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  1. Interpol Shrimper

    Teaching Maths in the UK

    1. Teaching Maths In 1970 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? 2. Teaching Maths In 1980 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 80% of the price. What is his profit? 3. Teaching...
  2. DTS

    Today is the day.....1 July

    As all the contracts end 30th June then techically I guess we can now actually sign anyone on a bosman that we wanted. Maybe Tilly has a few up his sleeve. I was told that we had signed a winger from Yeovil on a bosman and it would be announced today but wether that is true or not I dont...
  3. hindle_666

    list of 8 released arsenal reserves.

    maybe tilly and brush will be taken a look at these? http://www.arsenal.com/news/reserves-news/four-youngsters-turn-pro-while-eight-depart a couple looked good in carling cup last season
  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford's X-Files: SUFC Special

    I thought I would depart from the normal RSXF theme of carl, steveo and I arguing with all the Godless lefties and discuss something which really doesn’t belong in the Pub section – my view on the current state of Southend United, both on and off the field. Steve Tilson has presided over one...
  5. SUFC Forever

    Another Grays Athletic Manager Departs

    http://graysathletic.co.uk/index-main.shtml Like a revolving door down there it seems. Wayne Burnett now gone.
  6. Question Is Foran in Squad for to-day ?

    Read in Chelsea programme he's back from Darlo. With Stan due to depart, are we about to give RF a second chance ?
  7. Ayrshire Blue

    Vice Captain

    Who'd you think will be our vice captain next season ? I think it was Clarke but he now looks set to depart. I'd go for someone like Macca although he gets booked to much so did Maher though. Thoughts ???
  8. All singing from the same song sheet?

    I cannot believe that Steve Tilson and Paul Brush are 100% behind the recent events at Roots Hall. If some of the mentioned players do depart, it will leave the management team with a mammoth task to repace them, on maybe comparatively low wages. Be very careful Mr Martin, the day may come...
  9. TrueBlue

    Gather Round my children...

    Gather round people.... Tomorrow we go north, north to Doncaster where a potential dream can come true a dream that only until a few months ago was not thought possible, but now the chance is here! So when we depart the sunny lands of Essex and march north to the grey overcast skys of South...
  10. Sitting By The Dugout, Reflections On Last Night

    I sat right by the dugout in the East greens as the 'day trippers' were sitting in my seats in the West( I wonder how many have been to a Chelmsford home game), so here's a few reflections on last night: 1.What strange people sit in that area, two lots of people atold me I was sitting in their...
  11. KrustyTheKray

    Time for changes! Tilson and Brush out!

    Not been on since last week, and having read through all these threads since then and including Saturday's game i'm even more keen for for Tilson and Brush to depart. I dont care what anyone says, we're heading down to league two. Tilson and Brush have taken us as far as they can. We need...
  12. Season Ticket Renewal Thread

    Just wondered who has so far renewed their season ticket? Like the glory hunter I am,I went to Roots Hall this afternoon and renewed my two season tickets,a year to the day (I think) since we clinched the League One title.Not so many people around one year on, but almost symbolically the...
  13. A Few Thoughts

    I am about to go back to bongo bongo land for a few months,so before I depart these shores, a few thoughts. 1. I havent stopped laughing since yesterday, over the comments of some of the people that post on here, "hairs on the back of the neck" "something to tell the children" please, its...
  14. Next signing

    Seems strange that no names have been mentioned in last 7 days as to who may be our next signing. Usually someone on this board knows something? Anyone heard any whispers as to who it might be? I was thinking that our trip to Bermuda might be quite an attraction for some players weighing up who...
  15. BLACKPOOL AWAY 02.01.06

    Do not know if anyone is thinking of going to this match as its long way to go just after New Year. But after looking on Ryanair website I found out that Ryanair have flights going from Stansted to Blackpool on that day for total of Gbp 52.64p (including Taxes, Fees etc). Flight out depart at...
  16. Shrimpergarry

    See Yeo has jumper ship from Lincoln already!

    see Yeo is off - this from Sky Sports
  17. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    ...is the main SZ report.  But I've posted it here anyway in case there are problems or delays in getting it up. A shape of things to come as Blues tied in Notts All of a sudden, people have begun to notice Southend and there have been some very decent and complimentary comments made about...
  18. Groyne Strain

    Bob Stokoe R.I.P.

    Perhaps it may be lost on some of the younger people on here, but Bob Stokoe became known in Sunderland as "The Messiah". In 1973, just weeks after taking over what seemed a hopeless situation, the nation was agog as these 250-1 no-hopers, down in relegation trouble in the 2nd Division, went on...