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  1. Bexley Blue

    STAR WARS thread - for those who have seen it and want an outlet to talk about it!

    SPOILER ALERT!! Not in this post per se, but definitely in the thread. I've seen it, I loved it. I knew I was a SW geek but didn't realise the film would have this effect on me. I've been grinning like the Cheshire Cat ever since 2.45am yesterday when I finished watching it. My head is...
  2. shrimpboy

    Buying tickets over the phone

    I'm going to the Fleetwood game on Saturday and want to buy tickets in advance as they're cheaper. I'm based in Cheshire so buying them over the phone is my only option really, which I've not done before. I was just wondering how it works - do they post you the tickets or do you collect them on...
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    The development of youth

    Some mention was made on the 'Well done Crewe' thread, concerning their Academy and ability to bring young players through to the First team but I really think that it deserves a bit more attention and discussion. There are many plaudits rightfully handed out to Ricky Duncan for the sterling...
  4. Question Are Crewe Northerners?

    A quick browse on the Crewe forum suggests they regard themselves as northerners. Most of the assorted Smoggies, Mackems and Geordies I endure on a daily basis would regard the idea of Cheshire being in the north as incomprehensible. They just about accept Yorkshire and Lancashire as being...
  5. Ref Watch ....... Burton

    Tomorrow we have the experienced and normally very decent Mick Russell from St Albans. He is making his first appearance of the season after recovering from a long injury. A steady official, this will be his 11th Southend match and his 5th away from Roots Hall. His first two away matches...
  6. Napster

    Phil Whelan

    Is Deputy Headteacher at Dingle Primary School. http://www.dingle.cheshire.sch.uk/contact.html Apparently he sometimes has to use crutches because of the injury that forced him to retire.
  7. Ref Watch Top officials at Crawley .... or are they ?

    The officials as appointed and still publicised are Lee Probert, with Darren Cann and Peter Kirkup on the lines and Peter Walton as 4th official. Lee Probert is a very decent official but we won't be seeing him as he's doing a Europa Cup game in Cyprus on Thursday. Instead I expect that the...
  8. Ref Watch Shrimps vs Shrimpers

    The man in charge of our first ever match away to Morecambe is Chris Sarginson from Staffordshire. He is a thrd year referee who will be refereeing his fourth Southend match and his second of the season. His last Southend match was on New Year's Day at Oxford, which I didn't see but as we won...
  9. Ref Watch ..... Bury away

    We haven't lost at Bury for 22 years. The man in charge, as we attempt to keep this record intact, is the somewhat inexperienced first year League referee, Mark Brown from East Yorkshire. This will be his 7th ever League match, the first 6 producing a slightly high-ish 19 yellow cards a red...
  10. Ref Watch ..... Bradford City away

    Tomorrow night's referee for our match at Bradford City will be Paul Tierney from Wigan, one of the League's younger officials. If the players are tiring with both teams playing 120 mins midweek, so too might be the referee also having done 120 minutes at Crewe! He is in his second season as a...
  11. CC51DAS

    Winding up hearing

    Here we go : Let's hope Ronnie Martini 's got the dosh Companies Court Winding Up List Wednesday 14th April 2010 It is emphasised that the following list is provisional and subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the...
  12. Ref Watch ..... Leeds away

    The man in charge of Saturday's rather daunting looking match is Eddie Ilderton from Tyne and Wear. He is in his 7th season as a League referee but really it's his 6th as he missed all of last season through injury. In his mid to late thirties, he works in the building industry. He refereed...
  13. Ref Watch .... Webb at Tranmere

    .... no not Howard Webb. After the correctly predicted excesses of Darren Deadman, the man in charge on Tuesday is David Webb of County Durham. (Just a matter of days after we had Chris Powell on 4th official duty at Yeovil). Not much to say about Mr Webb, a young official in his second...
  14. The Hand of Frog.

    While you're reading this, Giovanni Trapatoni will be giving his statement to an array of police equipped with notebooks and forensic packs, as one of the greatest robberies of sporting history occurred tonight. No more than three years ago, Thierry Henry lambasted Barcelona for their...
  15. manor15

    Michael Owen: The End of an Era

    Just found this piece on a football fans site, it isn't written by a Liverpool or Newcastle fan but it sums the downfall of his career well. Thought it was worth a read.
  16. Ref Watch .. Leeds Away

    As we strive, I suspect in vain, for our first double of the season at Leeds, the man in charge will be Dave Foster, a 42 year old police officer from Newcastle. He started this season late, not passing the fitness test 'til mid October after injury. He is in his third season as a Football...
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Ronaldo crashes Ferrari on way to training

    Cristiano Ronaldo has escaped unhurt after crashing his Ferrari sports car into a roadside barrier in a tunnel near Manchester airport. The car was badly damaged when it was involved in the accident at 10.20am today on the A538 Wilmslow Road, but the 23-year-old Manchester United winger was...
  18. Ref Watch ....Tranmere away

    Man in charge of Tranmere's second home match in three days will be Craig Pawson from Sheffield. He is a first year referee and this will be only his eighth ever League match and second at League One level. He has attracted his share of criticism during those first seven games - which have...
  19. Ref Watch .... Crewe away

    Last season two out of our last 4 away games were at Crewe and Carlisle. This year two out of our first 4 away games are at Crewe and Carlisle. Last year we won them both ... this year ? The young man in charge of this year's match at Crewe is Steve Bratt from Walsall. This is his third season...
  20. South Bank Hank

    Best ever sporting picture?

    Ladies and gents, your contenders please for the best sporting photograph ever. Not your Freddy Eastwood scoring against Swansea's or your Duncan Jupp grinning like a cheshire's, but those photo's that simply capture what sport is all about. I'll start the ball rolling with this beauty from...