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  1. question ???

    Why did we sign besentie Gomes it must be going through other fans minds as to why Phil brown has brought him in only for him to monly see the pitch during the warm ups .And then sit on the bench game after game .Surly if this guy was good enough then give him some game time .IF he isnt then why...
  2. Breaking News Embargo NO MORE (Confirmed)

    As we did not sign anyone in the last day of the transfer window .And now the loan window is open .Does anyone know if the club is now Embargo free or not . And has the clubs books now been submitted as I thought that was the sticking point with the Embargo . And surly the players who were owed...
  3. OldBlueLady

    What traditions do you keep at Christmas?

    As it's Christmas Eve, I thought it would be interesting to read about Zoners' family traditions at Christmas time, maybe some from when you were a child, maybe some if you have children now. As the eldest grandchild, I got to "enjoy" the strictest of my grandad's rules - no presents until...
  4. Portuguese Shrimper

    Wigan sack Coyle

    As Shrimpers fans we have been very quiet when it comes to linking PB with managerial vacancies. At one time he was linked with nearly every job that came up, but now, even though there have been many departures, it is a subject not given any time to. I see the latest vacancy, Wigan, as the most...
  5. Question PB v PS

    The way PS left and its timing created a great deal of negative rep for RM and that was compounded for many by the appointment of PB. I wondered now how many people have changed their minds about the gaffer or are willing to give him more time? The club has well publicised off-field problems...
  6. Up the Shrimpers

    AZ Alkmaar v Atromitos abandoned 57 mins rest of match to be played tomorrow

    AZ Alkmaar's Europa League game was abandoned tonight due to a small fire at the stadium. Interesting that the remainder of the match is to be played tomorrow at 11am. I still feel that a similar rule should be brought in for League matches here. We all know about our game at Aldershot last...
  7. Embargo

    Are we still in an Embargo we have now brought in two players under 2 year contracts and Phil Brown talks of another may follow soon .So we cant afford to pay the players it is said . yet players still sign contract .and corr and Prosser signed new contracts . So what is the state of the club...
  8. Mad Cyril

    Shops you never noticed.

    Despite walking past it every day for a decade this morning I noticed the magnificently named Imperial Caesar Italian Menswear shop on Fenchurch Street which looks as though it specialises in suits which have no doubt graced magistrates courts across the land and brought grief to any owner who...
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    Fulham Season Review 2012/13

    Enjoyed watching Fulham's 2012/13 dvd review this evening.Reasonably good value at just under 16 quid. Anyone remember the days when we regularly brought out an end of the season video/dvd? I know we're skint but couldn't we have justified bringing out something to celebrate our first ever...
  10. Mohave Shrimper

    Care Providers in Essex

    Hi folks, not sure if anyone else on here is a carer and has a parent that has care provided for them by ECC. Had a run-in with my mum's care providers, Carewatch, today over her medication. Basically her meds are provided by the pharmacy in blister packs, ready sorted into doses but last time...
  11. The Maharajah of Hockley


    Just had one of the greatest - some would say life-changing - steaks of recent times (28oz medium rare rib-eye, I should add)...so beautiful it almost brought me to TEARS. So, fellow zoners, how do you eat yours?
  12. Cricko

    The Green Man Pub Today

    I know they must be used to big crowds but the set up was immense. To take in about 5000 fans with nobody really waiting to be served by the inside and outside bars and the food choices they put out around the venue was simply superb. Fantastic to see so many Shrimper Fans there and for PS to...
  13. OldBlueLady

    Hot Cross Buns...

    As it's Easter weekend, I'm sure plenty of us have been tucking into these bakery delights. On our last day at work this week, the Headteacher brought in buns for us all, with two pots of jam - strawberry and apricot. Now, this got me thinking, I'd never had apricot jam on a hot cross bun...
  14. shrimptank

    What players are likely to be lured by the appointment of PB to our club?

    Seeing as PB 'could' be seen as a high profile appointment, albeit out of the game for a while, what players are likely to be tempted to have a couple of seasons by the seaside? His media work should have brought him into contact with loads of players, so I'd be interested in everyone's...
  15. Straker

    I am sorry but I don't know why Sturrock brought this player in .Even chris Philips has said the guy is a poor defender .He almost cost us dear today . We must have a better left back in the squad .And if we haven't I suggest P S goes in search of one quick .:thumbdown:
  16. Darwin awards 2012.

    Darwin Awards 2012 Eighth Place In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys. Seventh Place A 49-year-old San Francisco stockbroker, who "totally zoned when he ran"...
  17. Rob Noxious

    The Original Rude Boy

    "It's a bit like what Charlie Watts said about the Stones ... five years playing, twenty years waiting around." Sir Buttz Yoddles spoke wearily as he was in discomfort from a horrific abscess for which he had just started taking analgesic medication. His weariness was not helped by the...
  18. Mohave Shrimper

    What should I do?

    I've been in need of a new winter jacket for a while, and after a couple of weeks looking on the internet ordered a North Face coat for £240. Yesterday it arrived, but the box seemed awfully big and unneccessary. I opened it to find they'd sent me FOUR coats! I checked the email order &...
  19. GNH

    Breaking News New Shrimper

    Hi all, Just to let you all know GNH junior, Sam Henry Hines was born today at 00:01 weighing 8lb 14oz, becoming the latest Shrimpers fan to be brought into the world! All going well and hope to have him home later today! G-man
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    Slowest ever XI

    Emberson Wilson Warren Barker Stimson ??? Whelan ??? Benjamin (c) Bradbury Broughton Super sub: Newman Any suggestions for midfielders? Did George Friend play a couple of games at left-midfield in addition to his games at left-back? Any improvements?