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  1. DTS

    Question Taking toddlers abroad

    Mothers and Fathers, Mrs DtS and I are getting hitched in July. I know this will be a blow to a lot of you (Both men and women) but I am sorry you cant have me. Anyway as we have a 2 month old daughter who will for the mathmatically challenged amogst you be 9 months old on the day. Mrs DtS has...
  2. Dave of the Match

    My dads iPod

    Evening chaps! Bought an iPod touch a while ago and already had a nano. My dad bought my nano off me for £70.00 respectively, but he didn't like the songs I had on there. So, last night I got rid of the songs for him, and this afternoon we connected the iPod to the other computer, with his...
  3. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 3 - Canada Shrimper

    This week, John from Canada takes part in the interview with an exile chat. The following picture is from his latest trip over to Southend for the Swindon game: 1) How long have you been an exile? A) Been out of the country for 10 years less 8 months in the middle 2) Why did you...
  4. Parents - Teenagers or Toddlers?

    A question to all the Mums & Dads out there who have teenage kids. I was thinking the other day how much I love being a Dad to my kids (6, 4, & 2), and then started wondering if it all goes pear shaped once they hit puberty? There seem so many more things to worry about - drugs, fights, and the...
  5. DTS

    My Leicester away dilema.

    Right need an opinion from the Dads on the board. Mrs DtS is due to bring DtS junior into the world on 21st November and were both really excited. I appreciate a lot of first babys dont come when there due and I have all but written off Oldham at home which is 22nd November as I appreciate I...
  6. seany t

    TV Shows that have been made into successful films

    I was talking to my mate about this the other night and just how many of them sucked ***. We started initially talking about comedy shows, but then veered off onto others. Can you think of many that have worked successfully? Or more importantly, the reason why they rarely ever do? We couldn't...

    Battle of the Sitcoms - THE FINAL !!!!!!

    Ok ok, i know the second semi hasn't quite finished, but it'd take a cunning plan of Baldrick proportions for that result to change so i'm using poetic licence to kick this off now so i can get some work done :( Well, i think its been fun and extremely well fought, and after 30 matches and 2285...
  8. BaileytheQuitter

    Signings this week

    Dads friend told my dad at the game today that Southend will be signing 3 new players this week. Unfortunately he said he didn't know any more. A LB, Winger and Striker I should imagine?
  9. OldBlueLady

    Happy Father's Day

    To all those dads out there, hope your kids have remembered you!
  10. Just seen Ron Martin......

    My Dads on his way to Edinburgh today and has just seen Ron Martin on the same flight. Will he be signing a new striker today from scotland today......? Any suggestions....?
  11. shrimp and two veg

    Shall i,shan't i,YOU be judge and jury....

    Ok,here's my conondrum. The wife is flitting off to Spain next weekend for a beano with the girls and having obviously checked the fixtures i am now aware we are at home to Rochdale in the cup. Now,as it stands,i have to look after my 3yr old twins,boy and girl BTW. The question i'd like to...
  12. DTS

    Have you ever been drinking on your own?

    My lodger my mate Skeletor revealed the other day that he went for beers on his own last sunday as none of the other lads were about. I am talking going into a pub and buying a pint not just some tins from the offy. Ben today revealed that he often stops on the way home and gets a few beers in...
  13. DTS

    Would you support a readers wives section on Szone?

    Last night after I would say 6-7 pints at the SZBC, Josh C came up with the brilliant idea of a readers wives style section on the zone. This would of course be a 16+ area so as not to enrage the many younger readers parents. The basic principle is that we would have a adults only section where...
  14. R.I.P Lester Goodwin

    For many years on and off my dad has raced sidecars in an ammateur sport called Grasstrack, but yesterday the 2/09/07 a severe tradegy happened when a top rider 6 times british champion and european finalist for many years and a good friend of my dads who had tough battles against each other for...

    I Had A Chat With Freddy Eastwood On The Phone

    I Phoned Freddys Dad Up,ironically Younger Fred Had His Dads Phone On Him. I Thought This Would Be A Chance To Put The Books Straight Hear. So I Asked Him A Few Questions,i Mention Wolves Are You Going There He Said Nothing Is Sorted,he Said That They Were A Big Club Though,he Didnt Also Know...
  16. the jontosh2001 RANT!

    At the end of last week I ordered a DVD for my dad and a CD for my Mum for Christmas, as a hard-up student it was the best I could do... I've used amazon a lot and always been happy with their service. Today I got home to find the packet on the doorstep... "excellent" i thought...
  17. Possible Spurs Ticket

    Folks... I'm a seaso and so is my son and dad.. I have got a ticket for myself and my mate with my dads seasom but I still have my sons seaso which I can get a ticket with (Junior) If anyone is interested give me a shout.
  18. DistantBlue

    Two relevant thoughts

    1)For those of us who have been around too long to mention ;just consider that we have never (nor our Dads)witnessed a day like today.Sobering thought -enjoy -enjoy. 2)A couple of years ago Tilly insisted on playing his best team in the LDV when nobody thought it was worth the effort.Result was...
  19. The Artful Shrimper

    "The Streets New Album

    I like it, I like the honesty and he's not singing about what he was doing ten years ago. "The fine art of hotel expressionism.....the mini bar can be part of the art." Great. Never went to church is a great song, definate single ? and means a lot to those of us who have lost their dads. All...
  20. Anyone been in a box, Platinum Suite etc

    Am thinking of getting one for a game next season. Anyone recomend it? What about the Platinum suite? Will try and get it for my Dads birthday. Recomendations?