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  1. Bob Cratchitt

    God bless America.

    A 15-year-old Ohio girl was arrested on felony child pornography charges for allegedly sending nude cell phone pictures of herself to classmates. Authorities are considering charging some of the students who received the photos as well. The unnamed student from Licking Valley High School in...
  2. Benfleet A1

    Uk border control

    Anyone else watching this? Five in a lorry and one throws a paddy, cuts an hole in the trailer roof (about £5000 damage) gets all violent and what do they do? They let the french police escort them out of the port then let them go. Am I missing something here. Are these people not illegal in...
  3. DTS

    Question Have you ever helped catch a criminal?

    Midday today as usual decided to go for lunch. Lunch when you work locally rather than in town is a sombre affair and usually consists of a Boots Meal deal and a call to Mrs DtS to check how things are going. Today however was very different......... Came out of Boots meal deal in hand and...
  4. fbm

    The fbm view - Canvey

    I'm not going to do a report as such, but will offer just a few comments about tonights performance... if you can call it that having drawn 0-0 against a poor Canvey outfit. This time last year a side containing such stalwart strikers as Billy Paynter and Matt Harrold thrashed Canvey 6-1. We...
  5. Slipperduke

    Joey Barton

    There is little in this world as infuriating as the sight of a young man, guilty of vicious assault, walking away from a courtroom with just a suspended sentence. There is anger at the clemency, fury at the perception that justice has failed. In the case of Joey Barton, however, there is just an...
  6. Ron Manager

    Absolutely disgusting

    A disgrace, these players are supposed to be role-models. Why can't they behave themselves? You would never find rugby players behaving in this way....oh, hang on.... From www.bbc.co.uk England rugby stars face NZ probe...
  7. ian_the_girth

    C.P.S. -v- ian churchyard

    All, Carlisle 1v2 Southend united (19-04-2008) for those who were there you may remember a southend fan benig taken out the ground when we made it 2-1. that was me. somehow i made my way beyond the advertising boarding onto the area around the pitch. i was arrested... i was charged under...
  8. steveo

    Absolutely Ridiculous

    On Newsnight now. Apparently since 9/11 the government changed the rules regarding airport security, and now every person who works "airside" at any British airport - and there are over 200,000 of them, must have a criminal records check - unless they are foreign. Apparently it will be too...
  9. Wesley Snipes to serve 3 years in prison for tax convictions

    Wesley Snipes called on famous friends to vouch for him, highlighted his clean criminal record and even wrote the government $5 million in checks — all in an effort to convince a judge that his conviction on tax charges should cost him nothing more than home detention and some public service...
  10. fbm

    Gower and corners

    I was so, so angry with Gower last night. Recently against Millwall, we bossed the game in the first half until they equalised in the 41st minute. Then, late in first half injury time (only 1 minute of it), we get a corner. Gower goes to take it and I'm thinking "Just get it in the box and...
  11. C C Csiders

    Things that aren't criminal, but should be.....

    ....in your opinion. In mine (sentence in brackets): 1. Any congregation of more than 5 people under the age of 18 after dusk (round them up and put them in the services) 2. Walking a dog without a lead (dog to be immediately destroyed) 3. Old people at cash machines (all assets to be...
  12. Flaiming Moe

    Mass Brawl at Football Match

    Amazing story and pictures. Fists and chairs fly as football league match descends into a violent mass brawl Last updated at 14:23pm on 14th February 2008 Police have launched a probe into how a football match descended into a mass brawl which saw fists flying and chairs used as missiles...
  13. Napster

    Ricky Otto and Bart Griemink

    POSH DIARY: Former Posh star still enjoying a life of crime ON PROBATION: Only this time Ricky Otto works for the service. « Previous « PreviousNext » Next » View Gallery AS new occupations for former footballers go, Ricky Otto's role as a probation officer is one of the most unlikely. In...
  14. A clean sheet...at last

    Nice to see us keep a clean sheet for a change and i think that if Hunt comes back in, it will be criminal. Thought Clarke was outstanding and Barrett played well. Bring the scum on!!
  15. Kenny

    Defeat in pub TV football appeal

    1-0 to the money men IMHO, I notice a lot of pubs round here have started exploring this loophole. They will probably have to get rid their Arab systems as a result of this hearing. Taken from Aunty Beeb: A publican has suffered a setback in her High Court battle to use a foreign broadcaster -...
  16. SUFC vs Swindon - Player ratings

    tough game and Swindon put up a good fight... we were rubbish in the first half but turn the screw in the 2nd and were good for the win. a lot of improvement in all areas is needed if we want to challenge for promotion but the weather was a leveller and so the 3 points were the main thing today...
  17. sufcintheprem

    Punishing crimes

    Partly based on the other thread, which of the following theory of punsihment do you feel is most important? You may only choose one Retribution - the guilty individual must be punished in some way for his crime Rehabilitation - try and give the criminal guidance to allow them to become a safe...
  18. Groyne Strain

    Great Geordie Fights Part I

    With thanks to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle for publishing this little gem .... ------------------------------------ Drunken man in five-hour siege Oct 17 2007 by Rob Kennedy, Evening Chronicle A SWORD-wielding drunk sparked a five-hour siege in an argument over a stolen mobile phone...
  19. DTS

    Worst School Trip ever.

    Mrs DtS neice is off on a school trip today. This got me thinking back to my school days (Yes I did go to school) and about some of the crap school trips we went on. I think possibly the worst one I ever went on was when I did A-Level Geography - a field trip to Whitby. The trip itself was a...
  20. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings - Tranmere

    TRANMERE GO TOP AS SOUTHEND SLIP TO SEVENTH Southend's unbeaten 5 match run came to an end this afternoon as the visitors from the Wirral deservedly ran out winners at The Hall. Sometimes, Southend play well and sometimes they don't. However, on some occasions, credit must be given to the...