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  1. londonblue

    Upside Down Video

    I bought a new Olympus video camera before I went on holiday. It's a pretty good one as it is waterproof down to 30m so that I can use it when SCUBA diving also. I practised using it on holiday in the pool, taking underwater video of my kids swimming and generally messing around in the water...
  2. Fair play and thanks

    Didn't seem appropriate to jump on the other thread (now closed) but given I occasionally post on here only fair I come out of hiding and say fair play on both results in the Derby this season (unfortunately likely to be the last for a while I suspect) My main reason for posting though is to...
  3. DoDTS

    PL Table No.12 TABLES NOW UP for Easter Monday

    POINTS.....................POINTS..................... POINTS With four very predictable results by the formbook there were plenty of points obtained today. Honours to B1ueb0y in getting six correct results, while six others got five out of six. With this amount of points at this late stage the...
  4. How to spend $100,000

    A 33-year-old man has spent five years and $100,000 in an effort to look like his hero - teenage pop idol Justin Bieber Toby Sheldon is a songwriter from Los Angeles who has used Bieber's youthful features as the inspiration for numerous surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and...
  5. southend4ever

    Advice Please

    I view a house. I like it. The landlord is lovely. Another couple view the house. They like it. The rent is organised through a management agency/company. Both couples go to the office to sign the contracts. The landlord decides who gets the contract. Landlord chooses me. Great. Rent for 1...
  6. Ayrshire Blue

    Forum upside down

    The last post on the thread has gone to the top. Is this going to be the norm from now on?
  7. League 2 - what RM always wanted ?

    I have always thought that RM had an upside to relegation in mind - an upside for him that is - now that he has successfully stripped out the squad and undermned Tilson in every way possible its feasible our local property developer might have always had a vision of reducing his liability...
  8. Dave of the Match

    Great chant today

    The football league! THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE! Is upside down! IS UPSIDE DOWN! The football league is upside down, We're going up with the Stockport The football league is upside down (Same tune as "Oh when the Blues go marching in") Fantastic.
  9. A View from the Dark Side ......

    the situation now is exactly what Ron Martin wants and always has wanted - When he bought SUFC we were League 2 and going no-where and he had no intention of changing that - after all he appointed a youth team coach who had no previous experience to manage the club - Unfortunately for him...
  10. MrB

    FC - Match 3

    Zanarkand Abes v ShrimperZone CC Always an unusual game. Zanarkand are massively batting heavy and he sets his team up to draw all his games. Though his pitch is now uneven rather than flat. Cloudy in Kent today, sunny tomorrow so a big toss to win. Only upside is that McCloud is on fresh...
  11. ldnfatso

    Only a man would attempt this!

    Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife... A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this to a forum: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest... The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was...
  12. MrB

    Woman to marry fairground ride

    WTF? Fairground Having said that, maybe she says the upside of an 80ft phallic object that's ribbed for pleasure.....
  13. pringlejon

    The Apprentice

    I saw this a while ago and thought this could work quite well so i tried it myself. What's wrong with this face...turn your head upside down.
  14. The chat.

    Last week it fell upon me to have THE CHAT with my 10 year old son as his mother found hair on his balls the obv sign that he was ready for THE CHAT.So did i take him aside or out for a drive or down the pub for a beer nah did it over dinner,kids wetting themselfs,4 yr old now loves the word...
  15. ldnfatso

    Chicago Maths Test

    Mayor Daley and Chicago School CEO Arne Duncan recently announced a new CPS testing plan. It is designed so that schools may teach practical maths that current CPS students may use in real-world situations. NAME____________________ GANG/CREW NAME______________ CRIB_________________...
  16. fatshrimp

    Question Insurance advice

    About 6-8 weeks ago I claimed on my home contents insurance for a replacement for my Wife's lost watch. She was convinced she lost it outside, but we turned the house upside down anyway and couldn't find it anywhere. I paid the excess and the insurance company replaced it without any fuss...
  17. Southend v Chelsea on the spreads

    Sporting Index have marked up Chelsea supremacy as 2.3-2.5 i.e. you can buy Chelsea supremacy at 2.5 or sell at 2.3. e.g. if you buy Chelsea supremacy at £200 a goal and Chelsea win 4-0 you win £300 if it is a 0-0 draw you lose £500. So would you be a buyer or a seller? Much as I dream of a...
  18. Lord Football

    Over Zealous Parking Attendant

    Had a day off today to do some Xmas shopping. Packed Mrs LF in to the car and drove the very short distance to town. Parked up nicely, put her blue badges up and tottered off to buy a few bits. Came back an hour later and there was a one of those nice yellow presents that Parking Attendant's...
  19. davewebbsbrain

    Hole in the Wall

    On BBC1 now..biggest load of trash I have ever seen!!! Celebrities dressed in spandex have to make the shape of a hole in a wall coming towards them to avoid being pushed into the water..what tripe. On the upside..Harry Hill's TV Burp is ITV in an hour or so...Chippy Chips anyone!!
  20. Aberdeen Shrimper

    David Blaine Risks Death Once Again

    David Blaine is trying to get himself hurt once again for the pleasure of the crowds. The bonkers stuntman and showman started his 60-hour ordeal hanged upside down over New York's Central Park. Although it may not seem much compared with his previous stunts, it may well be the hardest one ever...