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  1. Ref Watch ...... Fleetwood H

    Man in charge for Fleetwood's first visit to Roots Hall will be Mark Heywood from Northwich (not to be confused with the more experienced Mark Haywood from Wakefield). He is in his second season as a League referee and has refereed Southend three times before. Firstly the home 2-1 win over...
  2. Question What effect will the new manager have on the present squad!

    Phil Brown i believe is very strong on discipline,i think this is what some of the present players need.Take Eastwood as an example, everyone here all season has said how unfit he is,so i would imagine if he is retained and he still has a season left on his contract, he will be under orders to...
  3. amsemp

    Pre-Match Thread Bradford v Southend

    So he's finally here and Friday's trip to Bradford will be the man from Del Monte's first game in charge. Some of our posters will be more aware of Brown's style of play, preferred tactics and formations, so what team would you expect/like to see? Can anyone see recalls for BBBC, Smith or...
  4. Breaking News Southend Southpaw

    Who flogged Murdoch's monkeys this? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4855457/Bilel-Mohsni-eyes-boxing-or-cage-fighting.html
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Team for Saturday?

    I think I'd go: Smith Clohessy Cresswell Prosser Straker Hurst Makandawire Laird Leonard Tomlin Assombalonga Subs: Bentley, Mohsni, Lund, Reeves, Corr, Eastwood, Frosty the Snowman The reasoning being (1) that's about as close to the shape (and team) who beat Rochdale at home as we're going...
  6. After our win at Rochdale on Saturday.....................

    Been down after the last weeks results , and the obvious reaction on here last night and today. So in order to redress the balance slightly and introduce a bit of a positive slant during these dark days , I thought I would start this one based on our 3-0 away win at Rochdale on Saturday. Wow ...
  7. Good old Mohsni_another season ****ed

    Good decision to bring back that french **** as things have gone from bad to worse Ban the **** from Wembley and Sturrock
  8. Pre-Match Thread vs Plymouth

    At the moment we are clinging onto our play-off hopes by our finger tips. If we win tonight then we lose our grip, but win and the hope may return. 5 players having a late fitness test, with Cresswell being one, but we have Corr back after illness. I'd like to see: Bentley Clohessy Mohsni...
  9. Hard times ahead!

    I have a bad feeling on what will happen should Southend not get promoted this season.I can see PS either retiring or being asked to vacate his position.Also we will lose Tam,Reeves,Lund and Assombolonga,none will sign for us,Tam and Reeves to Div1 clubs i suspect ,Lund to Bristol Rovers where...
  10. RobM

    Saturdays performance

    All considered, I didn't think it was too bad. A new central pairing of Mohsni and Makandiwire (sorry if I got his name wrong!) - hastily put together, nobody to blame as Phillips, Barker, Cresswell, Prosser (arguably 3 first choices) not available. We have played 10 in the defence so far this...
  11. Ref Watch ...... Torquay

    As we look to maintain our decent recent form against Torquay (3 wins, 2 draws from last 5) we have a reeferee who is about as consistent as our players lately. His last Roots Hall game was very good, the previous one woeful. Man in charge of this must-win game is Dave Phillips from Chichester...
  12. leeblue

    Line up for saturday?

    So with the possibility of Tam coming back on saturday what's the likely line up. I will give what I would like to see and what I think ps will pick Bentley Clohessey cresswell mohsni prosser Leonard Tam hurst straker Eastwood britt...
  13. Are they scared of getting injured??

    Last nights performance was a joke with a total lack of effort by ALL including the management Are they just going through the motions in the hope they dont get injured and risk wembley>? Not a decent challenge all night Even that lunatic and silent assassin Mohsni looked like he would rather...
  14. Could this become one of our best ever years?

    Could this turn out to be one of our greatest years ? I freely admit to be a ‘glass half full’ kind of person , and I would much rather look on the positive side of things if possible so bear with me- as I know this goes against the gran for some :winking: · We are going to Wembley...
  15. SS3

    Question Mohsni Bilel

    Just a quick one really. Now I remember, in the not to distant past that there was a discussion regarding the famous Bilel. This discussion surrounded around his involvement in the team after his well documented leave of absence from the team, and then his subsequent sending off against...
  16. Napster


    I hear he went to an under-10 game as well on Sunday to cheer the kids on, after being asked at the Trust event the night before. :Worthy:
  17. Question Are ,Eastwood and Harris that bad?

    Please tell me are Eastwood and Harris that bad they cant get even some decent time on the ground ,from the subs bench even when its plain for all to see the Strikers ( NOT MOHSNI),have left their scoring boots at home,Assombolonga i think needs a rest,hes young and needs to be looked after at...
  18. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Should Mohsni Play at Wembley?

    New to the board although been reading it for some time now. I was wondering what other fans thought about the possibility of Mohsni playing at Wembley, bearing in mind he hasn't played any part whatsoever in getting us there. After his self imposed absence, is it fair that he should take the...
  19. ldnfatso

    Question Mohsni vs McDonut

    Can Mohsni overtake Donut's sending off record?
  20. Ref Watch ....... Barnet A

    As we go for our fifth consecutive win at Barnet the man in charge is due to be Pat Miller of Bedfordshire. A referee in his 8th season, it will be his sixth Southend match. The last was the home victory, last season, over Crawley in the JP Trophy when he sent off Dickinson, not unreasonably...