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  1. The Big Dady


    Is the Zone protected from the latest ransomware called "WannaCry" that attacks Windows operating systems and infecting them around the world? Serious question, as I do not want to loose my Shrimpers football fix. Is this Pandemic which has now spread to over 100 countries, is it that...
  2. RobM

    What happens to corporate profits?

    If I have money in a bank, it's protected up to £85,000. What protection do big companies have when they make £billions in profit?
  3. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Sheffield United 2-2 Southend United

    Would have bitten your hand off for that result before the game, just a shame after going 2-0 up and throwing it away with some awful set piece defending. Protected the lead late on but rightly so as they were all over us. Bentley at fault for the first, though could easily say that it should...
  4. Floval Flyer

    Car Insurance - total rip off

    Just got my insurance renewal on our people carrier... Endsleigh have increased our premium by 43% !! Yes, 43 PERCENT - due to a claim made last year, when my wife was victim to a hit and run after another car rammed our car. Subsequently we paid the £300 excess as the po-lice were unable to...
  5. KrustyTheKray

    Question The building where York International was in Basildon

    Anyone know what it is, or who it belongs to? Seems very highly protected, double fence, security vehicle ramps, cameras, and the building is unmarked. It's unmarked as well???
  6. Massimo Giovanni

    Soma Mine disaster

    200+ miners killed in a mile deep coal mining collapse in Turkey. For a town where mining is the job then the deaths and sorrow of the whole community must be overpowering. To be a mile under ground, trapped while the tunnel collapses and the oxygen runs out must be horrific. Cheaply mined coal...
  7. londonblue

    Itunes Protected Files

    I have been doing some investigating and have worked out why some of my music doesn't appear on the list of albums on the memory stick in my car. The reason is that they in an ITunes protected format using DRM. Apparently all new music (since 2009) is unprotected, but some of my albums were...
  8. leeblue

    Start to the season

    Well here we are after the first few games of the Brown era. The ethos certainly seems to that of a hard working physical side that likes to play football when in possession. Many posters on here (including myself) had concerns about the back four as well as the possibility of our front two not...
  9. milhouse

    The Pub

    Not this on-line pub but "the" English pub. RIP? I guess most of you guys visit the hostelry occasionally. For how long is that going to be possible other than via faceless characterless town centre mega-pubs? There was a programme on the radio last night about locals taking over their own...
  10. Slipperduke

    Tweet That, Darren

    Have you ever Twittered? I have to confess that, like European federalism, gardening and 'Jedward', I always thought it was something for other people to worry about. Twitter, I found out this week, is a chance to spurt 140 characters of whatever you're doing at the world, or at least those...
  11. Slipperduke

    Flakey Brazil Squeeze Through

    Brazil 1-0 South Africa Alves 88 If Brazil are to hold out any hope of victory in South Africa next summer, under-pressure boss Dunga needs to get to the bottom of the mystifying split-personality syndrome that haunts his team. Emphatic, energetic and effervescent against Italy and the USA...
  12. Car Insurance

    Would be grateful for some advice, please. My insurance is due up. I currently have protected No Claims Bonus, but had two claims in 2007 (Suicidal Ruminants) so some companies won't offer me a protected NCB. My son is now 17, and wants to get some driving practice in and my current insurers...
  13. Hotman

    Ebook Libraries - great for those who enjoy reading

    I've ordered one of those new ebook readers which is coming tomorrow, and have been doing some research on where to buy ebooks. It appears that there are "libraries" where you can check out ebooks and hire them for 21 days - just like a real library, but over the net. They are DRM protected so...
  14. Hotman

    Live Chat Thread

    Just had a look through the last few pages (I know, shouldn't stick my nose in where it doesn't belong). There are a number of comments that I am sure wouldn't be made in front of the subjects (thankfully not involving me). A few should just remember that their pictures of their faces, and...
  15. seany t

    Sepp Blatter

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/man_utd/7499028.stm He really hates British football, doesn't he? I really wish someone would fire the guy or put him in an old people home. Players are already hugely protected in the modern game. I know that in our jobs we can leave whenever...
  16. OldBlueLady

    Counterfeit Ipod

    Was wondering if anyone out there has any contacts or advice for me. My daughter wanted a pink Ipod for her birthday and stupidly I managed to get one from someone seemingly reputable on ebay. As it goes it looks as if their account might have been hacked so not entirely my fault! Now prior to...
  17. Smiffy

    Breaking News Prep work begins....

    Don't know if anyone else has driven down Fossetts Way lately, but it seems as though prep work has begun on the stadium site... All the tree's and shrubbery bar one (protected?) Oak tree, have been removed and the only thing left standing, is said tree and an old cow shed!! It's a big old...
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    The Olympics

    I went along this afternoon to see the Olympic Flame pass through our nation's fine capital. I for one, am excited about the prospect of the Olympics coming to Britain in 4 years time. For me there is something special about the Olympics going all the way back to its roots in Ancient Greece...
  19. Yes [6.3.08] and The Future

    Q1. Who [names of all consortia members] or what corporation [and names of their shareholders] are the beneficial owners of the land on which the Fossetts development is proposed. A1. The immediate parent company of Southend United Football Club Ltd is South Eastern Leisure (UK) Ltd, of...
  20. The Watermill Wino

    After Daggers, SoL Sports Special is..

    ..at Maldon tonight and goes ahead as planned for tonights fixture at Park Drive (The Wallace Binder Stadium). Southend's huge Hungarian "Zoltan", Bailey, Ademeno, Paynter, Collis and Macdonald are all expected to play. It could be an important run out before the visit of the Spammers as...