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Once again it seems that the Minority will outweigh the Majority. I have lived in Southend all my life and have supported our team for over 35 years but once again it seems the backward thinking of this council and a few select groups will stop any progress as far as our New Stadium and future growth are concerned.
Its not that Southend is dead on its feet I mean the regeneration of the town is quite staggering, if u are a private housing developer. So many towns such as Liverpool and Manchester as examples (ok i know they are bigger but the principle is the same) are regenerating. I have never in all my years seen such ridiculous arguments put across against the plan for our Stadium.

1.... Rochford councils refusal for training pitches because of the green belt factor..........Oh behave...it's ok to build a B@Q Warehouse not a stones throw away that is rumoured to attract some 5000 people a day, but not to let a few pitches used by what 200 odd a day....(perhaps B@Q paid for the new access road that would hardly be a novelty knowing this areas councils.
2.... Mourners having to maybe tolerate 7 more decibels once in awhile...... Please.. (No disrespect to any others) My Mother only last year and many friends of mine were cremated there I doubt any would of said .now keep the noise down for a few hours Saturday afternoon.and remember when im gone dont enjoy yourself.
3....Priory crescent not being widened because of costs .......I doubt that would ever of happened and i have some sympathy for the objections........You have to be a Tescos to get a road built anywhere, pay for it ..Yippeee there is your Supermarket planning (thanks for the access road to Rochford). Odd isnt it how that area has expanded so much these past few years RBS etc.
4....And the most ridiculous of all...The High steet suffering .......Do me a favour .....It sank years ago with the likes of lakeside and Bluewater...The proposed retail outlets at the new stadium may keep shoppers in this town....provide much needed jobs and bring some life to shopping in this town..Its well known that competition and choice attracts consumers, the lack of it dosent ..and havent a few town outlets like Jbb sports agreed to have 2 stores in this area.

Im summory.... I hope we The supporters of SUFC can make a difference this time around..I urge all that can to attend that meeting next Wednesday.We dont have much to cheer about in this town but we do have our Team who are on the up. Failing approval of the project i can for one only see the likes of Div 2 or less looming in the future, which will be a sad response to what Ron and his team are trying to achieve. I hope this chance does not pass us all by this time .

I commend my speech to the Zone .( If i have offended any of u ..Tough its my opinion only)
Without a doubt probably the single most brilliant post i have ever read on this forum...Cricko, that is a very mature and in my opinion a very honest post sounding out the problems that have blighted not only our football club but our town for the 32 years i have lived here.
It is a sad sad fact that nearly everything good is oppossed by someone with a bug to bear in this modern world we live in, but hopefully this time we can get a positive responce from the councils concerned regarding the stadium and stick a massive two fingers up at the doubters and pessimists.
fingers crossed and up the blues
Oh how I agree with all the points you made. I actually received a letter from my local representative from the council this morning replying to my points. I have to say it was a very bland letter and said all the usual tosh looking into it, your points have been noted etc, etc and it stated my views have been forwarded to my local MP-David Amess. Now what I would like to know is where have the local MP's views been heard? Funny really, when southend won promotion last season I clearly remember seeing them at the parade scarfs and all and enjoying the free lunch! along with the southend mayor.
If the plans do not get through then as a voter and resident of Southend I will demand to know which councillors rejected it so I can avoid voting for them