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  1. TrueBlue

    Millwall - not such a money spinner

    Spoke to the club earlier and it looks like the Millwall game will be a Category C game which means SUFC are going to have to shell out Thousands... yes THOUSHANDS of pounds to pay for policing - to top it off Millwall are going to want their share of the gate money (as per cup rules) just shame...
  2. Massimo Giovanni

    Where are today's heroes?

    In the "good old days" we had the likes of Peter Butler, Paul Clark, Dave Martin, Super Roy, Andy Ansah, Ricki Otto, Spinner, Chris Powell etc etc. These players had different styles and skills BUT what they had in common was entertainment and commitment with a noticeable presence where/when it...
  3. superblue24

    The Ashes 2013

    Sooooo, anyone care to speculate on the biggest sporting event of the year? England massive favorites on Betfair. I wonder if it will play that way.....Maybe I (along with others) am being paranoid what with it being Australia. You never know what they'll produce. Michael Clarkes form has...
  4. Hawkwell Blue

    Spencer Prior

    Sitting on Manly Beach in Sydney having a coffee this morning and who should stroll by but Spencer Prior. Had a chat about our plight of which he was well aware and he looked like he could still do a job for us. Top bloke!
  5. Napster

    Drama of last few games a historical perspective

    How many seasons have been decided on the last few games of the season and/or also decided on other teams for our place for the following season? In 1931/2, we had our best ever season to date, with 2 games left we were 3 points below Reading and Fulham. That week, Southend beat Torquay, but...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Christmas Carols with the words replaced by Southend players

    In the style of teletext Alex to be sung with gusto Harkness Harrold Angell Ling Boere Lee* Newman King Easton Worth(ington) Mohsni Mild(enhall) Bodley Spinner Marek Szmid Goy Fell Hall Lee** Nelson [Rise] Jones Ron Humphreys N'Diayes*** Smith Lee# Angell Hick Cost(ello) D'Sane Christophe...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    West Indies v Pakistan

    Really interesting series this as they should be two evenly matched (ie flawed) sides, but both are teams who look as if they finally may be ready to start making some progress now the WIndies have dropped that waster Gayle and Pakistan have purged most of the match-fixers. I think Pakistan may...
  8. OD - Match 3

    the_yak_pack v BATTY SHRIMPERS BOT bashing today, so we could be top at 5.00. PFL's getting there, so we should be fully fit before Sunday's Cup game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Queens Park CC v DIBS DIPPERS Top-of-the-table...
  9. palexander

    Sturrock on Aldershot

    (Can we have a "Blues Player" type prefix?) :) Key points from PS interview today... * Wolves good draw, money spinner and exciting for club and players. Should keep players on their toes before that game. * Aldershot will be very tough - considering played ET Tuesday. May make changes to...
  10. Which is your favourite Ron blog?

    I honestly hope someone at the club is going to collate of Ron's blogs and publish them as I think they could be a real money-spinner.
  11. steveo


    Looking at the strange names posts, I couldn't remember seeing a nickname threads. Im sure there are a few strange ones, complete with explanations. When Ian Wright was on Talksport, he always referred to Dave seaman as "Goalie" which was fairly obvious, and Keown as Rash, as he was all over...
  12. Benfleet A1

    Kids Just Don't Know Their Born

    While having a wonder around the shop today it suddenly struck me just how little kids know of the real world and what they are missing out on. It started when my missus mentioned our niece and how it must cost her mum a fortune so she can wear all the clobber and make-up yet she hasn't two...
  13. J

    Are we a victim of the quality of football?

    I'm struggling to see how we are a worse team than won this league. Are we a victim of the change in the quality of football? Can anybody really say that Jupp was better than Francis? Spinner was better than Mvoto? Wilson better than Malone? How about midfield - granted, Gower wasn't too shabby...
  14. number11

    England Tour of Bangladesh

    I see Strauss has been rested, which I don't agree with, but am shocked that they have not asked Ravi to go to have another look at him, and that RAshid has been dropped to make way for Tredwell. Surely Bangladesh is an ideal place to try out the young leg spinner rather then take a middling...
  15. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Quarter Finals - Kevin Maher vs Spencer Prior

    Vote for who you want to win in the next 24 hours. Kevin Maher (Supported by the great manor15 King Kev won group A with 75 votes before beating Ron Pountney 35-32. After beginning his career with Tottenham Hotspur, Maher moved to Southend United on a free transfer on 23 January 1998. He...
  16. OldBlueLady

    Lead article on back page re planned protest

    So Chris Phillips leads with another impressive piece about "Furious Fans Plan Protest", coupled with some very eloquent letters from supporters (recognise a few names from on here :whistling:). Come on, time people gave him some credit - he's listening to us here and making sure the Club know...
  17. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Last 16 - Spencer Prior vs Paul Clark

    Vote for who you want to win. Voting will close when the poll closes. Spencer Prior (Drastic Sturgeon helped Spinner to secure 40 votes as runner up of Goup G. The 6"3' centre back joined the Blues professionally at the age of 18 in 1989 and went on to make 135 appearances for The Blues in his...
  18. number11

    If they could play for England so could I....

    I'm sure this has been done before, but following on from the best XI's in the ashes thread it could be thinking what utter dross I have had to witness whilst watching England over the past 20 years of my cricket watching. Off top of my head, here is a team to send shivers down my spine.... 1...
  19. steveo

    Stick Cricket

    Does anyone actually win? Ive played at least a million times and as soon as i look like winning,the spinner bloke gets a hat trick. I also find using my machine at work I can score in the 300's but at home its a lot more difficult. Home machine is a better spec. Does the game change according...
  20. CC51DAS

    Do we expect too much from Tilly and Brush ?

    Some say that they got lucky with Freddy and without his goals we would have acheived nothing. Clearly an over-simplification as without the influence of Spinner and the Goat , plus King Kev and Flavs at the top of their game, we could still be languishing in League Two. Instead, T+B have...