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  1. RHB

    Phil on tonight's game

    There's a big back page article from Phil in the Echo today on tonight's match. Obviously he gives time to the fact that the wives of Michael Timlin and Anton Ferdinand are about to give birth and he then talks about the impact of that, but the bit that made me smile was: "We will look at the...
  2. Ricey

    Wedding Anniversary gifts? (1st)

    My first wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I have no idea what to get the wife. I know the 1st year is meant to be paper but I have no idea what to get. I have thought about concert or theatre tickets but the people she wants to see aren't till a while next year and she is...
  3. C C Csiders

    Hideous Christmas presents

    Just queued in HMV for some vouchers and the woman in front of me in the queue had bought two CDs guaranteed to ruin any Christmas; especially for the poor sod who is going to be on the receiving end of: Military Wives and Joanthan & Charlotte.
  4. OldBlueLady

    Trust Quiz Night - Yorkshire Blue

    I know there is a Trust forum, but I just wanted to put this out in one of the more popular forums and say a massive thank you to Yorkshire Blue for still turning up to the Trust Quiz last night despite his team cancelling fairly late. I think (though I may be wrong) that he was the only Zoner...
  5. DTS

    Gift ideas for the wives birthday.

    Lads, Sure you all know the score. Basically its the wifes birthday coming up. Its a time I dread as I never have the slightest clue what to get her. I dont know what perfume she wears, I dont know what jewellery she likes - Terrible I know. So I am turning to you all - my fellow shrimpers...
  6. DTS

    How did you meet your loved one?

    I am always amazed about how some people meet there partners. I was out with the lads today and there wives and kids etc and almost all our friends met there partners via work or friends. Personally I met my Mrs on the train. I had been out drinking around London Bridge and it was about 11...
  7. DTS

    Contact with Ex Lovers?

    Afternoon Chaps, Spent last weekend on a stag do. The wedding is this Friday and I shall be best man. On the stag we went boating in Oxford for the weekend which was pretty decent in fairness. As my mate is a 2nd time married he had wanted a quiter type event. There were 9 stags including us...
  8. DTS

    Tax dosent have to be taxing??? Help ???

    Evenning, Time for my annual **** I have only got 3 days left to do my tax return post. Not even started mine yet I am too busy trying to do the wives. She carried forward a loss of £1253 from last year. This year on paper after the 10% furnished relief she lost approx £500 from the rental...
  9. RIP Malcolm Allison

    Has died, aged 83. For me, he's like football was in the 70's and 80's, none of this primadonna Premier League bullcrap. Reminds me of The Big Match on Sunday lunchtimes and Jimmy Hill. When Man City were a club I had a real soft spot for rather than a uber-rich Sheikh's plaything that they are...
  10. jamesmut2000

    Captains Blog

    EAST ON.... I felt we deserved something out of the Northampton game. We went 1-0 up and then you want to see it out to get the three points but the goals we lost we weren’t happy with. * We probably deserved more but we have got to be more ruthless and more professional in the way we finish...
  11. DTS

    Should there be a Miss SZ competition.

    In light of recent revelations discovered by myself and The War Chest at Southampton I think its about time we had a Miss SZ competition. Basic format is its open to all female poster and posters wives/bit of stuff. Winner gets a night with Cricko. To keep the Older Bluer part of the board...
  12. One for Rusty - You Know You Are A Taliban If:

    1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer. 2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes. 3. You have more wives than teeth. 4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean." 5. You think vests...
  13. southend4ever

    John Terry Entourage of Jokes

    Enjoy! JT has signed up to star in a new TV show. It's called Other Footballers' Wives. Ashley Cole was caught doing 104mph in a 50mph zone. When questioned by police as to why he was speeding, he said: "l've just heard JT is parked outside my house!" England manager Fabio Capello...
  14. Slipperduke

    Cut Terry Some Slack

    I still can't believe it's true. I still can't accept that the captain of Chelsea, nay, the captain of England, could ever act in this way. What would Bobby Moore say? He'd be shocked and rightly so. What kind of man cheats on his wife with Alicia Douvall? It's one thing to bonk your way...
  15. DTS

    Question For the clever accountant types.

    Right, Can someone help me - Its tax return time and as usual I have left it to the last minutes despite me doing the wives in November last year. 1) In the 2008-2009 tax year I was employed so am I right in thinking that my employer would have paid all my tax due on my behalf (They were a big...
  16. chadded

    Macca's Birthday Present from OBL

    What do we think she has got him for his 26th Birthday on Saturday? I'm thinking a photoshoot of herself straight from the pages of Readers Wives, just to let him see what he is missing.
  17. Pak Power

    Crewe Wag to enter CBB

    Nothing to do with SUFC I Know, but I thought the picture looked good, and the programme might now be worth watching ! Any of our players got wives/girlfriends like this ? link http://bullsnews.blogspot.com/2010/01/crewe-wag-to-enter-big-brother.html
  18. Thorpe Groyney

    Celebrations? **** Off

    It's Roses and Quality Street at Christmas. Celebrations are a pale imitation. If somebody offers you something from such a box or tin, do the decent thing, and punch them to within an inch of their wives. They have to learn.
  19. DTS

    Question Men watching reality TV.

    As were at home this weekend and as a home game involves me leaving at 11am and not getting back till 6.30pm I have a kind of unwritten agreement with the Mrs that I wont go out with the lads for a few beers on a home weekend as its not fair to clear off all day then all night. However this...
  20. Things aint that bad at RH after all

    Reading this you realise things aint too bad at SUFC, this is an actual letter sent to Grimsby Town by a fan after a game this season, read on its very good........ Dear Players of Grimsby Town FC I am writing with regard to my absolute astonishment and disbelief as to the sheer magnitude...