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  1. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit to create 30,000 jobs

    Great news, my patriotic friends! The great Brexit gamble is set to create 30,000 British jobs for British* people! The EU have only 24,000 of these jobs currently so that's one in the eye for Juncker and his cronies. These jobs are set to come about in the civil service to implement the...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Squatters on Royal Terrace

    As most of you will know, the Royal Terrace is considered one of the jewels in the crown of Southend-on-Sea as a resort, its guest houses have long proved popular and we've promoted one on here in the past, as a Southend supporting owner. Recently, squatters moved into a vacant property that...
  3. Hillsborough inquiry - verdict

    Due at 11am today. Let's all do our best to keep things civil and on topic.
  4. Where would you go?

    Ok so there is a civil war in the uk with muslims v all others or to be non racist man utd fans v all others,so you have to walk to another country which one and why? Living in French France i would stay here and put the whole of shrimperzone up just like pubey and let you all eat my waitrose...
  5. Mad Cyril

    Tax self assessment.

    Is anyone else about to get F'd in the A by the government? I registered for self assessment a month ago and still haven't received my unique taxpayer reference (UTR) required to submit my assessment online. I just called the *******s and they have sent the UTR to my old address despite...
  6. Mad Cyril

    Any civil engineers/surveyors here?

    Ahoy. A plot of land near my office is being surveyed in advance of work commencing on a new building. Part of the survey involve large triangular grids covered in many small propellers/turbines which have been mounted on rafts and are currently floating in the dock. Does anyone know what...
  7. Battle of the (lack of) political leadership - 1992 v 2013?

    Having followed local elections last week it seems to me that each of the main three political parties have badly lost their way. I put this down to the lack of leadership in each party. Cameron appeared to be Mr Smooth but clearly hasn't got the balls to make the big decisions; Clegg...
  8. Massimo Giovanni

    Guv thinking left hand/right hand?

    Teachers are morale low; they get told to teach basic 3 Rs & then have to spend 40% + of their time doing ofsted stuff instead of teaching. NHS told to treat patients properly and be ward hygienic/basics & then spend fortunes on new computers and "managers" that don't do any of the basic stuff...
  9. Thoughts on the state of British society?

    Due to the response from earlier research, I've just started phase 2 of a university research project looking at whether Britain is regressing to a less civil state with less social constraint and more casual aggression. The questionnaire is live at http://www.topfan.co.uk and as you’ll see, the...
  10. Football, Racism and British Society Research

    I've just started a research project looking at whether Britain is regressing to a less civil state with less social constraint and more casual aggression. The questionnaire has just gone live at http://www.topfan.co.uk and as you’ll see, the questions are very current. Is British society going...
  11. steveo

    Can we kick this bloke out of Britain

    Just for being an arse really: Link to follow when Barna gets out of bed, no doubt.
  12. londonblue

    Damilola Taylor Killer Released...Again

    What do we make of this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16722402 The guy has been released, broken the terms of his release, put back in prison, and now released again. He has also shown zero remorse. Should he be allowed out if he's shown no remorse? To me that's an interesting...
  13. number11

    Rioting - discuss

    Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and updates on the current civil unrest.....
  14. SupaBlues

    Employment Law After Private Company Takes Over Civil Service Role

    I wonder if the good people of SZ could give my partner and I some advice. At the moment she is employed by the MOD in an armed forces careers office. However this is one of the roles that has been tendered out to a private sector company and they will soon be taking over. The problem my other...
  15. yogi bear up the cagire

    Fifa rotten to the core?

    Civil war appears to have broken out in Fifa, a pretty unedifying spectacle. Whole organisation seems totally corrupt. Perhaps we should follow Australia in claiming our expenses back for the last hopeless and futile bid to hold the competition?
  16. Thorpe Groyney

    RBS Marriage Cheat Revealed

    So there we have it, while Sir Fred Goodwin was screwing up everyday people's money, jobs, etc, he was also doing something similar in his private life, though not to his wife. A bank employee no less. All whilst trying to hide behind a High Court judge at the same time. Such a busy man. Did...
  17. Ref Watch ...... Festive Cards

    Festive cards will not be in short supply if Boxing Day referee, Darren Deadman's last appearance at Roots Hall is anything to go by. Deadman, a civil servant from Cheshunt, showed 9 yellow cards in a staggering display of incompetence last season at home to Franchise FC. As it happens, we...
  18. Ref Watch .... Gillingham away

    Man in charge on Tuesday is Danny McDermid, ex Army Captain based at Aldershot, but now listed as a Civil Servant. He will be remembered for an abject performance at Leyton Orient three years ago (yes, the one when Ibehre got a late, late equaliser). His first two seasons as a League referee...
  19. Uncle Leo

    Question Use Your Illusion I or Use Your Illusion II?

    Drunken conversation between a mate and I the other day ended up with us arguing the merits of the two Guns N' Roses albums that came out back in 1991. My friend was very much in the 'II' camp (features "You Could Be Mine" and he's a huge fan of "Civil War"), whilst I much prefer 'I' (the better...
  20. pickledseal

    Bobby Robson (RIP) & Liberia: Football's Legacy of hope

    Saw this two page spread in yesterday's Sunday Mirror (can't find anything more than <this>, and found corresponding article on CAFOD website. It doesn't quite explain where all the shirts came from in this article but they were the ones left at St James' park: Liberia: Football's Legacy of...