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i never touched the cleaner

  1. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane 'Whatever Happened To ...?'

    I've been bowled over by the breadth of knowledge and feeling on here about our supporters' experiences from the days of yore. It got me thinking to when I first started watching The Blues as a kid in the late sixties. We all lose touch with people we've liked for various reasons, but reading...
  2. pringlejon

    After Bradford (A)

    A potentially tricky encounter away at Bradford was made to look anything but that, with midfield maestro Anthony Grant bossing the midfield on his way to a mighty rating of 8.71, his second highest of the season and consequently his second Top Player award. His goalscoring colleague, Barry...
  3. Ref Watch .... Gillingham JPT

    Tuesday's match sees Gavin Ward from Oxted returning to Roots Hall for the first time since he mishandled the match against Gillingham nearly a year ago. This is his fourth season as a League referee. He has refereed 5 home matches and I think he has got progressively worse in each one. His...
  4. Cricko

    Zone Blogs

    It's great to see people are now starting to write some great blogs for the site..the last 2 from Barbie and GHG have been promoted to the Home page.. You can see all blogs written in the "Blog" link in the main Nav bar...keep them coming people.:clap:
  5. DoDTS

    Next saturday trains

    NO TRAINS ON THE LIVERPOOL STREET LINE NEXT SATURDAY. So anyone going to the Torquay match be aware DoDtS
  6. Torquay

    Done Port Vale 2-1 away today. Not being negative, but off the back of yesterday's result let's not think they're world beaters just yet. On the other hand if we beat them that really will be a result. Just spotted someone's brought this up elsewhere, nevermind.
  7. E i e i e i o

    ---- up the Football League we go. Owing to the massive amount of games ending in draws today and our dynamic win last night we are now 15th in the table, a great improvement on our 22nd position prior to last night's game. Those three points might be the spur we need and launch us on to...
  8. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Bradford City Forum

    Christ, it's like reading the zone after a defeat, but ten times worse. http://bcafc.livewwware.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=56817 ''It's worrying though i mean the 1st 3 league game we could excuse but tonite we have been beat by a team who really we should be beating and they had no real...
  9. palexander

    Credit where its due...

    This is mainly for the haters... But credit the club this week - for the ON field activities. Yes, theres a lot of problems that we all know about and most love to keep digging up and going over, and over... but the positives of this week could be massive. 1) Firstly, I believe the Port Vale...
  10. palexander

    Player: Sturrock after Bradford

    * Bonding is very important for the players, wins bond players * Players had a traumatic month, with the whole pre-contract thing and all the off field stuff, then a tough start. * Near a settled team now, everyone getting to grips with their roles and subs working well * Doesnt know why Grant...
  11. Granty

    Anyone with Player able to tell us what he said in his interview now on OS? Ta.
  12. TrueBlue

    For the fans that was game last night....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSiKx4iBoSY&feature=related Niche Southend song? Great night last night! UTB
  13. Uncle Leo

    Cricko on BBC1!

    Switch over now people...
  14. steveo

    Away win

    An away win these days is massive. Unfortunately people like Badger74 would still rather see us lose so they can slag off Ron. We win, you slag off Ron. We lose you slag off Ron. PBoreham tries to keep a positive view because he knows Ron is the best/only option. Is Badger a Col U fan?
  15. Richard_Cadette

    Question Anyone believe in fate?

    The last time we played at Valley Parade, we also won 2-0 (A rainswept night in August I remember very fondly)..... who did we play before that?.... a 1-2 home defeat to Port Vale! OK, so I was lucky enough to miss the debacle against Vale last weekend due to being the other side of the poind...
  16. Ron Martin is worried

    After tonights win at Bradford, the southend players have put pressure back on the club as Ron Martin has to pay out on a win bonus. Grant and Corr are dreaming of a double payday. Dont expect your season tickets refunds just yet!!! I cant put the k in the title!!!!
  17. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Bradford City 0-2 Southend United

    Post all your Match reports and ratings here please..
  18. Cricko

    Official Match Thread Bradford City v Southend United

    Ok so here we go guys.Team news soon and do not forget to join in with the Zone chatroom if you are not at the game.
  19. Breaking News Flavs to Pompey....

  20. Interpol Shrimper

    5 years on and we're still considered racists

    Found this little gem of a quote on the Southend Yahoo email group. Take from a Bradford blog (I assume it's www.boyfrombrazil.co.uk) Now, I don't usually condone threatening messages but if my memory serves me right, didn't this guy seem to have it in for our support after the disgusting...