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  1. OldBlueLady

    SUFC v SOSEMTCC - 26th July

    Southend United will again be playing one night of T20 cricket against Southend Cricket Club at Southchurch Park. Bar, hopefully a BBQ, raffle - take your chairs or blankets and a picnic if you wish, and enjoy a nice relaxed evening watching the cricket. I am hearing there may well be the...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Goal of the Season

    With the end of season awards coming up, we need to think about our best goal, and I always have difficulty remembering the best ones. I had a bit of a trawl through, and there's Simon Cox's 2nd goal at home to AFC Wimbledon, Woody and Fortuné both scored a lovely one away at Peterborough, and...
  3. David Mooney

    As Mooney nears fitness after a long injury , just a few pro-comments before the expected "not good enough" brigade kick in. Yes , with the strikers we have all looking sharp and all bringing something a bit different , it will be very difficult for Mooney to find a way back and I expect that...
  4. Boring stat of the day..

    Teams are going to hate playing us after winning their last 5 in a row! Just realised we have recently ended such winning streaks for Fleetwood (1-1 away) Rochdale (2-1 at home) and Oxford (0-2 away). All had won their previous 5. I wish I could say I was bored at work but I've actually got far...
  5. southend4ever

    Popularity Contest

    This board has been running for years, as we know by the sheer fact that Napster continues to dig posts out from almost before Fossetts Farm ever first got mentioned. In that time some users have clocked up a wealth of posts. In my opinion, they have all added plenty of value over the years for...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Frank Lampard

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/feb/02/frank-lampard-retirement-football Has announced his retirement.Great player in his prime.I wish him well.
  7. Bentley

    Watched the Brentford game this evening Bentley had so little to do he could have read a news paper during the match When called in to action he did what he had to do .Just wondering if a fee for him has finaly been settled .Wish him well for thye rest of the season .
  8. RHB

    Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test

    I came across this on the BBC news webpage. Any of you Kodi users out there may wish to be aware if you are not already. It appears that the legal interest is in the various add-ons inside the boxes. Not that any of us have watched anything illegally on our desktop versions obviously...
  9. RHB

    Juncker proposes EU military headquarters

    I've never made any secret of my wish for the UK to remain in the EU, but reading this does make me think we might be better off out of it. What's the point of NATO if something like this happens. A move towards a united European State may be a step nearer...
  10. Cricko

    Zone Update It's that time again folks..sorry and all that

    It's always best to ask people for help when the club is playing syhte...said nobody ever, until now. I was late last year so apologies for that... I am getting in early now before the thoughts of *****mas and kids get locked into you all. As I am sure you are all aware by now this site is...
  11. Hi

    I am not sure that I merit a place in this community as I am no longer a “real” Southend United supporter. I started supporting Southend when my father took me to see Southend v Southampton in the old 3rd Division South. This would have been in the 1956/57 season My father had previously taken...
  12. Ricey

    Great Wakering Rovers vs Southend United

    Seeing as there has been no posts on this and it kicks off in a couple of hours. Thought I would start up a thread. Who is going? I wish I could go was always a good friendly when I went a really nice friendly club and glad there will be a decent team out our as opposed to last years.
  13. The quality that are going

    PB might find it hard to fill the boots of those that are leaving. Players move around all the time, but loose Worrel,Payne and Bentley, arguably the three best players we have is a blow. Timlin is what 31, 32, has he still got the legs that makes him the player he was, maybe. I wish PB luck in...
  14. Evening Echo

    The exit door discussion...

    SOUTHEND United manager Phil Brown will today hold talks with every single member of his squad as he starts to prepare for next season. More...

    James Staines Memorial Bench for Roadside.Can you Donate please 10th Year Anniversary

    James Staines Memorial Bench.1990-2006 RIP We are trying with his friends to erect a Bench For his 10th year anniversary at the Roadside where we lay flowers by the tree every year down Royal Artillery Way,Southend Essex. This was where he had his fatal crash on his Scooter. All the signs that...
  16. Question next season

    I realise its pretty early to speculate as we are still an outside chance of featuring in the playoffs, but i for one dont believe we will dropping 5 points out of 6 at home to two lower teams ,says to me that the squad have been over performing,anyway my question is what do you people believe...
  17. yogi bear up the cagire

    Political censorship and control on facebook?

    Looks as though a post I attempted to put up concerning my right to a voice in the forthcoming referendum has been prevented from being viewed. I got a notice this morning, stating that it had been submitted for approval by an admin; since then, nothing at all. It apears you can swear as...
  18. Players You Wished had left the club

    In light of the last couple of days with some players declaring that they want out of the club, I thought it might be a bit of fun to discuss the players that we wish had left the club but who for whatever reason either outstayed their welcome or were given contract extensions. I'll start...
  19. C C Csiders

    TV presenters you would wish to wake up next to

    After the gets up your nose how about those you would like to get up elsewhere. For starters: Kirsty Young Carole Kirkwood Penny Smith
  20. Chalky

    Merry Christmas

    Just want to wish every single Shrimper a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, happy, prosperous new year. Also, lets end the year of with a win over the Col U! So kudos to the travelling fans on boxing day, perfect way to send of 2015 with a hammering over Col u. Cant wait, enjoy the day...