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  1. Evening Echo

    Southend United's new boys Stephen McLaughlin and Glen Rea are raring to go for Coven

    SOUTHEND United new boys Glen Rea and Stephen McLaughlin are desperate to help the Shrimpers kick start their season at Coventry City tonight. More...
  2. fbm

    The Squad

    It's looking good, we've strengthened by bringing in as permanent signings McLaughlin and Pigott from Championship clubs, a Championship defender (Rea) on a 6 month loan plus O'Neill who is absolute quality, a very experienced striker in Noel Hunt, plus experienced L1 players in Mooney and...
  3. undercovershrimper

    Breaking News Glen Rea signs on 6 month loan

  4. Evening Echo

    Southend United complete loan signing of Brighton & Hove Albion defender Glen Rea

    SOUTHEND United have completed the loan signing of Brighton & Hove Albion defender Glen Rea. More...
  5. Evening Echo

    Southend United manager Phil Brown: We're close to signing Glen Rea on loan from Brig

    SOUTHEND United manager Phil Brown has confirmed he is close to completing a loan move for Brighton & Hove Albion defender Glen Rea. More...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Will Brown pick an all Ireland team or an all Col Ewe team first?

    The signings of Rea and McLaughlin swings this heavily in favour of Ireland, but will it be decisive? Ireland ??? ??? Bolger Rea ??? ??? Deegan Timlin McLaughlin Mooney Hunt Col Ewe ??? White Bolger ??? Coker ??? Wordsworth ??? ??? Mooney ???
  7. Rootshallbloke

    Outdoor smoking

    I've given up smoking so this doesn't apply to me, but it does seem as if something which is legal in this country (whether you like it or not) is going to get another hammering or the next few weeks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33883188 What I do find hypocritical is the amount of...
  8. Greebosan

    Fallout 3

    Got given an Xbox 360 over Christmas, and treated myself to the game of the year edition of this. I played through both the preceding games on PC many moons ago and loved them, and I just started playing Fallout 3, as I now have many more leisure hours on my hands. I think it's brilliant - very...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Doritos Roulette

    Any fans out there? Finally a spicy snack treat that lives up to the claim.
  10. What are you drinking right now?

    Glenlivet Packed the family off to the inlaws for the weekend while I spent about 40 hrs in the office finishing off my draft thesis. Sent the draft off and got home at 11pm to spot a bottle of Glenlivet on the side and a note saying 'you deserve this' Not my favourite malt, and I spent about...
  11. Ref Watch ..... Stevenage A

    Tomorrow we visit a team we've never lost to but we have a referee who we have never got a point with - one of those records will have to go! Man in charge tomorrow is 34-year old, Geoff Eltringham from Sunderland. He is in his sixth season as a League referee and will be refereeing just his...
  12. enfieldblue

    who said romance is dead

    showed mrs e the romantic meal that could be had at Roots Hall on Valentines Day (more to see the look on her face than anything else) sadly she declined BUT BUT I'm taking her for an Italian meal in the evening and mrs e is taking me to see the Accrington game in the afternoon. I love mrs e she...
  13. TrueBlue

    Help young Southend fan Tyler

    A fellow friend and taxi drivers grandson has brain cancer he is only 5 bless him but he is a young blue so if you can spare whatever even if it's only £1 it all helps :) http://www.gofundme.com/jlru6o Here is info written from Tyler's family... I have set this up for my grandson Tyler who...
  14. Evening Echo

    Southend United boss Phil Brown disappointed with Stevenage's treatment of Lee Barnar

    SOUTHEND United boss Phil Brown has slammed Stevenage for their treatment of Lee Barnard after it was confirmed the striker will be out for the next six weeks with an ankle injury. More...
  15. Top of another table

    Whilst Phil Brown and his merry men were treating us to what he presumably thought was another "great advert for League Two football" it is worth noting that there is no ground in the entire Football League and Premiership that has produced less goals in this season's home League matches...
  16. davewebbsbrain

    Ted Smith

    There's a good write up on Ted Smith in the centre pages of The Sun today as part of the Class of 2014. Worth a read
  17. Enough is enough

    Look even for those most optimistic fans they must now accept that we are now in high summer and therefore the fact that we are not 'on site in spring' at FF (as promised by RM before the Hull FA Cap game on national radio) must equate to that all is still not well re FF. May I make a...
  18. Hotman

    MEP Elections

    Coming up soon, and I urge you all to do put aside party politics and do some research on this. I've finished Farage's book, and am looking now to research the claims by the major parties that 'leaving' Europe would severely impact jobs, to ensure I've got a balanced view. Since David Miliband...
  19. Ricey

    Collymore Racist Abuse

    Don't know if anyone has noticed but Sir Stanley is receiving some down right disgusting racist abuse from Liverpool fans after he claimed Suarez dived in their game against Villa. Have we go back to the 80s what is wrong with people? Just because you don't agree with someone opinion doesn't...
  20. Mad Cyril

    Ron Martin's managerial appointments.

    Putting aside they manner in which certain people may/may not have been treated does anyone feel that Ron has been pretty shrewd when appointing new managers?