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bbc essex

  1. Napster

    Arrest made

    39 year old man arrested according to BBC Essex for the incident on Saturday.
  2. BBC Essex

    Does anyone know of a phone app where u can easily navigate to BBC Essex 95.3 ?
  3. Breaking News Corr has signed for Cambridge United

    Just been tweeted by BBC Essex! That's a real shame :thumbdown:
  4. Somerset Ex-TTB

    BBC Essex commentary

    Does anybody have a link for the commentary of the goal and penalties from Saturday from BBC Essex. Would be great to hear how they described the moment? I have had a quick look and can't find it, but can anyone else a bit for tech savvy help? Thanks
  5. * ORM *

    BBC Essex 925am

    Your very own ! Maybe 930 start I don't know. I'll do my best. I'm used to public speaking but I'll admit a touch of nerves !
  6. londonblue

    I heard This on BBC Essex

    After the game yesterday I was in my car listening to BBC Essex when they read out a message from a Col Ewe fan that really made me laugh. It said that for next Saturday their chairman should consider allowing kids in for free and adults for a fiver. That way they could get 5-6000 in the...
  7. Radio Coverage V Luton

    Out in west Surrey, working till 1400 sat so can't make the game, how and where can I get radio coverage. BBC Essex doesn't stretch out this far and I believe you can't get commentary via their internet show. Any ideas, tips greatly appreciated. Can't sit through BBC score updates again like...
  8. ms brush

    Mark Bentley

    Was confirmed as the new manager at Grays Athletic a few days ago. Was interviewed on BBC Essex last night, and cited Steve Tilson as the manager who he aspires to follow, as ST is laid back and was good to work with as a player. Says he loves coaching, and is looking forward to the challenges...
  9. Bbc essex

    On the trip home there was talk on BBC ESSEX that we was very close to bring in another player .It was said it was hoped to have him in time for plymouth . But it is hoped to get this player in early next week .Did anyone else hear this and I wonder in what position this player plays in .
  10. davewebbsbrain

    Sean Clohessy

    Just listening to BBC Essex and an interview with the Col Ewe manager. When asked where Sean was today as not in the 18 man squad, Humes was rather coy. The interviewer asked if he was injured and all Humes would say is Sean wasn't selected. Sounds like something could have gone on. Maybe Sean...
  11. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-1 Bury

    How shockingly predictable. Go 1-0 up (albeit totally out of the blue), so time to change tactics. In my 47 yrs of going to the Hall, I can't recall us taking the ball to the corner flag in the FIRST HALF before. And it was quite clearly a tactical decision to play the way we did, because as...
  12. BBC Essex Interview today

    I have just broadcast live to the people of Essex about the lack of a new stadium. Interviewed by James Whale and told him the thoughts of SZ. Should be repeated throughout the day. My parting words were "Get your purse out Ron"
  13. blues world and bbc essex

    Yet again the gremlins have struck and as yet there is no comentary on our game .Oh well lets hope the gremlins dont stop our winning ways . UTB .:'(
  14. Question Are Play-offs a certainty??

    On BBC Essex last night, they were wanging on as if a PO place was a dead cert. They kept saying top 3 might be hard to grab, so Blues will have to settle for play-offs, but my question is, when did our PO spot become a guarantee? I'd say we'll be there or thereabouts, but I wouldn't take our...
  15. Chairman's chat with the Manager

    According to BBC Essex , Phil Brown had to see the Chairman immediately after the match prior to his radio interview. I think Ron was looking for the passion in Brown's eyes. What do you think was said ?
  16. Col.U. Mad

    BBC Essex Saturday's round-up

    Includes interview with Chocolate Orange and Freddie
  17. Col.U. Mad

    BBC Essex Saturday's round-up

    http://www.filedropper.com/fmrec004 Hit the grey button and download.
  18. IloveShrimp

    Phil Brown BBC Essex 5th June

    I heard an interview with Phil Brown on BBC Essex yesterday. When he was asked about the new back room staff, he said (words to the effective of) that perhaps really he should not have mentioned that the new staff were coming as they hadn't signed a contract yet but it was 95% certain. What I...
  19. Phil Brown on BBC Essex

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing when they interviewed Brown on BBC Essex after yesterdays game. He laid the blame for the loss firmly and solely on Sean Clohessy. He made the point about him being a senior professional, player of the season etc etc that made a mistake that cost us the...
  20. Col.U. Mad

    Live text comentary via BBc Essex from Spotland

    215 Southend fans in attendance :thumbsup: