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  1. Blues Ladies

    Swansea Away Roll Call

    Who Is Going To The Swansea Match This Weekend? I Assume The Blue Voice Shall Be In Action?
  2. Smiffy

    Season Card Transfer...

    I've just spoken with a supporter who has transferred his season ticket to The Blue Voice area of the West Stand (block V & W) so if any of you do want to transfer, get in touch with the ticket office and they will be happy to assist you in your transfer. Come on guys this is great news, get...
  3. mattytheshrimper

    West stand (The blue voice section)

    first time in the west for some 3 years or so. brought back a lot of good memories. felt completely different to the south upper, for example those bloody posts and the view not exactly the best. But standing at the back and everyone being in high spirits was just great. was very happy to see a...
  4. Blue Voice Tonight

    Due to work commitments I've gotta leave it pretty late to make a decision on whether to go tonight. I've left it too late to get my usual season ticket seat so which Blocks will the Blue Voice be sitting in tonight?
  5. CC51DAS

    Atmosphere at Roots Hall - Part Two

    I am not on here to have a go at anyone , but I thought that the atmosphere was pretty cack again yesterday . From where I sit in the SSU I could here more noise from the relatively small band of away fans than anywhere else - Only twice could I hear the Blue Voice Brigade . Maybe it was to do...
  6. Murkey_Mouse

    Southend Vs Huddersfield: Official Team new

    From: www.southendunited.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~1184098,00.html Team will play agasint Huddersfield are: Collis Hunt P. Clarke Barrett Hammell McCormack Maher Bailey Gower Morgan L. Clarke Sub: Flahaven, Francis, Richard, Moussa & MacDonald (Pleased with our strike...
  7. ShrimplyTheBest

    The Adam Barrett Hokey Cokey

    The hokey cokey was ringing out at Kenilworth Road last week... all great fun but how about we adapt it for the legend that is Adam Barrett. With the formation of the blue voice its about time individual players had there own songs instead of theres only one ......... .............. We should...
  8. Song for the terraces if it all goes wrong

    Expanded the lyrics from my last post, yes i must be bored. Im not a harrold fan myself, but i dont mean to be a critic, its just a bit of fun. Don't blame it on the Flahavan, dont blame it on the Foran, dont blame it on the zoltan, blame it on the Harrold. Don't blame it on the Tommy Black...
  9. SUFC_Al

    For The Benefit of True Blue, it's Metal Monday (Pt.4)

    Again a request this week, this time from my brother, BrettieAngell. This band hails from Los Angeles and were formed in 1990. Taking influences from a wide-range of metal genres, they have a very unique sound and style almost of their own. With their tight riff/bass drum rhythm's and the...
  10. RobM

    Sulphur hexafluoride

    Great stuff! Six times heavier than air, non-toxic gas so dense you can float an aluminium foil boat on it and pour it from one container to another! Oh and opposite to the effect of helium, it makes your voice go really deep! :cool:
  11. EnglandShrimper

    Luton, Huddersfield and Swindon

    I can see us seriously taking 3 points off each of these teams. Leon Clarke will be back, we have a pretty decent home record and with the Blue Voice in attendance there should be a great atmosphere. Come on you Shrimpers!!
  12. Smiffy

    The Blue Voice Day - 1st January 2008 (Bristol Rovers@Home)

    Guys and Gals, After concluding our meeting with S.U.F.C this evening, we have some exciting news to announce.. Our home game against Bristol Rovers, on Tues 1st January 2008, will be made the official "Blue Voice Day".. The club have agreed to provide us with a dedicated enclosure of...
  13. Ron Manager

    Lucky Gherkin Ultra's

    Lucky Gherkin Ultras After the lucky gherkin managed to pull back a two goal deficit yesterday (it was consumed at half time when we were two-nil down and inspired the comeback) a new supporters group has been founded. So instead of being part of One True Voice sign up for the Lucky Gherkin...
  14. JoshC

    Blue Voice??

    dont mean to be a moaner or anything but i didn't hear much from the blue voice or see any flags on sticks from the other side of the west, i realise it will take time but i was just wondering what happened to the loads of people being up for it. South west upper were great today
  15. Tilly hates yellow boots

    Blue Voice Myspace

    www.myspace.com/thebluevoice Enjoy
  16. Smiffy

    *Official Blue Voice Logo*

    A few tweaks still to be made, but it's almost there.. Come on people this is the last rallying call of the week.. We need every single one of you bringing balloons, flags, scarves and confetti tomorrow, we need to make a big impression on the club and the entire stadium. The local...
  17. DTS

    South Upper - Blue Voice call.

    Right fellow people in the South Upper. I am calling upon each and everyone of you to make some noise. I am ****ed if we are going to be outsung by the west. Near me I have a lot of people on Shrimperzone and I am calling upon you all to join me. Lets prove we are capable of making some noise...
  18. Jam_Man

    Todays Echo - "One Blue Voice"

    Back page's stroy is about the Blue voice campaign on here. Well done chaps, way to go to to get the scheme publicised, very impressive. Goes to show how having a media friendly name helps too.
  19. MrB

    Another train annoyance....

    This week has seen a succession of quiet journeys until one arrives at Benfleet and a mass of idiots board, pull the strings on their backs and don't stop jabbering until they get off. Anyway, I've noticed an alarming trend developing. After projecting their voice as loudly as possible around...
  20. Oxford Away Blue Voice Tickets

    Just heard from the club that Oxford away is reserved seating and the club have put tickets for 2 blocks to one side for Blue Voice singers to gather together. When you buy tickets you must state you want them in the Blue Voice section. PLEASE SUPPORT US IN THIS VENTURE Ken