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  1. Reserves v Luton this afternoon

    Decent side to be fair. Im looking forward to game and glad its free entry. Bouzid is a waste of space. Get him off the wage bill. Better youngsters coming through who wouldnt earn as much. David Obaze doesnt fill me with much confidence either. 6ft 5 and doesnt dominate like he should...
  2. number11

    Cricket World Cup (50 Overs)

    England have announced their squad, with Prior coming in, somewhat out of the blue, for Davies being the main surprise. Also very disappointed that Tredwell and Wright have made the cut. They seem like good pro's to go on a tour where they may not play and spend most of their time fielding as...
  3. lee bradbury is a legend

    Scott Spencer

    I know he's had a falling out with sturrock but what's actually happened to him? He doesnt even make the bench these days.
  4. Southminster_Shrimper

    London to Southend BHF Bike Ride (Sunday 17th July)

    Some of you may know, some may not but I took up cycling about 16 months ago now after being rejected by a Virgin Gym for being too unhealthy...well high BP actually. Seems they dont like unfit people joining their gyms. Having done a few bike rides in the last year, including the london...
  5. Napster


    just got a strange message from Titus Bramble off Twitter alright fam. He is at Leiston bruv. Doing good cheers mate what does fam mean? doesnt he know he's left Leiston (the chairman emailed me re the Tilson tribute thing)
  6. JoshC

    TV screen size

    I'm useless with technology, was wondering if anyone could help my long running predicament. On my tv (42" widescreen) it seems to cut off the edge of the picture, its fine most of the time, watching football seems ok with the score visable etc. but when writing comes up on the screen the ends...
  7. They Call It Madness!!!

    Former Blue's Loanee suffers stroke

    Just trawling the net as you do and found this on the bbc website... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/blackpool/8989579.stm Gary Parkinson only played 6 times for us on loan in 1992 but still, its not nice news to wake up to on a Saturday morning. He doesnt sound too as if...
  8. palexander

    Credit where its due...

    This is mainly for the haters... But credit the club this week - for the ON field activities. Yes, theres a lot of problems that we all know about and most love to keep digging up and going over, and over... but the positives of this week could be massive. 1) Firstly, I believe the Port Vale...
  9. palexander

    Player: Sturrock after Bradford

    * Bonding is very important for the players, wins bond players * Players had a traumatic month, with the whole pre-contract thing and all the off field stuff, then a tough start. * Near a settled team now, everyone getting to grips with their roles and subs working well * Doesnt know why Grant...
  10. steveo

    25 man squad blunder

    Is this a blunder by the Prem League: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11670_6319897,00.html So for example: Woodgate doesnt make the Yid 25 man squad so is unable to play any games this season. At the end of the season he can cancel his contract and go back to say Newcastle, who can...
  11. Granty to Swansea??

    heard this yesterday, sounds like they're very interested!! really hope he doesnt go!
  12. pringlejon

    After Bristol City

    Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Here are the first published player ratings as an average taken from all ratings given on the zone. edit: image doesnt seem to be very large. click on image to see it full size.
  13. Napster

    Tommy Mooney interview

    He really doesnt like southend http://www.watfordlegends.com/Tommy%20Mooney%20Part%201.html
  14. palexander

    Sturrock Update on Blues player

    Thoughts from PS: Francis: Highest earner, wanted him to stay, would like to thank him for services. Budget was vital to enable PS to bring in quantity of players. Still training with us for fitness until he gets a move. Not got bitter about the situation, everyone admires his attitude...
  15. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Fickle Football Fans

    It amazes me just how fickle football fans are, don't get me wrong im probably just as bad. However since Sunday i cannot believe how people are reacting to Ron's latest episode. Ron has used and abused, Staff, Players, Sponsors, Suppliers, Fans and the last straw our Legend of a Manager...
  16. Is Ron very Clever????

    The way this all looks this morning after a good nights sleep, is Ron seems to have played his cards very close to his chest, cleverly maybe?? Sturrocks deal was obviously tied up a while ago, Tilson gone on the Sunday, Sturrock in on the monday. This leads me to believe Ron obviously doesnt...
  17. palexander

    "DISGRACEFUL!!!" Macca speaks out

    Mates just got todays Echo and Macca interview is in... Basic gist... * "Way we've been treated in the last 6 months is disgraceful" * "No communication about wages" * "Cannot afford to NOT get paid for months" (note, not "late!") * "Served the club with 14 days notice for persistent breach...
  18. One thing that doesnt make sense....

    Why did Ron pay the £2m tax bill a few months ago when he could have let us go into administration and bought the club back cheap? This is the one thing that gives me a bit of hope as it just doesnt make sense to me if all Ron is interested in is financial gain.
  19. Lester Bangs

    Are we in danger of.......

    .......not actually starting the season? Now I really dont want this to sound sensationalist or melodramatic but with the way things are going could we realistically not have a team to put out in seven weeks time? With an embargo in place that will apparently be lifted before the season...
  20. Vange Shrimper

    Question O2 Mobile users

    I'm having a bit of a problem with my mobile atm and just wondering if people were suffering from some of the same problems if your on O2 recently. Some of mine are texts coming through to my mobile 10 mins after they have been sent and when I went to France on Saturday, apparently my mobile was...