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  1. RHB

    Outdoor smoking

    I've given up smoking so this doesn't apply to me, but it does seem as if something which is legal in this country (whether you like it or not) is going to get another hammering or the next few weeks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33883188 What I do find hypocritical is the amount of...
  2. Bikers heading to Southend

    The 17th annual Southend biker Shakedown will depart from The Ace Cafe Stonebridge, in north-west London, at 10.30am. The fundraiser will see hundreds of bikers arrive at Southend seafront for a family-focused day out. Now the trouble with this is that it raises thousands for mainly childrens...
  3. steveo

    IMF cuts global growth outlook but raises UK forecast

    Bad news for Barna. This isn't really going to plan is it Barna? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24444134
  4. Be an Angel - Back a New Horror Film

    My Niece's husband is a very decent indeed writer and producer of Horror films. They are looking to raise £14,000 on Kickstarter to fund their next project, so from as little as £10, which you only pay if the Film raises the funds, you can be involved, get your name in the credits, get a digital...
  5. North Wales Shrimper

    The Promenade Shopping Park (aka Ron World)

    So, with yet more High Street retailers going into the question of how Ron World is funded raises it's ugly head. Looking at the websites of the both of the joint agents Briant, Champion, Long here and Savills here it would appear that Ron World is struggling to attract interest despite all of...
  6. southchurch

    Rattle The Cage

    So the Wee Birdie has stopped his chirpings again after two dismal performances. I miss his Stats. and talk of 'knocking it to the right areas'. I guess he'll wait to we have another win before he raises his beak again. Well I think we should rattle his cage and get him airborne . Explanations...
  7. Hotman


    A professor at Auburn University was giving a lecture on Paranormal Studies. To get a feel for his audience, he asks, 'How many people here believe in ghosts?' About 90 students raise their hands. Well, that's a good start. Out of those who believe in ghosts, do any of you think you...
  8. Labour Dont vote for these .....

    Aside from that horrible website, that im finding almost painful to read . A replication of the separation of 50% of humanity (again why ??) Repetitionof figures to the point of nonsensical rambling. Deliberate attacks on the other parties that Libs and Tories dont seem (unless their hidden...
  9. Budget implementations.

    Financial types, a quick question. If the Chancellor raises the stamp duty threshold this afternoon, is it an immediate change?
  10. The Consortium

    Elstree Blue raises the subject of the consortium on the Simon Francis thread and suggests that we should "find out more, give them a chance and question" Does this indicate that this consortium is still prepared to invest in the future of SUFC given the chance. Are you a member of the...
  11. Not In Mohave Shrimper


    Just curious as to whether any Zoners are doing this? To raise money & the profile of Male Prostate Cancer, November has been dubbed Movember, with men being sponsored to grow moustaches (not beards) throughout the month to raise money. It's been running for a couple of years now. This year...
  12. Slipperduke

    Alonso Attracts Attention

    Spain 5-0 New Zealand Torres 6, 14, 16 Fabregas 24 Villa 48 Rafa Benitez must be getting nervous. Real Madrid's moneybags President Florentino Perez has reportedly set his sights on Xabi Alonso and, after his performance in this dominant victory over New Zealand, you can hardly blame him. The...
  13. Bexley Blue

    Football Manager research - Phase 1 ratings

    For those FM fans interested, here are the ratings I have sent off for Phase 1 of the research process for FM 2010. CA = Current Ability (out of 200); e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo has a CA of 191. PA = Potential Ability (out of 200); in younger players, negatives used, where -10 = amazing potential...
  14. Slipperduke

    Toon Need Three Years

    Here on Tyneside, the hangovers are just beginning to clear. Sunday night may have been spent at the bar, defiantly pledging allegiance to the cause, but Monday morning saw the fuzzy-headed realisation that there will be no more trips to Liverpool or Arsenal for a while. Instead of Premier...
  15. Firestorm

    Auld Firm in the premier league

    Raises its head again http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/article.html?Delay_to_Old_Firm_Premier_League_proposal&in_article_id=628417&in_page_id=43&in_a_source= If this ever does go ahead (which I doubt it will) , I would imagine that other SPL teams would come into contention for a place in...

    Foreign players

    Its always the same that a couple of wins raises supporters spirits...So here's a generally frivoulous little test! Yesterday we fielded 4 foreign players.(Christophe, Dervite,Laurent & Moussa) Name a full pro game when we had more than that, and the players names and nationalities
  17. canveyshrimper


    Probably been done before, but.... :D A Primary Teacher explains to her class that she is a Liverpool fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they too are Liverpool fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise...
  18. sufcintheprem

    World Series of Poker

    Finished this morning in London after a mammoth final table session. John Juanda eventually managed to beat the painfully slow (at times) Stanislav Alekhin. The Russian had played extremely well to build up a solid chip lead but after Juanda had bullied some of Alekhin's raises, it came down...
  19. AFC Bournemouth up s**t creek/ imminent closure

    According to the BBC site, the administrators at AFC Bournemouth are about to close the club for good. Sad enough to see a club go to he wall, but it raises a couple of points for you all to discuss. 1) Football, no matter how emotive, is a business, and therefore, needs to be run as such...
  20. Football Manager Live

    Thought i'd give you guys an update on the game as i've been testing it now for 2 months. Since I last posted, they've added a ton of new features to test that'll be included in the release version. The new Match Engine seems Ok... More of a fixed FM08 Engine now but still a little bugs to be...