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  1. SUBBlue

    Row breaks out over 5 legged dog

    No disrespect intended but this story in the Echo amused me. Probably no laughing matter for the family but it reminded me of Uncle Alberts funeral in Only Fools and Horses. http://m.echo-news.co.uk/news/14251389.Row_breaks_out_over__five_legged_dog__funeral_flowers/?ref=mr&lp=2
  2. superblue24

    Royal Mail shares

    Anyone have a punt? Seems like the investment was akin to gambling your dough on a horse running in a race against one legged donkeys.
  3. Evening Echo

    Leyton Orient's Russell Slade: Tie with Southend United isn't over yet

    LEYTON Orient manager Russell Slade is certain the O’s can still win their two legged tie Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tie against Southend United. More...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Wednesday night football at the Hall over the years

    4-1 Huddersfield - they had two sent off and Alan McCormack(!) got a double 1-4 Chelsea - Barrett. Bloody Revell missed a sitter at 1-0 1-0 Grimsby 1996 - Tilson (not the famous Tilly goal v Grimsby, that was on a Friday night IIRC) 2-1 Port Vale 1995 - week before Xmas. Mike Marsh got a pen but...
  5. Silencer

    FAO Cluneimore, please can we have some answers as to what is going wrong

    I personally respect the appearances of Sturrock/Coughlan or whoever this Cluneimore character was during the course of the season, however what I would say is that the appearances only seemed to be aimed at fans who were moaning whilst the team was winning. When things started to go wrong...
  6. Looks like the play-offs

    If you break our season down into quarters (4 lots of 9 games), we have taken 16, 25, 11 and 12 points in these spells. If you take out the "freaky" spell of 25 points, it still means that we are averaging 13 points per 9 games. If we get a further 13 points in the next 9 plus a win in match 46...
  7. danburyshrimper

    Sturrock : Master tactician

    Paul Sturrock is a genius. He knows that the best day ever for southend supporters ( not including cup matches ) was the league play off final in Cardiff. He also knew how gutted we were to lose out to Swindon + not go to Wembley in the JPT. He realises that by finishing 4th we will have a 2...
  8. DTS

    Question Which cup do you see as our priority.

    Before anyone speaks up I appreicate the league is the key. However I wondering whcih cup would be PS's priority? On one hand were could potentially taste glory in the LDV. Swindon at home I would think were just about favourites for and a win there will set us up with a two legged tie again...
  9. The spider thread

    So how are you with our eight-legged friends? There was a HUGE house spider in the sink this morning that would have given Mrs MK a coronary, but I let the lil' bugger crawl over my hands and arms as I attempted to get a blurry photo before I plonked it outside in the fresh air. So are you...
  10. manor15


    Greece Manager: Otto Rehhagel Captain: Giorgos Karagounis FIFA Ranking: 12 Group B Background: This is only Greece's second World Cup, although a European Championships win and two other appearances often mask that. Before the appointment of Otto Rehhagel in 2001, Greece had only qualified for...
  11. Slipperduke

    Crisis Time, But Don't Sack Rafa

    Forget the Champions League. Forget the Europa League. Forget the FA Cup. For Liverpool, nothing now is more important than the Premier League. The very future of the football club depends on where they finish in the table in May. The crass stupidity of the leveraged buy-out that gave control...
  12. sussex by the sea

    Brighton brawl

    Apologies if this is somewhere else or a similar thread has already been deleted, but the local rag down here in Brighton has 'rival football fans clash in street brawl' at the top of the front page tonight. The story itself on page 5 states; Football fans from opposing clubs hurled bottles at...
  13. Napster

    One-legged women you fancy

    Heather Mills.
  14. ldnfatso

    2 True Stories!

    STORY NUMBER ONE Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago . Capone wasn't famous for anything heroic. He was notorious for enmeshing the windy city in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder. Capone had a lawyer nicknamed "Easy Eddie." He was...
  15. Slipperduke

    Platini Has Sold Us Out

    The arrival of Michel Platini as the head of UEFA was supposed to herald a new dawn for European football. It was the ascent of a footballing legend, a lover of the game, into a position of great power. What a shame that he's turned out to be just like the faceless bureaucrats he replaced...
  16. Somerset Ex-TTB

    The Lucky Omen and PMA Thread

    So far in the play-offs this season of 7 games, only 1 home team has won after 90 minutes. We have yet to conceed a goal in 4 play-off games. Both 2 legged LDV finals, we won the away leg at Colchester and Bristol Rovers. We have failed to score for 2 games in a row only twice all season, and...
  17. Slipperduke

    Liverpool v Chelsea Champions League

    Tonight, for the third time in four years, Liverpool meet Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Football’s most festering rivalry is back and the dirty war has already begun in earnest. There’s something very strange about the relationship between these two teams. They are...
  18. Maldon Blues

    FA Youth Cup Pre-Draws

    The FA Youth Cup has been pre-drawn to the Final Should we beat Carlisle we are at home to Ipswich or Villa. Semi Final would be over two legs, home second, against Port Vale, Spurs, Chelsea or Leicester. We would be at home first in a two legged final against either Charlton, Swindon...
  19. Disabled Toilets

    For some unknown reason, my mate got the whole office debating whether or not it's appropriate for (non-disabled) people to used disabled toilets. Most people agreed that it's ok if there is no other option but me and my mate said that if convenient we wouldn't mind using it. The other week at...
  20. MrB

    SZ BT Cup - Groups and Fixtures

    Now up on Alliance sledging if you want to take a look. First matches 24th June. If you're still in the cup you will have to forfeit your first game. If you're still in the cup after that you're doing bloody well!! Hope everyone is happy with the groupings, have tried to keep it as even as...