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Spelling Guru
Jan 23, 2008
Benfleet, Essex
Even before I start writing this article I get a feeling it is hard to keep/get everyone feeling positive with the current situation of the squad/lack of signings. But we do need to remember, we do still have some good players, who can do a decent job. Okay.

Steve Mildenhall- Massive improvement towards the end of last season. A solid keeper who is growing in confidence.

Simon Francis- My suggestion would be (with the current team) to play him at CB, with preferably Adam Barrett. He played there at Orient away last year and thought he actually put in a good performance. His got height in his advantage and wouldn't be a disaster to have him at CB.

Adam Barrett- The guy will end his career with Southend. Didn't have the best time at CB with Clarke but could link up well with Franno/another CB. Can also play at LB, fans favourite and will give everything for the club.

Anthony Grant- Strong CM, hard tackling and had a good second half of the season. Seems quite highly rated with most of our fans. Good CM to have in the side, especially for away games.

Alan McCormack- Whenever someone writes about Macca they usually end up saying, IF his in his good form. As midfield isn't our weakest area we can afford to have players out of form as they will have cover and competition. Can score goals, tackle and add bite to the team.

Lee Barnard- I would say, our best striker. Lack of fitness is his main problem, obviously. But natural goal scorer, good finisher and adds goals. Similar to Macca in the respect that he is one of many strikers, which means if a striker is out of form there is back up.

James Walker- Worrying start to this season with fitness. But there is alot of potential with James and has pace. Decent back up. Can also play on either wing- as seen at Orient, scoring in the last minute from the left wing.

Alex Revell- Hard working, our only real target man- and can fill that role as seen last season, will get assists and act as a good foil. Unlikely to get many goals but with someone like Barnard the pressure to get goals is lessened.

Damien Scannell- With the clubs lack of wingers he is likely to get alot of games, if he gets fit. Sadly I think he really needed a solid pre season behind him but hopefully he can get fit. I think he can do a decent job.

Franck Moussa- Not much needs to be said surely? Could be the star of our season, such a bright spark in our team. Youthful, has skill and his maturing. Combine this with the goals his shown he can get and the fact he can fill in at LM and he will be a big player for us.

Osei Sankofa- If Francis is to fill in at CB then Sankofa will be out new RB and I didn't think he was that bad when he played there, despite people critisising him. I would be happy for Osei to play at RB.

Dougie Freedman- The experience in the side. If we're to have a hard season his experience alone could be vital. Still also has a good touch and is a classy striker. Maybe not our first choice striker but good to have in the side and good aid for the younger players and other strikers.

Johnny Herd- Our only real LB and it's encouraging to have youth players coming through. Good performances against Chelsea and in the games around. Unlucky to lose his place in the side and could feature heavily, even though I think we're likely to sign a first choice LB. Herd is good cover.

Jean Francois Christophe- Looks like he may be filling in at CB at the moment. Good CM, very good CDM, and his got a fair amount of goals considering his not that attacking. Strong and good in the air.

Kevin Betsy- With Scannell, our only other natural RM, so although I'm not his biggest fan he may have a big part to play.

Francis Laurent- Still a bit of an unknown quantity but has glimpses of flair and good potential. Could be a candidate for RM with Scannell and Betsy injured.

Thoughts? As I said, it does seem hard to remain positive and this does highlight how light our defence is.