Tommy2holes

    Nomads,cast offs, crocks and bad boys.

    Is it just me. We are signing players that have been kicked out of other clubs are have had long term injuries. We have 35 year old so called journeyman has been, yet these players are giving us some really top notch performances. Ferdinand. Former big name top flight player. Has had a...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Charity Fundraiser

    Hi, anyone interested in raising some money for a pensioner who has fallen on hard times? I heard a really moving story today about a 90-something year old who's married to an immigrant and was struggling to raise the necessary cash to do up her 8th home. If each family gives about £300 that...
  6. Poor management

    Let's be honest, Last night the result had little meaning,win lose or draw we were through ! My beef is the rules state 5 first team players must play,Brown started with Fortune and Cox who both have clearly demonstrated they cannot score regularly ,then Cox is hooked in peculiar circumstances...
  7. Our away form

    I believe after next week when SUFC travel to Bradford, that will make it 6 out of the top 7 we have played away from home , please feel free to correct me should i be wrong.I realise that we have only scored in two of those matches,but i figure we must have some easier away matches ( if there...
  8. manor15

    Fortune in the Football League Paper

    Interesting interview, good to see he has kept himself in shape and noteworthy that he singles out Cox as a quality player. http://www.theleaguepaper.com/featured/6273/fortune-i-had-to-remain-patient/
  9. AndyT

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Chesterfield

    With all the frustration and unhappiness around this place, I thought it might work to get the next match thread up and running. Assuming we all had a clean slate and drew a line under old systems, past results and so on and look to the future, it'll be interesting to pick a side for Saturday...
  10. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Rochdale V Southend United

    This will be my first ever trip to the hidden delights of Rochdale; and likely it's legendary fish and chip shop opposite the ground. Another ground ticked off from the Northern Wastelands. Have we got any new injuries? Oxley, White, Inniss, Ferdinand, Barratt, Coker MacLaughlin, Leonard...
  11. Official Match Thread Southend Utd V Leyton Orient

    I may as well start a new thread. SOUTHEND XI | Oxley, White, Inniss, Thompson, Coker, O'Neill, King, Leonard, Wordsworth, Cox, Fortune. SUBS | Smith, Kyprianou, Sokolik, Atkinson, McLaughlin, Bridge, Mooney.
  12. AndyT

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Leyton Orient

    Yeah, it's a bit early as we are still reeling from today's sucker punch, but as conversation on that thread has turned to possible players who might get a start on Tuesday, I thought it could be a good time to get a thread up and running. FWIW, I'd like to see us try 4-4-2, just to see how...
  13. Ricky Otto

    Breaking News Fortune has signed

    According to Chris Phillips
  14. At Training Today.

    I had to go near the training ground today, so popped in as the time was right. It was 8 versus 8 on a short pitch. Very intense and fast as usual, with some cracking goals scored today. Coughlin was taking training today with Phil Brown looking on and even making up the numbers on the pitch...
  15. Woofers wanted.

    A woofer is a person thats works for feck all for five hours a day but gets three meals a day and accommodation free and gets the chance to try out another country whilst helping the host make a fortune from slave labour. Would be good for a ny youngster studying FRench or for any youngster...
  16. BoyWonder2


    I'm after a decent watch to wear with suits for weddings, parties etc but don't want to spend a fortune. Not bothered by a particular brand. Ideally a metal strap as well. Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.
  17. Gardening

    **** me this is going to be a boring thread. Here goes... I've dug out some beds in my garden. The garden is pretty shaded and stays reasonably damp. I'm looking for some nice plants and shrubs to plant which won't cost a fortune and are fairly idiot-proof. Any ideas? Suggestions? Already got...
  18. shrimperjon

    Travelling to Luton

    Taking my son to Luton for the first time in a few weeks and have decided against car travel due to lack of parking etc. so have booked on the coaches for pick up at the fortune of war. Can someone confirm exactly where it picks up and drops off please. Is it before or after the roundabout? Thanks
  19. Tangled up in Blue

    R.I.P-Lauren Bacall

    http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/aug/13/lauren-bacall-dies-at-89 A wonderful actress.Who can forget those films with Bogart? I had the great good fortune to see her on the London stage back in the 80's in a Tennessee William's play. Here's looking at you kid.:Worthy:
  20. I am off for five weeks

    Just wanted to wish SUFC good fortune while im away, and everyone here all the best for the month of February , as im off on vacation ,Going back to the Philippines and wont be back until 9th March.No computer stations where i will be so unless im in a city or town ,wont be able to come...