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  1. Slipperduke

    Arsenal Lose, Four-All

    Arsene Wenger stared down his inquisitor, apparently caught between contempt and fury. A 4-4 draw at home to Tottenham, under any circumstances, is a poor result, but to be asked where he thought he, "lost the game," seemed to be pushing it a little. "We did not lose," he said slowly. "I must...
  2. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Essex Police Cars "ask" for Disel

    Essex Police Cars "ask" for Diesel What a great advert across the country for the Essex Bobby!!! The Essex police force is to fit its fleet of patrol cars with talking devices that give an audible reminder intended to prevent filling diesel vehicles with petrol. Essex officers have filled...
  3. DoDTS

    Newcastle Away 1992-93

    As we seem to be boring Wiggy, with nothing of interest on SZ lets have a trip down memory lane that usually gets some response. NEWCASTLE UNITED 3-2 SOUTHEND UNITED 15th August 1992 Division 1 This was Kevin Keegan's first League match as manager of Newcastle, and he Proudly claimed in the...
  4. the MET police!!

    oh dear, the met police have been accused of being racist by ethnic serving officers. this beggars belief,the officers who have complained are THE MOST HIGHEST RANKED IN ThE LAND earning very decent salaries yet they still want more? its been revealed during the past few years over 2000...
  5. Ron Manager

    Absolutely disgusting

    A disgrace, these players are supposed to be role-models. Why can't they behave themselves? You would never find rugby players behaving in this way....oh, hang on.... From www.bbc.co.uk England rugby stars face NZ probe...
  6. J


    Ok, i will warn you now, this is gonna be a long post. It has all originated from a lengthy discussion i had today when i was at lunch with one of my best mates. He's just come back from his 2nd tour of Afghan and has done 1 tour in Iraq. He has been in the army 4 years, so pretty much has had 6...
  7. The First 48

    My favourite TV show right now is 'The First 48', shown on Crime & Investigation Network (Sky 531). It follows the first 48 hours of murder cases, as apparently the Detectives' chances of solving a murder case are halved if they don't get a lead in the first 48 hours. The camera follows...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    The Olympics

    I went along this afternoon to see the Olympic Flame pass through our nation's fine capital. I for one, am excited about the prospect of the Olympics coming to Britain in 4 years time. For me there is something special about the Olympics going all the way back to its roots in Ancient Greece...
  9. Forever A Shrimper

    Birmingham City - Corruption in football allegation

    "Birmingham have been raided by police officers investigating football corruption." Sky Sports Full article can be found below: http://msnsport.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12040_3322799,00.html
  10. Flaiming Moe

    Mass Brawl at Football Match

    Amazing story and pictures. Fists and chairs fly as football league match descends into a violent mass brawl Last updated at 14:23pm on 14th February 2008 Police have launched a probe into how a football match descended into a mass brawl which saw fists flying and chairs used as missiles...
  11. Slipperduke

    Reading - Arsenal

    I covered this game last night, and if you didn't see it then congratulations. It was truly awful and a shocking example of the way the game has gone in the top flight. Here's the report, have a read and be thankful that Southend aren't in the Premier League! "What do you do with a problem...
  12. Napster

    Best obituary ever?

    http://news.independent.co.uk/people/obituaries/article3075649.ece Sammy Duddy Belfast paramilitary and drag artist Published: 19 October 2007 Sammy Duddy, political activist, drag artist and poet: born Belfast 1945; twice married; died Belfast 17 October 2007. Sammy Duddy was a colourful...
  13. Groyne Strain

    Great Geordie Fights Part I

    With thanks to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle for publishing this little gem .... ------------------------------------ Drunken man in five-hour siege Oct 17 2007 by Rob Kennedy, Evening Chronicle A SWORD-wielding drunk sparked a five-hour siege in an argument over a stolen mobile phone...
  14. Xàbia Shrimper

    You know you're a squaddie when ...

    Anyone who is currently serving and has served in the past should be able to identify with many of these certain 'traits'; sadly I do! You know you've been Defence institutionalised (made military) when... You use target indication to point out hot chicks. You use the term 'chicks' You...
  15. TrueBlue

    How to not get done for speeding!

    SAVE YOUR DRIVING LICENCE AVOIDING THE SPEEDING TICKET What must the officer do, and what should you do When you are being reported for speeding, the Police Officer must tell you: "That you will be reported for consideration of the question of prosecuting you for exceeding the speed limit."...
  16. Winkle

    Postman/postwomen bycycles!

    Please, someone tell me what the f**Ks are they all about, I mean they look like something out of the fifties. Today I saw a rather rotund postie on his bike and I clearly remember my grandmother riding a bike very similar in 1969. How comes you see these police officers on 50 gear mounting...
  17. Xàbia Shrimper

    Big Brother at Roots Hall?

    I've just received the following communique from the 'Stand Up Sit Down' campaign: This afternoon I came across a company called SpecIntell: "SpecIntell is a unique Internet based software tool designed to record and manage incidents and offences committed at football or other sports stadia...
  18. The Maharajah of Hockley

    Ron: The day my family home was raided by the police

    Apologies if it's already been posted, but Ron's article on the echo website makes for interesting reading... Link: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/display.var.1263579.0.the_day_my_family_home_was_raided_by_the_police.php
  19. Police raid - about shirts!

    Echo exclusive today. Police raid - about shirts! Front page Echo exclusive today. Tilly says the police raid at RH and Ron's house was "all over a bunch of shirts". Apparently it's reported as being about some spare silver LDV shirts that were given to Sean Connors for his junior football...
  20. Reading Shrimper

    Report on Rochford Council meeting

    There is a very good report on the historic Rochford Council meeting at the Rochford Lib Dem web page (http://onlinefocus.org/): We knew it was going to be a pretty unusual evening when we heard that fans were hiring coaches to bring them from Southend to the match , er, committee meeting. Some...