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  1. Sell-on clauses/EPPP movers

    I was hoping to establish an ongoing list of players on whom we have sell-on clauses or have moved under EPPP rules. The bottom selection contains players who have moved away from us with some sort of sell-on which has since been resolved one way or the other. Anyone that can help, please do...
  2. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Fleetwood Town

    New game. Fast approaching against an unknown Uve Rosler FTFC. I expect few changes from PB as there are no new signings so........ Please.............. Start Bridge playing off the shoulder of Cox. Mooney has not worked, nor shown signs of doing so despite some better work. Any other ideas...
  3. Jam_Man

    10 games in...

    So at the beginning of the season most say let's wait till 10 games to see where we are, and here we are. Lots of doom forseen early on in the season which isn't surprising since we didn't win a game in August so how do people think we are doing against their expectations? Obviously after 3...
  4. Pak Power

    Hurst out with a hamstring

    Anyone else heard this, Kevin hurst is out for an unknown period with a hamstring injury. More injury worries!
  5. Happy Birthday to...

    ...000unknown who is 24 today. No posts since joining SZ in 2010 but still browsing.
  6. RHB

    Best 'unknown' forward/defender performance you've seen so far.

    Admittedly I haven't watched every game, but the two that have really taken my eye so far are Joel Campbell for Costa Rica going forward and González for the Yanks at the back (yeah, surprised me too!)
  7. Tomnod

    Anyone had a go? Not found the plane yet but seen a couple of boats and flagged a few objects as 'unknown'. http://www.tomnod.com/nod/ The concept is excellent seeing as the search just comes down to brute force/sheer numbers.
  8. Kevin Hogg

    A personal thank you to...whoever you were.

    After 22 and a half years I am attempting to say thank you to persons unknown.The date? 4th May 1991. Significant for many as Southend United were playing Bury away....promotion to the second tier could finally be achieved after 85 years.I had arranged and paid to go on a minibus with the...
  9. DoDTS

    Do you go "north of the Crouch"?

    I was talking to someone who was telling me that over the weekend he had been to Maldon, Chelmsford and various places north of the crouch, but I told him I don't go there. Frankly from Southend its purely an East/West thing for me from Shoebury to London, why would I go to mid/north Essex? Am I...
  10. Mayor and Lavery

    Wednesday fan here, just wanted to know how these two have been getting on? I know Mayor has only played one game but I gather he looked quite sharp. Strange he's dropped two levels, would have thought he'd go out to a League One club. He has made the odd appearance for us this season and...
  11. DTS

    Best/Worst SUFC transfer deadline deals.

    Anyone got any favourite deals from previous years. For me getting in an unknown French Defender with a gilrs name didnt mean a lot at the time but getting Dorian Dervitte in on deadline day by Tilly was literally a masterstroke.
  12. C C Csiders

    Faul McCartney

    Now, as we are all very well aware the original Paul McCartney was decapitated in a car crash in November 1966 and replaced by a (vague) lookee-likee, albeit with a different shaped face thanks to M15 intervention. Obviously the clues were all there in Beatles songs, album covers and...
  13. GNH

    My view on the season as a whole and those 83 points gained

    There's lot of talk on here that we got 83 points which should/would have been enough for promotion in other years. A points tally in itself is meaningless, if you have a lot of strong teams consistently winning and picking up points you will need more than average to gain automatic promotion...
  14. southend4ever

    Blow Up Dolls

    I am more than content with my current sex life. In fact I love it. The other half is off away in a few weeks time and I can't contemplate going a few weeks without sex and it's been years since I addressed young Master Bates. I am therefore contemplating buying a blow up doll. However, I...
  15. southend4ever

    Help with PS3 Console and Games

    Hi All, I have spent months considering purchasing an Xbox or PS3. Yesterday I decided to act with sheer spontaneity, walk into a store, eye up the offers, having walked in their originally to look at Wii games, and allowed myself to be distracted into making a purchase. I phoned a friend and...
  16. Sandbach Shrimper

    New Season Predictions

    With the new Premier League season starting tomorrow, what are everyone's predictions for the top 4, bottom 3 and top scorer (along with any other predictions you'd like to offer)? Here's mine: Top 4 - Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool Bottom 3 - Wigan, Swansea, QPR Top scorer - Javier...
  17. Tommy2holes

    Pre match thread: Southend vs Hereford

    Well i couldnt wait any longer to get a little closer to the start of the season . This coming saturday couldnt be in any starker contrast to the start of the previous campaign. This time last year to say that a dark cloud was forming would have been a huge understatement. We had lost...
  18. Young managers

    It looks as if 33 year old ex-Porto manager Villas-Boas is going to join Chelsea. Even though he won the treble in Portugal last season with Porto, I think I read somewhere that he was only 5 months older than Drogba. I don't know how the players would react to this. Apart from success in...
  19. Smiffy

    Have we turned the corner 1 year on?

    Cast your minds back to July 2010. The negatives: We had just been relegated to League Two. We had just lost Steve Tilson. We had been in court several times that season. Players were going unpaid regularly. Pretty much all the squad had gone and we were in danger of not fulfilling our...
  20. Tomorrow

    For me, Southend United has always been a tomorrow team. The success I have always wanted for them is forever another day away. Of course the length of the day has been of biblical proportions. However, and many will call me an optimist or a fool or both, but I think our tomorrow is about to...