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Life President
Jan 20, 2007
Here there everywhere
Aside from that horrible website, that im finding almost painful to read .

A replication of the separation of 50% of humanity (again why ??)
Repetitionof figures to the point of nonsensical rambling.
Deliberate attacks on the other parties that Libs and Tories dont seem (unless their hidden in different links).
And it keeps crashing , so more on this later

And to start
• Tough choices on pay: action to control public-sector pay including a one per cent
cap on basic pay uplifts for 2011-12 and 2012-13, saving £3.4 billion a year, and new
restrictions on senior pay-setting. Tough decisions on public sector pensions to cap the
taxpayers’ liability – saving £1 billion a year.

Well sadly district Nurses and other front line carers are also public sector workers , who as a rule are underpaid . Would it not be fairer to indicate reforms based on proportional wage raises based on salary and previous year increases ?? (which could porpably be funded on teh reduction of expendature on fact finding tours and a full compliment of local staff . AS an example (but thats civil servant based and look what happened to New Labour when with in weeks of getting in they said they would make massive cuts)

"We must seize the opportunity to develop education, in particular higher education, as great export business " Why ? Now im not being nationalist here surprisingly but knowledge itself produces or should produce the capacity to make a market not in and of itself be one (it has enough influence from politics it ignore's ), never mind it becames a quantfiable commoudity (which is really weird again as its concepts in peoples brains we are really selling here !).

Now im not sure who stole who's idea first but both of the concepts for infrastructure transport redevelopment appear identical. Along with saying how we are world leaders in technological systems (yet have always neglected any such thing since Lyons and Sir Frank Whittle) , eitehr loaning out the brains to our favoured allies , or helping to not distablise world markets we have a vested interest in . Ok Tories are saying no to HEathrow terminal 3 (even though im sure last time they were in they wanted it !)

Looking at both of these its not about any form of change both parties have their agenda's and influences from outside market or international forces (sometimes both). Both parties are about a maintain a status quo. Mainly also giving the voter an illusion of ability to change and shape things .

The premise of a shareholding company should be a choice not a government influence agenda as well (though Co-OP and John Lewis do it very well) there are company like Richer Sounds that don;t and have no need too.

Zero tolerance of poor behaviour, an outsource of children who misbehave , maybe no cuts in teacher numbers or teaching asstiants and better education to pick up learning difficulties maybe as a start (ok i may be biased on that one ;) )

NHS , less far less buisness based ideology and targets please " a Legal contract to see a medicla person in a week " , we have an epidemic on the 6th ay you go see your doctor or a pile up. Come on this psuedo business ***** bearly works in that world were talking about life's , individuals looked after by stressed out under resourced people.

Any party who does a cross party or politically unbiased group run by senior medical practitioner's gets my vote there.

More than 3,000 matrons across the NHS will have the power to manage
wards, order deep cleaning, and report problems directly
to hospital boards. Every patient who comes into an
NHS hospital will be screened for MRSA.

YOu would have though they might have asked Professor Lynne Liebowitz

Or those nice Norwegians ?

Right enough of that for the moment i was looking for a comparison on the ex service people, they quote a Veterans ID for free services 6 year education plan and higher payouts to injured soldiers ... however ill leave that to Chadded to expand on and the stories of his friends and ex colleges

Lib Dems next
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