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Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland
The life of an SUFC exile can be a lonely one at times - and one which is a difficult existence to understand for some. I thought by setting up this weekly thread, we would get the opportunity to get to know some of the exiled posters on SZ a bit better.

This week, Aberdeen Shrimper goes under the spotlight.

1) How long have you been an exile?
A) 7 years, (2 in Suffolk and now 5 in Scotland)

2) Why did you leave essex?
A) For a career promotion

3) Most memorable trip?
A) Southend v Manure with out a shadow of a doubt, but not the Tuesday night before when I had to do the same 24 hour road trip to get the stub from the Hull City game so I could then purchase a Southend v Man U ticket.

4) Whilst SUFC fans prepare their usual Saturday home routines of pub, fishouse, match, what is your saturday routine when the blues are playing?
A) Soccer AM, then shopping with the wife then home in front of the PC by 2:45pm, Shirt on, Blues World on, SSN on and then in the Spread Eagle Chat room with a few beers.

5) Obama or McCain?
A) Neither. Rab C. Nesbitt should be in charge of world affairs. He's my hero you know ;)

6) Favourite current and past player, and why?
A) Barny…. After seeing him at the Carlisle game last season and then meeting him at Roots Hall and also the odd chats on Face Book, not only a naturally gifted striker but a really decent bloke that takes time out for the fans.
Ian Benjamin, For one reason only, on 4th May 1991, that man brought more happiness in to my life in one single moment than anyone else ever has.

7) Any plans to move back?
A) No Comment!!!

8) Who would win in a fight: Sammy the Shrimp or Elvis J Eel?
A) Sammy the Shrimp….no contest

9) Have you converted many people where you are situated to the Blues' cause?
A) Ow yes….quite a few including my Scottish wife and Nephew (Celtic fan) and also a lot of work colleagues always look out for the Blues results now. I also have a Southend United badge and scarf in the back window of the car

10) Hardest part of being exiled for you?
A) Feeling so detached from the Club and not being able to participate as much as I would like to in the more Southend United related Football chat on the Zone due to not being able to watch them play live. That really guts me to tell you the truth.

11) Special and memorable characters / rogues from your travels that deserve a mention?
A) Well my travels are like everyone else’s home games a lot of the time, so for me, the most memorable in recent memory would be the after season BBQ and booze up in the Spread at the end of last season. And of course the infamous video of True Blue’s X-Factor debut!!!

12) Least memorable trip as an exile?
A) Leeds away last season… Went on my own and got verbally abused by Leeds fans on the way to the ground, after witnessing the game, I had to stay in a manky damp depressing B&B asking myself, why on earth did I come.

13) Where is the weirdest place you may have bumped into a fellow shrimper abroad?
A) Not quite abroad but when I was working for a company in Aberdeen I had to go to meet a supplier on the Isle of Unst (Unst is the most northerly populated island in the British Isles) check it out on Google Antony, it’s a long ferking way away. When I was up there I got introduced to the Mayor of Unst who was from Rochford like me and was A Blues Supporter. That was really odd mate.

14) Next planned trip to see the mighty blues?
A) Colchester at the Hall 1st November 08, another marathon 30 hour trip to get there and back….GULP

15) Season expectations?
A) In all honesty, Play offs would be a result in my books and I think that we are going to achieve that, how we fair in the playoffs is anyone’s guess dependant on who we play, ask me closer to the time Antony!

16) If you were in Tilly's shoes for a day, is there anything you would do differently?
A)Yeah…..wind up the Col U fans more….simply not enough bating of the farmers IMO!!

17) How many times do you usually get to see Southend play per season?
A) Dependant on finances and logistics between 3 and 7 I would say

18) Away kit: Reds or Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwssssss?

19) When you do happen to get back to the Southend area for a rare home match, besides football, what do you look forward to the most?
A) Catching up with my friends and family, especially my 2 Nephews and Niece…..ow and understanding what people are saying!!!

20) Jo Brand or Vanessa Feltz?
A) A question like that will make your nose bleed Antony!!!! How about SBH does Vanessa and I do Jo Brand…..god now I feel sick mate!!

21) South, East or West stand?
A) I used to go in the South upper when I lived in Southend after being moved out the North but after going to the West a few time since being an Exile I really like it in there with Smithy and the Blue Voice and all the others from the Zone Like Sam, Sarah, OBL, Cricko, Southminster Etc Etc….

Big thanks to Dave for taking the time to answer the above. Next week, Mr GlasgowSUFC: lover of ginger women, and footballers by the name of Richie Foran, goes under the spotlight.