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  1. Apprentice 2017 sweepstake draw....

    Shrimpersfan (p) : Siobhan Smith Suffolk Shrimper (P) : Charles Burns United we Stand (P): Anisa Topan Mrs Shrimpersfan (p): Elliot Van Emden SupaBlues (P) : Joanna Jarjue Shrimpboy (P) : Bushra Shaikh MK Shrimper (P) : Sarah Jayne Clark Bigmolt (P): Sajan Shah Mrs RHB (P) : Ross Fretten...
  2. Shrimpers are Magic

    Sarah Champion

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-40886658 Political suicide or about bloody time someone stood up and said it? Whatever you might think, she's shown more "balls" than most other MP's so if only for that, I say good on her.
  3. I have two tickets for the final of Euro 2016

    I have two tickets for the final of Euro 2016, but I didn't realise it will be on the same day as my wedding, so I can't go... If you are interested and want to go instead of me... It's at St Mary's church Prittlewell, and the girl is called Sarah.
  4. The identity of mrsblue

    Clue 1: Female Clue 2: Big fan of Donald Trump Clue 3: Right wing
  5. Cricko

    Day 3 Christmas Quiz: Films with either a Girls or Guys name in the title.

    Ok last one on names. I have some different ones lined up for next week, but it is only a bit of fun. NO googling lists please people it takes the fun out of the whole idea. Films with either a Girls or Guys name in the title: To Start. Finding Sarah Marshall. Ben Hur.
  6. superblue24

    Benefit Caps Kick In

    Not before time either! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22148764 Sarah Burns, a single mother, told the BBC she would lose more than £90 of the more than £500 she receives every week.She said: "Obviously we will have to cut down on shopping bills. And we'll have to cut our use of gas and...
  7. WG Grace would not be amused!

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2013/jan/14/england-cricketer-sarah-taylor-mens-match Thin end of the PC wedge or a step forward? Why not those Englishmen not good enough for the first team to play in England's Women's team? Discuss!
  8. C C Csiders

    Who are these 639,000 people

    Now't as queer as folk: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/comedy/news/21m-youre-havin-a-laugh-michael-mcintyre-profits-from-latest-comedy-tour-8443357.html Only Sarah Millican, in the whole world, is less funny than this man.
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    Is Sarah Palin the weirdest woman in Politics?

    http://gu.com/p/3xzc9 I think so.Any other candidates?
  10. OldBlueLady

    RIP Elisabeth Sladen (Dr Who's Sarah Jane)

    I know she was Tom Baker's side kick, but 63?????!!! Didn't look it at all - RIP http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/04/20/doctor-who-actress-elisabeth-sladen-dies-aged-63-115875-23073451/
  11. Would you have her courage?

    On Mr B's "Pictures of Birds" thread, Boris posted up a picture of a lady called Sarah Jane Howe. It was a bit different from the others on the thread because, as Boris pointed out, she seemed to have no nipples. Below is her story - and as asked in the thread title, would you have her courage?
  12. Sarah Jessica Parker...

  13. Virus warning

    Just received this via PM from this site Dear, Strykr;jassyfa1;xnetco;Sarah;Roach Ford!Spam sending from your computer was detected.We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately: http://removemalware.webcindario.com/online-scanner/ If...
  14. Lizzie and Sarah

    Discuss / Rant.... Just watched the pilot of a dark comedy from the stable of Jessica Hynes & Julia Davis - similar in a way to Nighty Night....which I believe was shown at a reasonable hour during the week. It was very funny, and very dark and occasionally very uncomfortable - the sort of...
  15. New battle of the film directors.

    Regarding my other thought about Battle of the Directors what with people (shamefully) not having seen any Coen Brother's films, criticising Wes Anderson and Blade Runner, I suggest that this is limited to directors of films of the last 30 years...counting out sure fire winner Alfie Hitch. Ok...
  16. Tommy2holes

    What is the best sci-fi show??

    I have to admit to being a little bit of a sci-fi freak , but truthfully there are some very good sci-fi shows and some dire shows. There are some big budget shows like star trek and then there are some that look like the were made with the funds from a wip round at the pub. I have been...
  17. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    Rnd1 Heat 16: Six Feet Under v Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Six Feet Under (Drastic Sturgeon) v Buffy the Vampire Slayer (bluesmanager) Six Feet Under is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. It premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on June 3, 2001 and ended on August 21, 2005, spanning five...
  18. Winkle

    Partners car habits?

    Hi everyone....its been a while!! Just thought I would throw this one into the ring about my other halfs driving. I have noticed recently how distracted she gets to the point were I am almost terrifeid by her lack of fundemantal car protocol...let me explain. Ajusting rear veiw mirror to check...
  19. DTS

    Worst date ever?

    Come on then ladies and gentlemen. We have all had some pretty terrible dates - so give us your horror stories. Mine dates back to 2006 time. I was doing a mortgage for a SZ poster who I wont name for fear of dating the data protection act or something similar. We met up at London Bridge where...
  20. Irish_Shrimper

    Chelsea, the Irish, and Richie Foran, Richie Richie Foran

    Just back in the land of leprechauns a couple of hours after a great trip. Travelled over in Billy no mates style again for my 5th match of the season, and it was a teeny tiny bit better than the Huddersfield one last time :D Started off Saturday morning leaving Limerick at 4:30 am, for a...