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  1. EEEP from a players perspective!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41839083 I found this an interesting. I initially clicked on it because I thought 'It really is, Finley Burns cost £175k' but it wasn't what I thought at all. If a player needs to move to a lower category academy for whatever reason, the new club could be...
  2. The Big Dady


    What an unusual statement Mark Warburton says he has not stood down as Rangers manager, despite a club statement that they have accepted the resignation of him and his staff. Rangers announced on Twitter that Warburton, assistant David Weir and head of recruitment, Frank McParland were leaving...
  3. Lee Rigby murderer seeks £20,000 damages.

    :stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned: The killer had an altercation with guards and lost teeth....now seeking 20k in compensation ! Amazing really....he should have paid the ultimate price for his vile act...this country is truly crazy.
  4. fbm

    Brown on the radio

    Just heard PB in his post match interview. Not his usual chirpy interview at all. Said that the speculation re his future needs to be sorted out between him and Ron. Therefore - he wants to go and Ron won't let him. There is no other explanation. The trouble is, for that to happen then we...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    The Youth system and compensation thread

    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread to keep track of the former youth products stolen away from us, for whom we are eligible to receive compensation for based on their future success. Can someone (ESB?) remind us of the criteria and how this system works?
  6. Levi Bellfield

    This sorry excuse for a man has been awarded £4500 in compensation for being attacked in jail! The judge should be locked up for awarding it. Disgraceful all round,And Bellfield should suffer 24/7 for his hideous crimes.
  7. yogi bear up the cagire

    Cup success and the price we are paying for it

    When Paul Sturrock has the time to reflect of this season, will he be ironically regretting the fact that his luck in Cup Competitions changed? It seems to be the fashion at the moment on here to furnish reasons for our expected failure again in gaining promotion from the basement...
  8. Question Orient away tickets

    Ive just been down to my local post office collection place to pick up 2 Orient away tickets and the idiots have lost them. Does anyone know how sales have gone coz I might have to ask for compensation and then we can still pay on the gate?
  9. OldBlueLady

    Apology 50 years too late?

    For those of us born around the time of this, you tend to think "there, but for the grace of God." The deformities of babies born as a result of thalidomide is known to most of us I should think. As one sufferer says in this report, these unfortunate people all need medical care that costs, so...
  10. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  11. Blue_Wes

    Aldershot Town & Ron Martin's act of generosity

    So this morning I receive a letter from Ron Martin, which reads as follows; Dear Mr Fitzgerald, As many of you will know the income received from the sale of tickets relating to League games is always retained in full, by the Home Club. Whilst it is certainly not for me to judge the policy of...
  12. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Every cloud .............

    Loss v Swindon has saved me (bearing in mind I have to fund SS Jnr too) maybe: 1. Away leg v Barnet £20 petrol, say £35 for two tickets, £20 for food, beer and prog, so £75 2. Home leg v Barnet (will have won it already by away leg but still gotta go) £15 petrol, £35 tickets, £20 food etc, so...
  13. pickledseal

    Dale Farm vs Stray Dog Home

    And so Basildon Council decide to spend millions reclaiming Dale Farm and now decide just a few hundred metres away to give away green belt land to allow a dogs home for strays to be built. Seriously Tony Ball, what are you doing?! Even the usual right of centre readers of the Echo are...
  14. Cricko

    Breaking News Tonights Fans' Forum

    I was told this late last night and I have just had a chat with the club so apologies for this late message. The Meeting tonight will be held in The Blues Lounge and not The Shrimpers Bar....It still starts at 7pm and for those that do not know the location of The Lounge in the ground, go to...
  15. milhouse

    Tube Strikes

    Not on the politics sub-forum as I don't see this as political but common sense. I note that the RMT intend to strike 2 x 3 days over two weeks in order to save the jobs of, er, TWO of their members. Here's a shock, they just happen to be senior union activists. I don't wish to be...
  16. Hawkwell Blue

    Football League Response re Accrington Game

    Ever felt you were the victim of a standard reply...gee thanks FL! I have heard nothing from Accrington while SUFC did acknowledge my e-mail but had nothing to answer, I just copied them in. Here it the FL reply to my e-mail that is below... Nick, Thank you for your email regarding the...
  17. Premiership to Launch Next English Domination Scheme?

    Whilst SZ was down, this nugget came out in the Evening Standard during an interview with Palace Co-Chairman Steve Parish: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/markets/article-23903557-all-hands-to-the-parish-pump-as-palace-starts-to-rally.do Basically, the gist of it is that the Premier League want...
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Dave Smith (2nd ballot)

    Up for election to the SZ Southend United Hall of Fame is manager Dave Smith. Smith came incredibly close last time, missing out by just 0.26%. Will he fare better at his second attempt? Here's what I wrote last time: ---------------------------------------------------- This poll is really a...
  19. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Bradford Trip - Camping & What to Do Ideas Please

    For this one gonna drive up and get to area Fri noon and sort out a camp site before going on to match in eve. Will be looking to stay a little north of Bradford as reckon that is a reasonable area (will be taking SS Jnr No. 3 with me and looking to explore area over the weekend). A bit of...
  20. BGT Reject wants to sue Simon Cowell for £2.5m!