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  1. RobM

    HMRC Expert needed - fuel duty query

    Someone has told me it's legal to use 2,500 litres of vegetable oil in a Diesel vehicle, thus evading tax! Surely this can't be right. Any experts on this?
  2. davewebbsbrain

    What car

    I have just sold my 2009 Fiesta as it was becoming too small for the family now the kids have grown up a bit. Just after ideas/recommendations on what to buy next. I am after a diesel with decent rear legroom and decent boot space. I know everyone drives different cars so wondered what people...
  3. Floval Flyer

    Any Toyota or Diesel Specialist Mechanics on here?

    Not sure if this is the right area, so mods please move if needed... I need help with my wife's Toyota, it is a MY2008 Verso T180 D4D About a year ago we started experiencing problems with v.poor MPG, and poor performance with the car eventually going into 'limp' mode. I booked it into a...
  4. Benfleet A1

    Russel Brand

    The latest hugely funny comment from this moron who hopes to influence the younger generation. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2896125/Russell-Brand-calls-Labour-s-Ed-Balls-clicky-wristed-snidey-c-foul-mouthed-rant-Channel-4.html Honestly, just have a whip round for the diesel and I'll...
  5. Mad Cyril

    Petrol in a diesel car.

    A relative has just filled their diesel car with unleaded and driven off chugging to a halt very soon afterwards. Is the engine likely to be ****ed?
  6. Jam_Man

    Car Buying advice - Citroen C5/Vauxhall Insignia

    Driven one of my two 2003 Focus into the ground, its still going but has 120k on the clock now and needs upgrading. As you can see by having two older cars Im not really a car person ! I do however do a fair bit of driving, about 1300 miles a month and Id like soemthing half decent, without...
  7. Mma fighter training with the superb ben clarkson

    A few of our fighters have been training with the superb Ben Clarkson recently one of them is Southend boy Walter Gahadza, last season the Southend team trained in the gym with our fighters which was entertaining especially seeing who really were the hard men of the team and who were the...
  8. Cricko

    Zone Auction Zone Auction Item 1 - For the Lady in your life.

    Ok to start the ball rolling our first item for auction is: With Mothers day approaching or maybe for the wife/girlfriends birthday coming soon we have on offer a basket of goodies for her. (Pictures taken on location for the first item so excuse us on that point) This basket is full to the...
  9. Car advice

    Looking to upgrade the pocket rocket Clio. Done us well, but it's too small and not really suited to the miles we are tending to do. Got my eye on getting a nearly new Golf, don't really want a car that's particularly old or gone particularly far, because want it to last us a while and be a...
  10. londonblue

    Tenerife Cost of Living

    I've just come back from 10 days in Tenerife. On the first day my wife and I took a taxi to the supermarket to buy a few bits for lunch. One of the things we bought was 4 5l bottles of water. Each 5l bottle cost 0.79 Euros. How much does the same thing cost here? Also I noticed diesel was about...
  11. Sod Film Directors, the Next Poll Should be...

    Who would in a fight. Contestants should be the likes of Seagal, Stallone, Arnie, JCVD, Jack Bauer, Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris in an epic fight to the death to decide the fate of the planet.
  12. Slipperduke

    Maybe Just A Shandy

    Harry Redknapp has always had a slightly jaundiced take on modern football. He doesn't care much for vitamin supplements and sports psychology, he'd rather talk old fashioned motivation than 'visualisation' and he doesn't feel bad about swearing at his players. Earlier this season I saw him...
  13. Benfleet A1

    A Recovery Nightmare

    It all started normally. Flat battery in South Woodham Ferrers, clutch gone on an VW Camper in Westcliff another flat battery at Southend Hospital. All run of the mill stuff. Then I got a call for an Ford Scorpio in Pitsea with a wheel bearing gone and needing recovery to Great Yarmouth. That'll...
  14. Ricey

    97.9p and 109.9p per litre.

    Blimey I can't believe how much the fuel prices have dropped over the past couple of weeks. It was only a few months back that I was paying nearly 130p per litre for diesel. Now the best thing would be for Diesel to drop below the £1 mark and I will be pretty happy. :) Whats the cheapest any...
  15. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Essex Police Cars "ask" for Disel

    Essex Police Cars "ask" for Diesel What a great advert across the country for the Essex Bobby!!! The Essex police force is to fit its fleet of patrol cars with talking devices that give an audible reminder intended to prevent filling diesel vehicles with petrol. Essex officers have filled...
  16. returningshrimper

    New car advice

    Ok chaps, Looking to get a new/used car before the end of the year, and have a budget of around £20k. Now whilst I would love a sporty hot hatch type of car the missus is thinking practicality due to us have two young daughters, as well as the cost of fuel, insurance etc. I personally would...
  17. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday's Pub Quiz Pt 7

    Usual rules, usual people banned. Hope this one dont cause too many arguments! :) 1. Robbie Williams covered the song My Way in 2006. Which singer or band enjoyed varying degrees of success with the song in each of the following years ? a. 1969 b. 1971 c. 1977 d. 1978...
  18. DTS

    Trapped in my own trousers!

    I had the most unusual experience on my life last night. Went up to Forest with my boss (Larger stakeholder for you Naps) who is a really top bloke. He is a mad Forest fan but was really gracious in defeat. I was thinking of going up my coach and staying at my mate Dom's house in Southend but...
  19. Flinty

    Help - Legal Matter

    Chaps can anybody provide any assistance..... I hired a van last month and had to leave my credit card details as normal to cover the excess. Unfortunately I scratched the rear side panel :thump: and damaged part of the bumper. I however dropped the van of whilst the office was closed. the...
  20. DTS

    A clothing make called ....

    I was down my local boutique in Brighton on Saturday looking for jeans and amongst all the usual brands that you would go for Diesel etc etc was a make called Fenchurch....? They had some ok stuff. Got the impression they are sort of a surfers make. Anyone able to enlighten me? Cheers DtS