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  1. Tommy2holes

    Hammers friendly to be played at a neutral venue

    Apparently the roots hall pitch won't be ready. Two bob outfit
  2. TrueBlue

    Gender neutral toilets in schools

    Apparently there are now calls for gender neutral toilets in schools because around 1 percent of students are not sure what gender they are. Words fail me Discuss
  3. Massimo Giovanni

    Could Leicester City "do" the unbelievable?

    I have seen first half today's game and LCFC are 1 up at Manc C. Could they win the Prem? Would every neutral, non big shot club fan be happy? Would it be the biggest every achievment in English Football history? I don't watch premshite footie as the ethos of the "clubs" is a sour thing BUT...
  4. RHB

    Salford v Notts County

    Pretty good first half to watch from a neutral perspective. Totally unimpressed with Izale McLeod however, and glad that we didn't sign him in the end based on what I have just seen.
  5. steveo

    Posts with Polls

    Should a post with a poll always have a neutral option?
  6. Silencer

    Attendances in our previous finals

    So it's 14k tickets now sold, if I am honest I am a little disappointed with that figure. I had the pleasure of attending yesterday's Conference play offs which almost topped 50k, admittedly they had a lot of cheap neutral ticket sales however 25/30k were Bristol Rovers fans.I know that our...
  7. Time Wasting

    First of all , this is not a complaint about Morecambes tactics today. What teams don't waste time away from home when taking the lead ? We do it and so do everyone else , not just in our League , but the world over. Even before today it was clear to me , that this aspect of the game is probably...
  8. fbm


    A very interesting post on another thread by southchurch gave the results of a survey in 2012 which listed who fans consider their main rivals to be. Here is the list. Lots of quite interesting bits in there actually. Crewe fans for instance can't think of a 3rd rival (I wonder if that will...
  9. Winkle

    I cant see it happening!

    It's been a while since I posted on here but after yesterdays game ,I feeling utterly frustrated with our performance , so it seems easy to share my post match thoughts with fellow shrimpers.I have been to every game this season(home) and have not missed a home game at the hall for some seven...
  10. Peter Taylor

    Leaves Bradford at weekend by neutral consent. Number2 to PS anyone?
  11. Razam

    Question Sixpence None the Richer...

    I'm not sure if there is anything fishy here but I was just browsing through SUFC's ebay feedback page, I was just curious as to how much the charity shirts sold for, and 3 things caught my eye which I think is a little wrong from the club's side - one in particular, although minor, may need an...
  12. DTS

    Question Do you support another side?

    It dawned on me on saturday the amount of people that come to Roots Hall but actually support other sides too. Not looking at any sort of with hunt as I fully understand people have family ties etc to 2nd sides. J Just curious as to what % of our support would say they have a 2nd side? If so...
  13. DTS

    Southend Under 11's

    On Sunday I went to watch Southend Under 11's (I think) in a match vs Brighton. I have been promising to go and watch Southend's number one (Lucky Luca) for a while but for the past two seasons it has been rained and then snowed off. Lucky enough though this Sundays game was on. The Mrs had...
  14. Yorkshire Blue

    BOGMISH 1:5 Clinching the title v winning the play-offs

    Our 5th tie of the first round is a real heavyweight affair. I probably should have left it until after a defeat to cheer us all up, because these two games can't help but make you grin. In the home corner we have Ayrshire Blue's nomination of probably the greatest ever scuffed shot: Wayne...
  15. southend4ever

    Poxy Tripadvisor!

    I've been searching for weeks on end for a holiday. The Mrs and I are after a relaxing beach holiday. She is a student and is on a tight budget. The exchange rate of the Euro is still bad. Therefore, we have gone down the route of All Inclusive holidays. I have been on these before and I am...
  16. Lord Football

    It's All My Fault. And I am Sorry.

    This all my fault. For Xmas my other half brought me a retro Southend shirt. So, I stopped wearing the other one (blue n white stripes) and moved into the nice new fabric of plain dark blue. Very comfy it is too. I've worn it at every game I've been to since, which is all the home one and...
  17. Champions League Draw

    So, after 30 minutes of watching a balding Frenchman blunder and fumble his way around the draw, the quarter finals line up like so: Lyon vs Bordeaux Bayern Munich vs Man United Arsenal vs Barcelona Inter vs CSKA Moscow And the, the semi-finals will line up as: Lyon/Bordeaux vs Munich/United...
  18. Slipperduke

    Perez is Real-y Wrong

    Fresh from capturing the signatures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, Florentino Perez is now bent on global domination, according to reports in Spanish football newspaper, AS. It has been claimed that the Real Madrid President is rapidly drawing up plans to shift his club's kick-off times from...
  19. Ron Manager

    Opinions please

    Below is the new home (orange) and away (white) kits for my adopted A-League team - Brisbane Roar. The fans on the forums here are up in arms in disgust, really rubbishing it. I however think it's OK, not the best kit I've ever seen but far from the worse. Wondered what some neutral opinions...
  20. number11

    Scum v Scum

    Am watching the Millwall Leeds 2nd league. Usually when watching a game as a neutral I tend to want one team to one, but with this one I'm stuck. My hatred of dirty Leeds is matched by few other teams (Man U included), I absolutely can't stand the club or their fans. However, whilst Millwall...