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  1. Slipperduke

    Even I Can't Back The Gunners

    As anyone who recalls my contributions to 'The Bet Shop Boys' will know, I'm not much of a gambler. Instead of always betting on the likeliest outcome, I have a reckless and self-destructive habit of only making predictions that might make me seem really clever. Sometimes, like the time I backed...
  2. Slipperduke

    Rossi Is The Real Deal

    Italy 3-1 USA Rossi 58, 90 Donovan 39 (p) De Rossi 71 Marcello Lippi is gradually coming to terms with something that Villarreal fans could have told him months ago; Giuseppe Rossi is the real deal. The American-born Italian striker turned this game on its head moments after his introduction...
  3. Slipperduke

    Liverpool Must Prove Themselves

    It is time. Time to discover whether or not Liverpool have what it takes to be champions. Not champions of Europe, that staggered and seeded competition, winnable with just the right balance of Alamo-style defending and quick goals on the break. Champions of England. A far harder accolade to...
  4. Slipperduke

    Chelsea Need To Look In The Mirror

    Mike Riley may have cost them the game, but it is Chelsea's under-performing superstars who have cost themselves the title. Even before the ludicrous dismissal of Frank Lampard, the Blues had barely threatened Liverpool's goal and some of their players need to ask themselves some serious...
  5. Grayson

    It's Not All Bad

    At least the crisis this season has let us discover Herd, and hopefully after tonight Scannell and O'Keefe too.
  6. duncan bulgaria

    Garlic Bread !!

    My pal at work was telling me that he ordered a pizza the other night with a few of his chums and sat down to eat it , all the lads tucked into the pizza as you do , and then they opened up the garlic bread box only to discover that there was no garlic bread in the box and it had been replaced...
  7. Credit Crunch tips - every penny helps!

    Ok, I've just nicked this idea from another forum, but it's pretty useful. Personally I'm really feeling the pinch, I'm sure there are plenty of tips that people have for saving a few pennies... the one thing I'm really looking for are some useful recipies that are dirt cheap and healthy! My...
  8. GNH

    Question Time Warp

    Are people so bored and have nothing better to do than trawl through year(s) old threads? It's a tad annoying thinking a new topic is about only to discover it relates to a sometime BC (Before Cricko)
  9. Davros

    The SZ Album of The Year..

    getting towards that time of the year again. Get your nominations in! Davros Edit: Maybe if you add a few youtubes etc of tracks from the album to give people more of an idea to discover your nomination..
  10. nation of sickies !!!

    blimey, there are an estimated 2.6 million persons claiming incapacity benefit. the cost 13 billion per year,seems as though these people will have to undergo several tests to discover if they can work or not. 1 million are claiming because of "depression" fair play if anyone cannot...
  11. Slipperduke

    Gerrard & Co Give Scolari The Blues

    Apologies for the lateness of this, chaps. Should have been up straight after full-time. They may have come back from the dead against Manchester United in September and they might have turned the game around against Arsenal in Easter, but of all the teams to end their 86 game unbeaten home...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Shepherd's Bush Shrimper's Scunny Report

    Apologies for the delay with this one. Makes less depressing reading than reports of our humping in Bristol though.... It’s fair to say that the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire region is not a happy hunting ground for us Shrimpers. We very rarely seem to pick up points at the lovely...
  13. anyone tried karting?

    been to rayliegh karting plenty of times,once posted 5th fastest time during that particular week. anyone that has been here know top speed is 45mph. few weeks ago i had a go on a 3 speed twin engined thing around tilbury track,this machine had a top speed of 75mph and blooming ada seemed as...
  14. Slipperduke

    The big question facing Portsmouth

    With an FA Cup and back-to-back top ten finishes in the Premier League supported by a raft of promising summer signings, the big question facing Portsmouth this season is whether or not they have what it takes to break into the private party at the top of the table. Are they good enough yet to...
  15. callan

    Interview with a zoner part 5.

    Canvey shrimper is our latest interviewee known to some also as Harry, but back in the 70's when terrace violence was at its height he was known as Malcolm the Teapot, a name that would strike terror into opposition fans. Q. Share with us your experiences of the terrace violence that was so...
  16. Bluesmanager

    Help Please

    I have (rather rashly I wonder) decided to become part of the staff for a internet football fanzine thingy - the original idea is below: I'm thinking of writing about League 1, but I don't know what exactly to write about it. So, I ask you fellow Zoners for a hand.
  17. Harold Bishop Killer

    Planets And The Universe

    The Universe is a big place and to many of us it seems endless. Which if theories are correct it could be as it is ever expanding. Not much is known outside of Earth but some think we are the big boys. Think again! Feel big at the moment dont we. But these are the little boys of the solar...
  18. Slipperduke

    England Pass Test...Eventually

    They call Fabio Capello, ‘the hardman of Italian football’ and on Thursday morning he showed us all why. The iconoclastic boss had already demonstrated that there are no longer grazing rights here for sacred cows by refusing to give David Beckham a mercy-cap, but he went on to shatter egos and...
  19. Leeds press - Wise to walk away ??

    BREAKING: Wise to quit Leeds? Dennis Wise to quit Leeds? BREAKING Dennis Wise's future as Leeds United manager was in serious doubt today with Newcastle United fighting to lure the 41-year-old to St James' Park. The Premiership club are understood to have offered Wise a position within...
  20. South Bank Hank

    Who would be YOU?

    Whilst making the most of my unrelenting, fast-paced SBH social life at the weekend - okay, so a group of us went down 't curry house - one of the lads asked a question to which I was dismayed to discover the answer to. The question was simply this: When the money-men of Hollywood decide to...