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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    Ticket office blues

    Anyone hoping to phone up and book Cheltenham tickets for Monday can expect a long wait. I've just spent 30 minutes waiting without success to get through, when I started as number 3 in the queue. (I'm sure this has been mentioned before but)why does the endlessly repeated answerphone message...
  2. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Blues Pull out of a deal to sign Josh Simpson permanently

    Just seen this on Twitter http://twitter.com/GregStarz/status/17194678461927424 #Southend United pulled out of a deal to sign Josh Simpson on a permanent basis from Peterborough! Why?!!? FS
  3. Dick Bate's Protege

    Greatest Chat up Lines

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/relationships/8208562/Best-chat-up-lines-revealed.html All you would be Romeo's out there should comment on the magnificence of a woman's lips if you wanna get lucky. Personally, I walked up to my future Mrs in the Pink Toothbrush, who was being chatted up by my best...
  4. * ORM *

    Trigger Happy TV back on YouTube

    Last time I looked these had all been pulled but you can now get the official full length episodes OK won't let me embed so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D68sJCeD6e8&has_verified=1 2 minutes 56 seconds in - Classic ! Gonna have hours of fun this evening then
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Question Police convoys

    My commute this morning was once more rudely interrupted by a police convoy. The convoy consisted of two unmarked, brown, presumably armour-plated vans flanked by two police cars in front and a further two behind, plus some motorbike outriders. The convoy was heading East out of the City. The...
  6. jamesmut2000

    Captains Blog

    EAST ON.... I felt we deserved something out of the Northampton game. We went 1-0 up and then you want to see it out to get the three points but the goals we lost we weren’t happy with. * We probably deserved more but we have got to be more ruthless and more professional in the way we finish...
  7. wiggy

    Corr had a massive punch up in training.....

    is the injury thing a smoke screen? Don't know who with but punches were flying one day training this week, elaborate anyone as my spy was at a distance but was pulled apart by the others!
  8. Ian Joyce

    For those of you interested or even care, Ian Joyce finally, thanks to injuries to No.1 and No.2 goalkeepers at Colorado Rapids, made his MLS debut last saturday, kept a clean sheet in a 3-0 win against Houston (they had a player sent off after 15mins.). He played well, pulled off a couple of...
  9. Parking Fines

    Just wondering whether anyone knows whether i have a chance of winning an appeal against a ticket i received in Aldershot today. Basically, due to traffic on the M25 didn't get to the ground until 3.15 and when i tried to park in one of the main car parks there were no spaces left. Other cars...
  10. Winkle

    My first go at internet banking!

    I am not a dinosaur (my kids my think differently) but after changing banks I now have access to online banking. I no what you are all going to say..."I was doing all my accounts this way years ago, blah, blah blah" but truthfully I just never had the time or could be bothered and did not see...
  11. Did anyone see?

    Did any one see the West ham fan that climbed over the wall in between the south and east stand and stand on the first aid hut and pulled his shorts down to expose himself to the crowd. I hope he got nicked and gets put away as my 10 year daughter should not be seeing things like this!!!!
  12. leeblue

    Ron out/Ron in???????? protests

    so given todays outcome in court where do we stand in terms of the protests against ron, the anger post tilly sacking, some long term supporters on here stating they will not go to RH while ron is in charge. I am not taking either side by the way just intersted to hear from the most anti-ron...
  13. Jack The Flag

    C2C Rude, No help and pain in the ***

    Went to Lakeside today on the train with 2 mates today. Experienced problems all day first the women argued with me on how old i was at Southend East station. Then when i got to Chafford Hundred i got pulled over by Security and they said that i was 18 and i was going to get a £70 fine, i...
  14. Brazil vs Bad Korea

    Entertaining game, Bad Korea look a well organised outfit and deserved to go into the break 0-0. Brazil finally opened them up with a fluke by Maicon and a great pass by Robinho to tee up Elano. Korea pulled one back with arguably the best goal of the night. However, how gash was Kaka tonight...
  15. Slipperduke

    Bafana Bafana Stand Proud

    South Africa 1-1 Mexico SOUTH AFRICA STAND TALL IN FRONT OF THE WORLD They called them the weakest hosts in the history of the World Cup. They said that they would be outclassed, that they would never progress from the group stage. They were wrong. After months of training camps and practice...
  16. * ORM *

    Youth Pulls 1505

    I have a feeling that BT thinks I am Mr B - having pulled a YP trainee for the last 2 weeks this isn't perfect but it's not too shabby at all. Listed ! Shame. I pulled a WK first week, bowler 2nd so thought I'd try for a batsman this time around. A Bowl pull would have been interesting...
  17. AdamTheShrimper

    Southampton Matchday Programmes

    My brother just heard on the radio that the board pulled the matchday programmes because of comments made by alan pardew in his column. They will be sacking him next week. No idea if this is 100% true, just passing on what ive heard.
  18. southend4ever

    Chester Cup 5th May

    Many horses running in this, a few will get pulled because of ground conditions. I was told a few weeks ago to back Bernie the Bolt. It has gone in from 10/1 to 8/1 with Will Hill. I personally only have a tenner to win. But this is from a friend who is friends with the owner of the horse...
  19. MrB

    Pick your League One 16

    Simple concept. Three seasons in League One have come to an end, if all the players were available to you what would your matchday 16 be? Straight 4-4-2 for the starting XI. For the purposes of the list I've only included players who played more than 10 games during our time in League One...
  20. DTS

    New ST cards in the post in July.

    Just renewed my season tickets and got some Saints away tickets. Helpful guy on the other end said that season ticket sales have gone really well which is good news. He also said were getting new cards in the summer as these ones are quite old now. I think Ron and Co might have pulled off a...