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  1. Official Match Thread Stockport County v Southend United

    Team is Morris, Clohessy, Barker, Coughlan, Hall, Stevens, Woodyard, Grant, Sturrock, Crawford, Soares Bench: Rhys Evans, Kyle Asante, George Smith, Teddy Nesbitt, Adam Bouzid, Barry Corr - 6/7 subs.:thumbdown: Stockport Team Starting XI: Glennon, Lynch, Brown, Rose, Griffin, Wallace...
  2. Tangled up in Blue

    Cable defends coallition against the CBI

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/share/370977465 So who's right-Vince or the CBI?
  3. Who would win in a fight...

    Between Vince Cable and Rupert Murdoch?
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    Vince Cable

  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Possible coalition split on immigration?

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/aug/27/immigration-vince-cable-growth Interesting article.I saw a statistic in a Guardian article the other day which caught my eye.Apparently for each UK citizen working in another EU country(like me)there are four EU citizens working in the UK.
  6. Shrimper

    Official Match Thread Southend vs Stockport

    So. Little over an hour until the new season starts. Will be interesting to see the line-up; Stockport's is tipped as follows; fon Williams, Lynch, Swailes, Assoumani, Williams, Vincent, Turnbull, Tansey, Griffin, Conlon, Donnelly. Come on you Blues!
  7. What will Moussa and O'Keefe do ?

    Im really on the edge of my seat on what Frank Moussa will do ! Last season I thought him and Grant were a good combination in midfield and though Moussa played best on the LM. With McCormack & Francis going to Charlton do you think Moussa will join them or will Sturrock convince him to stay...
  8. Simon Francis

    I have a feeling that Ron and the new manager are going to convince him to stay. I get the impression that of all the big earners he is the only one Ron is willing to keep. Think you will find that the same effort wasn't made to keep Barrett & Macca but then again can you blame him the way they...
  9. Matt the Shrimp

    Prediction Time

    So, folks, what are your predictions for how things will look on May 7th? You don't necessarily need to go into all the detail I've gone into below; you can just come up with a basic summary and/or choose the option in the poll which you think most closely reflects how you think it will go...
  10. CC51DAS

    Winding up hearing

    Here we go : Let's hope Ronnie Martini 's got the dosh Companies Court Winding Up List Wednesday 14th April 2010 It is emphasised that the following list is provisional and subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the...
  11. Why not to vote for these fence sitters

    "Liberal Democrats believe everyone deserves help as soon as they lose their job to find another one. We want to completely change the way Jobcentres help people find work; when people go into a Jobcentre they will be able to talk about what help they need to get back into work and Jobcentres...
  12. The 20 most outrageous owners

    In the new Sky Sports magazine, Something we are doing well in... 1. Kim Jong il 2. ANTON JOHNSON 3. Bernard Tapie 4. Vince McMahon 5. Russell Crowe 6. Bill Veeck 7. Silvio Berlusconi 8. Marge Schott 9. George SteinBrenner 10. John Manners 11. Flavio Briatore 12. Ken Richardson 13. Terry Smith...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Battle of the Chancellors

    Did anyone watch this last night? There is something instantly dislikable about George Osborne who did himself and the Conservatives no favours by being so rude/dismissive to Vince Cable.
  14. Mad Cyril

    Synth Britania

    Interesting program on BBC4 tonight with a bit of local interest from local bands Depeche Mode and Yazoo and contributions from Vince Clarke........ Synth Britania
  15. Anton Johnson

    Flicking through the latest Sky Sports magazine, there is an article listing "The 20 Most Outrageous Owners In Sport". At number 2!! Beating the likes of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Jesus Gil, Vladimir Romanov of Hearts and Silvio Berlusconi is the Blues former Chairman Anton Johnson, beaten...
  16. Slipperduke

    Time For Chelsea To Grow Up

    WHAT’S GONE WRONG AT CHELSEA? For six years, Chelsea have been a relentless winning machine, but that arrogant sense of superiority has faded away. In its place is hesitancy, vulnerability and a worrying inability to dictate the flow of games. Chelsea are dropping points so frequently that...
  17. Slipperduke

    Eastbourne, the worst town ever.

    Eastbourne is the worst town in England. It may even be the worst town in the world. It's a real hellhole. A grotty, stinking crap-tropolis. If Eastbourne was a person, it would be a fat racist in a ****-stained tracksuit. If it was an animal it would be a really big, really persistent wasp that...
  18. Slipperduke

    No Blind Spot, Wenger's Just Too Loyal

    Much will be written in the coming days about Arsene Wenger and his perceived ‘blind spot’ for goalkeepers. It is the death knell for thousands of trees, all doomed to slaughter just so that we can be told that one of the finest managers in the history of the Premier League cannot even recognise...
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    R2 - Kaley Cuoco v Danielle Lloyd

    2 strong victories in R1 saw these two through, although Danielle had the tougher of the two ties up against Lauren Laverne. Knowing DtS, he's kept some convincing arguments back for the later stages, can Mr Gilbo and his girl convince SZ otherwise?
  20. Lester Bangs

    Turning the corner.

    Just been looking at the 'who will play against Tranmere' thread and with the options available to Sir Tilly we really do have quite a decent side on paper assuming all are fit and ready for action. Now, for the first time in a while, I think we have the potential to ride out the storm and...