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  1. Breaking News Sainsbury indicate they are 'to pull out' of developing Bristol Rovers' ground.

    Not sure if anybody has seen this but it seems Sainsbury could be using a council ruling that the club feels would likely be overturned (if appealed) as an excuse to pull out of developing the existing ground and putting paid to their new one...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Tesco superstore on former B&Q site - a big no-no

    According to the front of Southend's Echo (as shown on FB), plans for a new Tesco in Southend are now not going ahead. Wonder if that might affect Sainsbury's need to get their store built? In all seriousness, I don't think it will, I firmly believe they are in too deep now to pull the plug...
  3. TrueBlue

    The Mario story so far.....

    £10,000 in parking fines. Car has been impounded 27 times. £300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team. Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside the casino. Threw tomatoes at a Serie A manager. Threw Water Balloons at a Serie A disciplinary hearing. Started a fight with 4...
  4. Costco

    Has anyone used or is a member of the above superstore? As I'm planning a party for my little girl, I'm wondering if I can buy BBQ stuff and salady stuff in bulk? As the membership is £25 seems a bit pricey to use it once.
  5. Unfulfilled promises

    So at the Q&A session that was arranged near the end of last season to deal with fans' anxieties about the state of OUR club, we were told that in the summer Tilly would get an assistant manager who would be popular with the fans and that work would also start at Fossetts Farm - also in the...
  6. Smiffy

    The Financial Situation Explained (Sort of!)

    Found this on a Grimsby forum HERE. Quite why it is on there I don't know, but details the mess we are in, quite well I feel. Ammendments in red. Feel free to suggest anything you feel is incorrect or needs adding. I will then edit this list, so it's all in one place. 1] Sainsburys...
  7. Tommy2holes

    If southend ceased to exist

    If southend ceased to exist : Where would that leave roots hall? Would sainsburys and Ron just be able to build the new superstore or are there clauses in place when they applied that this cant happen? How would we go around re-grouping and reforming and what sort of level could we...
  8. fbm

    Are we that surprised really?

    My first post for a while, have been lurking and reading with interest. Is this the worst state the club has ever been in? Well, I remember the dark days of the 1980's when we were hours from extinction. It was different. I can't remember if it was worse, but it was different. The only...
  9. The Maharajah of Hockley

    Echo: Land sale hitch in football club stadium dream

    Probably posted somewhere else, but meh: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/local_news/southend/4459509.Land_sale_hitch_in_football_club_stadium_dream/?ref=rss
  10. Davros

    Chocolate poll..

    Following on from CSJ's post, which classic Cadbury chocolate bar is the best!
  11. * ORM *

    Tesco - taking the P!ss surely

    Not content with having a superstore that has only just been extensively refurbished and extended they are now builing a Tesco metro no more than about 1-1/2 miles away along the Rayleigh Road near Progress Road (the former Esso garage). How the bloody hell did they get planning permission for...
  12. J

    Maybe An Idea?

    The club shop , as we all know, is rather shocking. But, and i really mean this, why don't we re-open another club shop in the town? Perhaps you won't find this as a silly idea, but a club shop in the town, now we are back to a successful era, could be a good idea. I don't mean a...
  13. Smiffy

    New Ground

    So people if you had the opportunity to design this new state of the art ground for us how would you go about it? Personally, I would like it to be around the 15000 capacity mark with the ability to increase if need be, for starters. I would like one end behind the goal to be terracing if at...
  14. New stadium

    If as SUFC are proposing, a new stadium is on the way, how will a development company such as our landlords are, justify if as sound business. No doubt the current Roots Hall stadium will realise a very tidy return in terms of being sold as prime development land, even though its existing...
  15. Is the New Ground Definate?

    After what has happen in the past week or so i can't help but think that the issue of the new ground is not a done deal because of b&q's go ahead to build their new superstore. The reason i make this judgement is, why else would mr Martin not be willing to speculate to accumulate...

    TAKEN FROM BBC DIV 3 WEBSITE Southend get ground boost Southend United's plans for a new ground have moved a step closer with the go ahead given for a major development to the east of the town. Lansbury Retail has been given the green light, following a public inquiry, reports BBC Essex...