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  1. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Now on 48 goals for Southend, from 93 starts. That puts him in our top 20 strikers in terms of goals. A fantastic achievement given his injuries and periods out. Also fantastic given he's a huge part of our build up play and defensive duties too...
  2. A very slight dose of reality - If i've done my maths right!

    With York surprisingly now level on points with us, in 7th with a +8 goal difference compared to their +6, anything less than a win against Bristol Rovers on Friday (and hoping York lose against Pompey at Fratton Park on saturday) would be a disaster. This winless run needs to come to an end...
  3. things that come to mind

    When pb was first appointed ,there was question marks against his appointment , most here said they would give him 15 games or until xmas to prove himself,well xmas has been and gone,i wonder what people are thinking now about his appointment, i think SUFC are lucky to have him, seriously have...
  4. Question Could Barry Corr be the answer?

    I remember back last season when Cresswell got sent off and Barry Corr was moved to Centre Back, so many people on here saying how well he played and how he won everything in the air.I was thinking could he be the answer to our obvious weakness in the central defensive positions.It seems clear...
  5. Latest Rumours Harry kewell?

    It has been stated in the press here he is fit , living in England and looking for a club,and he himself as said he is open to offers from any club willing to give him an opportunity.Being a left sided player of undoubted ability , maybe the lure of a Wembley appearance ,he just maybe willing to...
  6. top player without a club

    If Southend looking for a top midfielder who hasnt got a club , there is one in uk ,probably out of the blues budget im afraid , but dosent hurt to approach him, maybe he will play for Blues until he can find a club on a smaller salary. Hos name is HARRY KEWELL, he maybe 33 but still playing...
  7. Evening Echo

    Harris: Blues have to be best team in the play-offs

    NEIL Harris is determined to prevent Southend United suffering a double dose of frustration in their push for promotion this season. More...
  8. yogi bear up the cagire

    Terra ferma

    I don't know whether I'm alone here but on reflection this morning I do think that there is a need, not for optimism or pesimism, but for a good dose of realism. First of all, congratulations to the Luggy and the squad, for the preparation of our play-off campaign. In a matter of weeks we...
  9. DTS

    Family Holidays.

    Ladies and Gents. Just starting to work on our family plans for a summer holiday. I need to start thinking about this as my son turns two in mid July and so it makes sense to get back before then rather than pay two kids prices. I have been a bit surprised by the costs and options on offer at...
  10. DTS

    Explosions in Belguim

    Only just breaking but dosent sound good. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16161746
  11. DTS

    Pato training with Oxford

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2387200,00.html No real shocks his face clearly dosent fit.

    PL Weekly Points Round 54

    Hi all, sorry for the slight delay in putting up the weekends points, but i've treated myself to a double dose of infidel slaugtering this weekend, i mean Essex destroying Notts and Lancs not the towel-head !!!! Be back shortly with the latest updates ...
  13. DTS

    Tax dosent have to be taxing??? Help ???

    Evenning, Time for my annual **** I have only got 3 days left to do my tax return post. Not even started mine yet I am too busy trying to do the wives. She carried forward a loss of £1253 from last year. This year on paper after the 10% furnished relief she lost approx £500 from the rental...
  14. DTS

    The Sawyer Factor - How excited are you?

    Personally I am more excited than I was at the birth of my two kids at the idea of seeing Sawyer in our beloved Blue. A few killjoys dont seem that bothered. I have had 2000 "Sawyer is our leader" t-shirts made for the event (plus a "Sawyer is our leader XXXL ponch for Fatso so he dosent feel...
  15. Smiffy


    So I've got a terrible dose of Manflu at the moment *Cough* *Sniff*. Seems to be really doing the rounds lately. It's ****ing horrible. Sore throat, streaming eyes, blocked sinuses, headache, temperature, cough, the lot. Anyone got any medicinal tips on how to make this ******* disappear...
  16. DTS

    Question Do you support another side?

    It dawned on me on saturday the amount of people that come to Roots Hall but actually support other sides too. Not looking at any sort of with hunt as I fully understand people have family ties etc to 2nd sides. J Just curious as to what % of our support would say they have a 2nd side? If so...
  17. DTS

    Question Would you want Southend to become a football super power.

    I was watching TV in bed last night with the Mrs when the BBC did a news article on Fulhams pending cup final tonight. Now I personally seem to be in a minority of one and its no doubt because I am jealous but I dont like Fulham. As a kid they were a total nothing side and we seemed to beat...
  18. steveo

    Monday Joke

    Paddy and Mick were walking down a street in London . Paddy happens to look in one of the shop windows and sees a sign that catches his eye. The sign said: "Suits £5.00 each, Shirts £2.00 each, trousers £2.50 per pair". Paddy says to his pal, "Mick, Look! We could buy a whole lot...
  19. chadded

    Should I reply to a txt from an ex

    Last Saturday, I'm laying in bed with Mrs Chadded, and my fone gets a txt. I pick it up, and it's from my ex of two years ago. There wasn't exactly much chance or point of hiding it, it came up on my phone as Ex+******, and my mrs knows who this person is. Mrs Chadded's exact response when the...
  20. DTS

    Rooney to be top ENGLAND scorer.

    With Hills at 3.25 to 1 ... Assuming he stays fit looks like a dead cert on current form dosent it... Lampard next up at 6,25 -1