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  1. BaileytheQuitter


    I have always been very skeptical about spirits/ghosts etc. But last night I was up North and went to a Church which is abandoned and apparently haunted. Now joking around we all went to have a look around the church. I took a picture of two of the girls we were with and thought nothing of...
  2. ldnfatso

    The Ghost of Michael Jackson???????

    Could this be? http://new.uk.music.yahoo.com/blogs/guestlist/22059/is-this-the-ghost-of-michael-jackson/
  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Wednesday Afternoon Pop Quiz

    What single succeeded The Specials' 'Ghost Town' as UK Number One in August 1981?
  4. The Flying Scotsman

    UFO's Part II

    Given the owners of this glorious site have withdrawn my right of reply in relation to the debate about UFO's, I feel I should add the following. Unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated UFO) is a popular term for any seemingly aerial phenomenon that is not readily identified. Research...
  5. Slipperduke

    No Faith In Liverpool

    Liverpool Have Not Earned My Faith Alan Hansen ruined it for everyone. Before his infamous "you'll not win anything with kids" moment on the BBC in the mid-90s, football writers and pundits had the freedom to be as damning as they liked without the fear of a nasty comeuppance. But...
  6. Question Substitutions

    Was it really a 'damage limitation' job yesterday by taking off 2 attacking players for Sankofa and Grant!? Seems an odd one, giving up the ghost after an hour...
  7. DoDTS

    Question A shrimper christmas carol

    A SHRIMPER CHRISTMAS CAROL It was in the offices of Southend united after the Huddersfield match, Paul Brush-Cratchett and his son Tiny Tilly approached Uncle Ronald to ask about time off at Christmas. “Humbug” retorted Ronald I want you two and the team in training all over Christmas. Uncle...
  8. Napster

    BBC Xmas line up announced

    The BBC has unveiled its annual collection of seasonal specials for Christmas and one highlight will be iconic comedy Blackadder. The cast will return for a one-off documentary entitled Blackadder Rides Again. Marking 25 years since the original BBC transmission, the programme will feature the...
  9. Napster

    Adrian Clarke New Job

    Meet our new co-commentator, Adrian Clarke 11/1 Arsenal to rule in Europe Get a free £20 Paddy Power bet! 6/1 Arsenal to win League Get a free £20 Paddy Power bet! Arsenal TV Online subscribers can get even more out of their matchdays this season thanks to the launch of our brand-new...
  10. A musical challenge!

    Apparently in this song there are 50 samples. lets get cracking!! http://www.thequietus.com/articles/untangle-the-quietus-mash-up-and-win-an-ipod-touch 1. Eels - Susan's House 2. DJ Shadow - Building steam with a grain of salt 3. Specials - Ghost Town
  11. FC - Match 7

    I have probably my strongest team out for a FC fixture this season, only absentees are Schoeman and new signing Singh, I'll be gutted not to win. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mrs BB has given up the ghost with FC, she doesn't have a big enough, or...
  12. Slipperduke


    It still remember it vividly. I was at a friend's house on a Saturday night in 2005 and we were having a glass of wine before hitting the town. Being of Spanish descent, she had the Real Madrid - Barcelona game on the television. We had no plans to watch the whole match, we were supposed to...
  13. Why didn't we turn up?

    The fans certainly did their bit last night. The support was out of this world, especially from 4-0 down. The 2000+ who made the trip all did Southend United proud...unfortunately the players didn't. I know Doncaster are a very good side, but so are we. So what happened to us last night? I...
  14. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday Pub Quiz Pt 5 (Bit late today!)

    Usual rules, usual person banned. Enjoy :) 1. Which Japanese word translates into English as "empty orchestra"? 2. Which phrase was first used in a novel by William Burroughs in 1962 and is now commonly used to describe a type of music? 3. Who first coined the words "madcap", "hobnob" and...
  15. callan

    Koi carp for sale

    Ok I have following for sale if anyone would care to make me an offer. Five or six brightly colour Kohaku. Ten 15 centimetre Ghost Koi and three or four biggies. Also have some nice Lillies and a couple of Connifers, which I'm prepared to throw in.
  16. The programme

    Don't want to be too critical on the club but some of the writing in the programme is terrible. If you have Saturday's programme you may have noticed several articles written in a style which can only be described as absolute gibberish. p24 Eric Odhiambo interview 'Eric Odhiambo may be in his...
  17. MK's film recommendation of the day.

    Cracking little ghost story on BBC4 tonight (if you can get it): Guillermo del Toro's (the bloke who directed the peerless Pan's Labyrinth) The Devil's Backbone. Wholly worth Sky +'ing or recording or staying up into the wee-small hours to watch it.
  18. Ron Manager

    Your sexy ghost partner

    I've been listening to Danny Baker's All Day Breakfast Show podcast on my way to work every morning (get it on iTunes, it's very good). One of the feature's he's running is - imagine you have died and gone to heaven before your current partner. You are given the choice of hooking up with a...
  19. Jam_Man

    Ghost Whisperer

    I, er I mean a "friend of mine" religously watches Ghost Whisperer and has seen all 40 odd episodes. Its about a girl who can converse with ghosts and helps them finish their unfinished business so they can cross over. Its nothing like 6th Sense at all because er he was a young boy and she...
  20. Desert Shrimper

    Ghosts - are you a believer?

    Last night I watched the Channel 4 documentary "Interview with a Poltergeist" which sparked off a bit of debate in the office this morning. I believe I saw a ghost aged about 5 in the semi-detached house in Leigh we lived in back then. It was there for several minutes going in and out of a room...